Courts taking down ‘HELLth Authority’ Pooh-bahs +LETTER TO CBC OMBUDSMAN + Dr. Michael Yeadon

Good morning sentients. as I was saying in yesterday’s post, there are some clear indications that “the worm” is turning and that humanity is finally getting some traction in its push back against the Globalist Satanic elites who are attempting a stealth take over of our planet with the attendant depopulation/coloniZation/enslavement of humanity. The existential war against these unholy beasts is taking place on many levels. Today’s post will continue to examine a few instances where we’re [the sentient humans] taking it to the bastards and even winning some significant battles. First, we have the court battles against the appointed [not elected] Provincial HELLth Authority Pooh-Bahs, two of which are depicted in the photos below:

Two of Canada’s ubiquitous HELLth Authorities: Alberta’s Deena Hinshaw and BC’s Bonnie Henry have assumed authority far beyond what should ever happen in a Democracy. They both belong in jail–which they are drawing ever closer to, as reported in the post below


 or pooh-bah  (po͞o′bä′) n.

1. A pompous ostentatious official, especially one who, holding many offices, fulfills none of them.

2. A person who holds high office.

[After Pooh-Bah, , Lord-High-Everything-Else, a character in The Mikado by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan.]

The Origination of the word Pooh-Bah in the Gilbert and Sullivan musical “The Mikado”

Please see the ‘must read’ report in the link below about how the sentients have won two crucial precedent-setting decisions in the courts in Alberta and British Columbia and I will have more comments to follow;

Greencrow continues: significant paragraphs from the above report are:

“…Two rulings in the past two weeks suggest that provincial health officers are not above the law, with judges in British Columbia and Alberta issuing crucial decisions against Dr. Bonnie Henry and Dr. Deena Hinshaw.

This week, a B.C. judge ruled that Henry must face a class-action constitutional challenge to several of her health orders under COVID-19, and that he would not throw the challenge out of court as Henry’s lawyers had requested. 


B.C. Supreme Court Justice Simon Coval ruled that Henry’s health orders did directly affect “a defined and identifiable group” and that the orders did therefore appear to affect their Charter rights.

Justice Coval also found that the petition looks at “important and complex” healthcare issues and that the society deserved legal standing – something Henry’s lawyer had also opposed.

“(CSASPP) alleges that its alternative proposals reflect a superior approach, taken in other Provinces and elsewhere around the world, much less intrusive on healthcare workers’ Charter rights. In my view, this raises substantial questions that meet the threshold of ‘clearly not frivolous.’”

The B.C. ruling echoes a trend from last week that saw an Alberta judge tell provincial health officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw that she could not use “cabinet confidentiality” to avoid answering questions in court about her discussions with government leaders.

Like Henry, Hinshaw is facing a civil suit over the constitutionality of her public health orders.

“In the context of this specific evidence and this specific case, the public interest in disclosing Dr. Hinshaw’s answers to the questions posed by the court outweighs the public interest in keeping the evidence confidential,” Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Barbara Romaine ruled on Apr. 26.

On Apr. 6, Hinshaw’s lawyers had used cabinet confidentiality to object to three questions about whether the Kenney government had directed any of her recommendations.  At the time, Romaine had asked Hinshaw the questions “in camera” (or behind closed doors), with neither counsel nor the public privy to the answers.

These questions included whether Premier Jason Kenney or cabinet members had ever directed her to impose more severe restrictions than she’d recommended, or to impose – against her own advice – stricter measures on certain groups such as churches, gyms or small businesses. Romaine also asked whether cabinet had ever rejected or ignored Hinshaw’s recommendations to loosen restrictions…”

Greencrow comments: LOL. It is highly significant in retrospect that Alberta Premier Jason Kenny suddenly resigned a week or more ago. Perhaps he saw the writing on the wall about all the behind closed doors “cabinet secrecy” discussions not going to be kept from the public by the courts. Perhaps the Turvert is also looking at the Alberta precedent nervously because “Cabinet Confidentiality” is the excuse the Federal Liberals are also using to cover up the decision-making process behind the use of the Emergencies Act to rid Ottawa of the Trucker Convoy demonstrators last February, 2022…so that the Turvert wouldn’t have to meet and/or talk with people he disagreed with.

Closer to home, yesterday I promised readers I would be writing a formal complaint letter regarding the CBC coverage of the anti-Trudeau demonstration that took place outside a Surrey BC convention center where Trudeau was supposed to speak at a $1,000 a plate lunch for his supporters on May 24, 2022. Well, here’s the letter I sent off to the CBC ombudsman yesterday afternoon:

Regarding the CBC report which I believe is still up on the CBC news website:

Trudeau cancels appearance at Surrey fundraiser over protest-related safety concerns | CBC News

Dear CBC Ombudsman:

In the report linked above, the CBC  said the crowd of demonstrators shouted racist slurs and name calling while demonstrating against PM Trudeau.  All the video evidence shows that this did not happen.  The crowd shouted anti-Trudeau slogans which were recorded in many videos posted online.  People have asked the CBC to provide evidence of the racist slurs but it has not.  The report in question is still up on the CBC News Website where it is provoking division and hatred amongst Canadians.  

Can you please urgently look into this matter?  I demand that the CBC either produce evidence of their incendiary allegations or take down the false report.

Canadians are growing increasingly alarmed that the CBC is sinking to the level of stirring up trouble in our nation–on our taxpayer dollars!

Yours truly,”

Greencrow comments: I did receive a “No Reply” acknowledgement of receipt of my e-mail by CBC Ombudsman Nagle‘s office. It was such a pathetic and unprofessional acknowledgement that I really wonder about that office–paid for by Canadian taxpayers. Does it really respond to and investigate complaints? Or, does it simply sweep them under the carpet or send them to the “file and forget” cabinet? Seriously, the CBC Ombudsman must have received millions of complaints about the relentless CBC lockstep Globalist propaganda lying/misinforming of Canadians over the past two years.

Finally, thanks to regular contributor Dennis, I have a couple of updates/links about one of our true warriors, retired former PfiZer Vice President of Research Dr. Michael Yeadon‘s unceasing war against his former employers.

H/T Dennis:

Former Pfizer VP says all covid “vaccine” manufacturers need to be “immediately indicted for fraud”

05/26/2022 / By Ethan Huff

Dr. Michael Yeadon | CV19 Virus & Vax About Control Not Health

Greencrow concludes: One of the best arguments sentients have in our arsenal of arguments used to wake up the Sheeple is Dr. Michael Yeadon. I have used him as an example of the solidity of our side of the debate many times with my family. As in:

“Why would an elite world class scientist, who was actually head of the PfiZer research department, warn people NOT to take the vaccines?”

Well, I can tell readers how the sheeple respond to this compelling argument because I have used it with my vaxxxZed hubby. Here’s what he says/does:

He immediately picks up his phone and googles Dr. Michael Yeadon. Then he ‘fact checks’ him via the usual suspect Fact Checkers [Reuters, etc.] Then he makes a negative personal comment about Yeadon [i.e, Yeadon was later [after his employment at PfiZer] head of a research lab that went broke, etc.] without even looking at what the good doctor has said about the vaxxxZines. That’s the way the sheeplified’s brains have been brainwashed to operate and that’s why we’re still in this hellish black hole we were thrown into two years ago.

Greencrow concludes: As I said to FreakedOut yesterday, after two years of butting my head against a sheeplefied ram, I suspect the only thing that will penetrate their Neanderthal-thick skulls is seeing people dying of the shot. Whether it be celebrities, sports heroes, or just average joes–that they know personally. This is the only thing that will turn the tide. Oh, that and more court decisions won against the PerpZ as described earlier in this post. So, stay tuned.

This is who I’m fighting for and why I keep fighting.

19 thoughts on “Courts taking down ‘HELLth Authority’ Pooh-bahs +LETTER TO CBC OMBUDSMAN + Dr. Michael Yeadon

  1. Greencrow,

    Dr Yeadon had to flee to Florida.

    He’s generally a shy man like me, but gave up a LOT. He’s worth millions!

    Fortunately he had family support.

    The thing that worries me is he thinks this is maybe an ELE (Extinction Level Event).

    I had a friend write a letter to the editor of the Washington Post (Compost). Those bastards completely rewrote the letter and published it, completely twisting it’s meaning.

    Keep a record of what you do and say to authority!


    1. I thought Dr. Yeadon was somewhere in Central or South America…could be wrong. I don’t think the CBC has the means or the will to respond to Canadians who object to its rhetoric. All they can do is parrot the perpZ re the official narrative. But the report on the anti-Trudeau demonstration was waaaaaay over the top so I felt a civic duty to lodge a formal complaint


  2. IMHO…we are far too passive re: the entire “system” at large re: Covid scamdemic

    We should hold EVERY part of the system…ie medical….legal…..judicial etc accountable via criminal charges….

    ATTEMPTED MURDER charges at minimum for all participants and/or accomplices INCLUDING JUDGES


    1. Further to my last comment….F*ck the CIVIL Courts….waste of time .

      Go for the throat in CRIMINAL COURT PROCEEDINGS……these PerpZ and their accomplices need serious jail time.. Even Judges should be looking over THEIR shoulders.


    2. Thomas Renz is the most aggresive legal proffessional out there.

      He has a substack and website.

      I suscribe to his substack.

      He’s testified before the US Senate and called out Loyd Austin (US Secretary of Defense).

      He’s rescued people that were about to be murdered in hospitals.

      Off subject – Joe Biden is off the hook retarded. He spilled the beans about Taiwan. Saying the US would go to war with China if China invaded Taiwan. The policy of ambiguity worked for decades and now it’s kaput. Then he spilled even more beans by admitting that the fossil fuel industry needed to be destroyed in order to transition to the green new deal!


  3. I agree that the main perpetrators need jail time. Or worse. Some of them need to be hung for Crimes against Humanity. That would teach a deterrent lesson to future psychopaths to be sure.


    1. Hi GC:

      To be blunt, I am surprised no one has gone “postal”/ into “kamikaze” mode re: PerpZ…..YET….but then again …..that may be simply a matter of time.

      Something has to give…


      1. Hi RAH:

        Ever since all of the so-called “lone nut” assassinations [of sentients] that took place in the 1960’s and later…all of which remain unsolved to this day…it’s become clear that sentients don’t murder. Only perpZ commit assassinations. There are no “lone nuts”.only assets and patsies.

        That’s why only our kind get assassinated and not their kind.


      2. I suspect that the people are being monitored 24/7 for just such a plan. THEY’RE listening and watching us ALL … this is why they don’t seem afraid of certain factual information getting out. YOU/ME/WE need to react now … before the next phases of the obvious PLAN/S are rolled-out. It really is getting to a point of ‘now-or-never’.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Greencrow,

    I think you are right that it will take a lot of people dying of the shots to wake the sheeple up. We know from the Pfizer test docs that 2.7% of the people in their trial died within 28 days of taking the shots. We don’t know what percent of people who took the shots have died from the shots to date. Obviously it’s a lot higher than 2.7%.

    A few years ago I had a discussion with a group of smokers on the correlation between smoking and lung cancer. They were adamant there was no correlation because they had smoked for years and didn’t get lung cancer. Later I decided to get the stats and found (I think it was on the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital website) that if a person smokes a pack a day from the time they are 15 (almost all smokers start in the 15 – 19 age range) until age 65 they have a 10% chance of having developed lung cancer by the end of that period. And, lung cancer is almost always terminal.

    So, if smokers are in denial when the rate of death is 10% and there is so much evidence it is deadly then what percent of people dying from the covid shots will it take to wake up the sheeple considering that the MSM has brainwashed them into believing the shots are safe and effective? I think it will be way higher than 10%. Maybe 20%, maybe more, I don’t know.

    I have been checking the obits in the Calgary Herald daily for the last 20 years and I have not noticed any major change so the big die off has not started yet. I had a discussion on this topic with my brother who has had 3 shots along with his wife. So far neither of them have suffered any ill effects so he thinks I am crazy for not taking the shots. He would not listen to any logical argument I put forward. He used exactly the same argument that the smokers used to convince themselves that what they were doing was safe. I think it will take a lot more time before the impact of the shots becomes obvious. Unfortunately, like the smokers who develop lung cancer, it will be too late for them to do anything about it.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. My colleague and I came across a recent video which I will post later.

      Lots of great info….from approx. 30 years ago……the “insider” person mentioned “5G”.

      They also mentioned vaxxes…and they submitted some will get “X” vaxx and other “Y”vaxx..neither vaxx by itself will harm you. appears that the vaxxes could be like epoxy….(whereby one needs to add and mix two components…)…..whereby that if one eventually gets both X and Y vaxxes..5G may be the triggering catalyst …and none the wiser re: health impact.


      Re Fallout??
      …the PerpZ are in UNcharted territory

      …they have to double down as they are in sooooo deep..but they will ultimately be up against an ever growing army of parties with NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE…ie if you lost several friends and/or family members and your job due to the vaxx……..whatcha gonna do ?

      F*ck the PerpZ….
      ……..the long overdue global housecleaning can happen in a heartbeat or less.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This is probably the case RAH. The vaxxxZines are mean to work together like epoxy. Or, the jab addicts are playing Russian roulette, with each subsequent jab being like adding one more bullet to the chamber


    2. Hi Ron:

      The difference between smoking cigarettes and taking the jab is addiction to different substances. The decision-making skills of the smoking addicts are addled by their addiction to nicotine. The Jab addicts are also addicted–but to fear porn/propaganda–put out by governments/media.

      The jab addicts are like mice in cages, reacting to food pellets being given to them, depending on how they work through maZes and other puZZles set for them by the perpZ. The government dispenses a freedom pellet–if they get a jab–and withholds if if they don’t.

      The jab addicts don’t see a problem with that because their decision-making skills are addled by their addiction to the adrenalin their bodies produce in reaction to media propaganda and fear porn.


    3. Just in from Twitter this morning:
      Emergency Room RN
      We lost a 22 y/o patient yesterday. Sa02 at admission was 64%, a massive blood clot killed her less than 2 hours later. She had no comorbidities. Mom said she was 💉💉💉 and did ask if it could have been the vax. I was honest with her. Today I will report it to VAERS.


  5. Greencrow,

    There are lawsuits against all major US airlines, the US FAA, and US DOT.

    The Ukrainian military is getting obliterated.

    Most of the $40 billion in US aid to Ukraine is gone. Kicked back or sold on the black weapon’s market.

    Now we have Robbie Mook (Hillary Clinton’s Campaign manager) admitting that Hillary approved of the Russian disinformation campaign against Trump. Under oath!

    I know one woman who got the ‘vaccine’ who instantly had a stroke (within days!). Very healthy in her mid 60s.

    Even the deep state former US AG has to feign outrage over Hillary’s sedition. William Barr! Whose father gave Epstein his first job. As a high school teacher!


    1. Hilary Clinton should have been wiped up like dog shit from the sidewalk years ago. The fact Americans are still talking impotently about her–husband Bill– and their crimes–is proof positive that the USA has been totally destroyed as a functioning democracy–and there’s no hope for it.


  6. Greencrow,

    Even these most evil psychopaths have the twinge of fear in their voices.

    I agree that I have no idea how Hillary is still around. She killed Vince Foster.

    The poor witness to the Vince Foster crime scene is still entrapped in the legal system here. He stumbled upon the crime scene by accident, in a very sparsely visited overlook on the Potomac.


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