‘DERECHO’ – YOUR New weather weaponization buzzword


Good morning readers. It is almost “good afternoon” and I want to get a few “real” things done today so this will be a shortish post. First we have the latest buZZword in the emerging weather weaponization lexicon. Your new word for today is “Derecho”. This word joins the new words/phrases we learned last year which included “Heat Dome”, “Atmospheric River” and “cluster cyclones”. All of the last three phrases became familiar to British Columbians during 2021 when we were subjected to an entire year of extreme weather events. All the events occurred on or near STAT holidays–thus disrupting the normal travel patterns of citizens.

So over the past May 24th 2022 weekend [a national STAT holiday “The Queen’s Birthday] we had the Derecho extreme thunder storm pattern that crossed Ontario and focused on….wait for it…the nations’ capital, Ottawa. Ottawa, where the July 1st, 2022 Canada Day long weekend is slated to be yet another anti-mandate/dictatorship, pro freedom demonstration weekend. Please read the report about the weather weapon event in Ottawa last weekend and I will continue my comments thereafter:

Latest Geoengineering/Weather WeaponiZation BuZZword is “Derecho”

Derecho has changed Ottawa’s tree canopy forever: ‘This is worse than the tornado’

“…Meteorologists are calling the storm a derecho — a line of thunderstorms that started in southwestern Ontario and moved east through Toronto to the Ottawa Valley, hitting each region in a brief but intense burst that killed 10 people in total, most by fallen trees, and left hundreds of thousands without power for days. Experts are still scanning the damage for signs of rotating wind, to determine whether any tornadoes occurred inside the derecho.

Environment Canada meteorologist Gerald Cheng said he’s seen derechos in Ontario before, but not one that has swept across a series of dense population centres, leaving so much death and destruction in its wake…”

Greencrow continues: Regular commenter RAH put a comment on my last post pertaining to the very cold and rainy spring we have had here in BC which has delayed crop planting this year. I do believe that the PerpZ will switch their emphasis from the vaxxxZination caper to the weather caper at least for the next year or so. This could be a “softening up” exercise on the population before returning to the “vaxxxZ caper”. The vaxxxZ caper is primarily intended to biometrically ID [MOTB] the population for surveillance and slavery purposes, so it will therefore always be the most important facet of the Satanic Globalist agenda…but the weather weaponization/geoengineering [including volcanos, earthquakes, etc.] agenda goes hand-in-hand with the vaxxxZing caper.

One of the reasons for the temporary pull back from the vaxxxZ caper is the blowback that the political assets are now experiencing…which, could…if not dampen…threaten their perches at the top of the WEF national governments infiltration power pyramid. Here’s an example of such blowback which was sent to me recently by FreakedOut:


Other distractions from the vaxxxZ caper will be more local political shenanigans such as the sudden closing of the BC Provincial Museum for 8 years to complete historical revisionism…the museum will no doubt be purged of all references to white settlers and will be ready for re-opening in eight long years! This is so the museum re-opening will be in sync with the proposed culmination/completion of The Great Reset–in 2030!

Other distractions include the continuation of the pillorying of the Canadian military leadership–which has failed to fall in line with the Turvert’s orders from his international globalist handlers to: Go door-to-door intimidating the population with vaxxxZine harrassment…and eventual forced vaxxxZination or quarantine in remote prison gulags. This was on the agenda for 2021/22 but has had to be delayed indefinitely due to the strong Canadian anti-vaxxxer movement that was evidenced by the totally unexpected [by the political perpZ] popularity and strength of the Trucker Convoy Trip to Ottawa in February 2022, the Biker’s Rally in May and the expected Canada Day Anti-VaxxxZer demonstration in early July. So, in the meantime this is how they’re softening up the military:

Major military sexual misconduct report will be public ‘in the coming days’

Greencrow concludes: Finally, I want to present the ‘must watch’ latest video of Amazing Polly. This woman, a Canadian from southern Ontario is, IMO, one of the greatest Canadians alive. Paulina St. George is certainly in the top 10 real investigative journalists who ever called Canada home. Readers can be assured, however, that she will NEVER RECEIVE THE ORDER OF CANADA, even though she deserves it much more than any of this year’s recipients:

Paulina St. George aka Amazing Polly

MIND BLOWN! Gain Of Function on Pox Viruses Confirmed.

In the above linked video, Polly reveals how Dr. Mark Buller, the US’s leading Orthopox Virus researcher, the same US scientist–who did all the major research on monkeypox–and who was part of a group of scientists heavily involved in the weaponiZation of pox viruses but who, significantly, warned that vaxxxZines were not the solution to a monkeypox epidemic was….wait for it….tragically killed in February 2017. Shortly before his retirement, Buller was hit by a vehicle while riding his bike on the way to work. In dying so suspiciously, he joins the likes of Dr. Frank Plummer of Canada and…Dr Kary Mullis of PCR test/Nobel Prize fame. Both of these top scientists also made negative public comments about NIH head Dr. Anthony Fauci‘s pet projects–shortly before their untimely deaths.

We’ll see how this monkeypox ruse/distraction/diversion/rebranding/recalibration plays out. I highly recommend all readers listening to what Polly says about it. Forewarned is forearmed.

4 thoughts on “‘DERECHO’ – YOUR New weather weaponization buzzword

  1. Hi GC..

    Another great post..lots to digest

    High Priests of Junk Science….refers to those immoral scumbag PhDs who must worship Dr Frankenstein.

    Amazing Polly video supports my thesis that VAXXED peoples immune systems have been substantially weakened, …….they are primed to have their heath drastically impacted by literally anything……even natural . News reports submit Gay and Bisexual groups are having most impact re monkey pox…which deduces AIDS 2.0. I have submitted previously rationale why AIDS 1.0 manifested itself.

    In USA..the under 5 year olds will be vaxxed soon….the baby formula shortage is a dry run for Holomodor 2.0.

    The Perpz are pulling out ALL stops…..


  2. GC quote

    “…….Other distractions from the vaxxxZ caper will be more local political shenanigans such as the sudden closing of the BC Provincial Museum for 8 years to complete historical revisionism…the museum will no doubt be purged of all references to white settlers and will be ready for re-opening in eight long years! This is so the museum re-opening will be in sync with the proposed culmination/completion of The Great Reset–in 2030! ….


    In some ways…this was one of THE best things to happen…insofar as our BC NDP Gov’t tipped their hand as to their focus and agenda.(aka textbook COMMUNISM = ERASE HISTORY).

    As a person of European descent, can be rest assured to be treated as a “_____” (ie 1..2…3…4….?) Class citizen….. now and in the future by Whoregan and crew.

    As a first generation Canadian of Germanic descent, I never felt slighted by the British influence in much of Canada. I embraced it…..it is what it is.

    Seismic upgrades ??? are a JOKE….its simply a meal ticket for engineers and builders.

    My understanding is museums need large subsidies….the admission revenue is never enough.

    Personally speaking….I am TIRED of this GUILT- DRIVEN ASS- KISSING EXERCISE for a group that is only 4% of the BC population. aka it is BACKFIRING….


  3. Greencrow,

    We experienced a Derecho here in NOVA a few years back.

    I think it was a natural weather occurrence.

    So in my lifetime I lived through a Derecho, two earthquakes, and one mega flood (hurricane Agnes).

    The embarrassing situation during the first earthquake I lived thru was I was taking a shower and ran out of my hotel room with just a towel! It was in Southeast Indiana. I didn’t bring my hotel keys either. Well I preserved my modesty and survived.

    What’s happening now is crazy. The sun is going bonkers here.


  4. Comment: Big promises and small deliveries for Ukrainians arriving on Vancouver Island



    “…….While the federal government has been quick to promise 14-day hotel stays and a weekly stipend to help with costs, we have yet to see any of this emerge. Likewise, the settlement agencies that would normally help newcomers with English classes and other settlement services have yet to receive any of the federal funding promised in March to provide said services to Ukrainians. This has left a big hole, one that as a small, volunteer-run organization, we can only partially fill.

    But the biggest problem is the cost of the mandatory medical exam, complete with required X-rays and blood work, and paid out of pocket at a minimum of $300 to $400 per person.

    What this means, in reality, is that for a family of four, instead of spending $1,200 to $1,600 on a month’s rent or food, that money is going to a private doctor, private X-ray clinic, and private laboratory…..”


    Good expose’
    Not surprising that Turdeau and crew are all talk and no action.


    I’ll reserve comment on refugee issue given it is very complicated.


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