MonkeyPox ONLY infecting NATO nations – Morgellons?

Monkeypox Infecting Nations already heavily vaxxxZed with CovID-19 mRNA–
so is Monkeypox an intended adverse event???

The ten year Plandemic Depopulation HOAX has entered Phase Two – Monkeypox. This phase is just as PHONY [at least to sentients] as the last horrific CovID-19 phase…wherein all of our sheeple relatives were fear-porned and threatened into a massive global SUICIDAL stampede off the Experimental mRNA injection cliff.

Now, the sheeple are sheepishly wondering whether they will be stampeded again off the monkeypox vaxxxZine cliff. As Baal Gates said last year “The next [this] one will get their attention”.

Baal GateZ threatening Humanity with Pandemic Death

Monkeypox has a nasty physical symptom…i.e., black, scaly, dead patches of skin:

“Monkeypox skin lesions” – Could these really be Morgellons?

The greencrow is going to perch out on a limb in order to connect some brand new dotZ. I am going to say that Monkeypox symptoms might just be yet another manifestion of a disease caused by chemtrails called Morgellons Disease:

Examples of Skin Lesions Caused by Chemtrail Spraying, i.e. “Morgellons Disease”

Greencrow concludes: Folks, please refer also to my two earlier posts this weekend on the Monkeypox psyop HERE and HERE. IMO, this latest scam is drawing on the darkest arsenal in the Globalist array of Satanic, lethal weaponry —

geoengineering/bioweapon warfare.

Weather Warfare/Geoengineering is the last frontier of evil on this planet. It remains the only arrow in the Satanic quiver that we are still not allowed to talk about. The Satanists are desperate…after the failure of their CovIDian Cult VaxxxZine Agenda…which left at least 6 million sentients in Canada alone totally unmarked with their mRNA vaxxxZines MOTB even after two years of relentless effort. The next assault must be different than the last and, like Baal said, It must “get our attention“. What else do they have…except biological/weather warfare? They have been researching and no doubt ‘perfecting’ their chemtrail spraying of humanity and their extreme weather attacks for decades now.

Could this be that moment in time when they finally openly threaten humanity with hideous diseases and extreme weather events–via their bio/geoengineering weaponry arsenal–in order to force globalist conformity/slavery of all humanity [beginning with the developed NATO nations] for all time?

Think about that long and hard…and stay tuned.


ADDENDUM: My latest Tweet:

Sent to me this morning by Simon Hicks…I also posted this Henry Makow post to my last post but all the links in it are worth reviewing:

Simon Hicks says:

I sure hope that ‘humankind’😂 will completely wake up to this CRAP!!! I send this to you for the Monkeypox info but the rest of the page is VERY interesting.

6 thoughts on “MonkeyPox ONLY infecting NATO nations – Morgellons?

  1. IMHO..

    These scamdemics have unwittingly created a huge army of “layman” MDs who have done the homework…peeled back the veil of “ROCKEFELLER” medicine ….and will take no prisoners.

    aka it’s

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  2. Greencrow,

    Here in Northern Virginia (NOVA) it’s been unusually cool.

    I know that a vast number of people are not venturing out.

    The grocery stores I go to have legions of people delivering. I mean cars stacked to the roof with dozens of grocery bags!

    How can anyone lock themselves out of the real world for 2+ years without losing their minds?

    Thomas Renz now has a substack. The man goes after it!

    This monkey pox is another scare tactic except now we have skin sores that can visibly terrify people. The actual disease isn’t very fatal.

    I figured out a way to get rid of Biden.

    Put full length mirror on his bathroom door.

    Then Biden will think that the reflected Biden is coming to let him out of the bathroom.

    Biden will be found mummified sitting on the commode.


  3. Here is BC…

    We did a long drive yesterday through many agricultural areas..


    ……….generally they are ploughed in first week in May.
    Crops for 2022 are waayyyy behind schedule.

    All we saw were hay fields getting their first cut ironically due to wet weather which assisted hay growth.

    A few years back there was a major failure in potato crop due to wet weather during harvest time…the potatoes rotted because field were too muddy for equipment. The PerpZ could tweak this to create another disaster for many crops.

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  4. Hi RAH:

    The only good news on the weather weaponiZation front is that more and more people are cluing in as to what’s going on. I believe we are only months away from the 100 monkey syndrome. That’s when the number of informed reaches a breaking point and the “secret” suddenly becomes common knowledge. Will this happen in time to save our food supply system? Stay tuned.


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