Is the worm turning?

“The smallest worm will turn being trodden on…”

[The phrase] ‘was used in William Shakespeare’s play Henry VI, Part 3.[3][4] In the play, the phrase is uttered by Lord Clifford, killer of Rutland as, “To whom do lions cast their gentle looks? Not to the beast that would usurp their den. The smallest worm will turn being trodden on, And doves will peck in safeguard of their brood.”[5]

Good morning readers. It continues to be a cold, rainy and windy Spring up here on the Malahat. Everything is at least a month behind schedule in terms of planting and other normal Spring chores. But, it’s always great weather for blogging dontchaknow.

In spite of the record-breaking [carbon footprinting] 1500 private jets that flew Satanists into Davos, SwitZerland for their annual conference last week, there seems to be major push back on the Globalist agenda by the slowly waking up populations of the West. Here in Canada, the Turvert is being heckled and hounded everywhere he goes. This revulsion of him by Canadians goes virtually unreported in the MZM…which is why I am going to submit another formal complaint to the CRTC [Canada’s media oversight agency] about the CBC’s lie-a-pollusa coverage of Trudeau’s aborted $1,000 a plate lunch in Surrey a few days ago. In their report, the CBC lied about racist insults being hurled by the anti-Trudeau demonstrators at the gates to the dinner venue. There are no videos supporting this allegation. After I complete this post I am therefore going to lodge yet another formal complaint to the CRTC even though I know from past experience [in 2020 I lodged a formal complaint to the CRTC about Global News coverage of an interview with me at an anti-lockdown demonstration in downtown Vancouver] that the CRTC is yet another impotent/captive bureaucracy totally in the grasp of the Satanists.

But, I digress from the subject of this post–which is the question: Is the worm finally turning against the Satanists? Here are some links that indicate that it just might be. Please review the links and my comments interspersed therein:


H/T FreakedOut

Health Canada Poll – Right from the Horse’s Mouth

The Virus Hunter Dr. Stefan Lanka: Belief in “Viruses” is a Religion


International air transport group tells Trudeau to drop travel mandates


Greencrow comments: A Canadian Judge finally upheld the law in the recent bail revision application made by Trucker Convoy organizer Tamara Lich:

Greencrow comments: The most recent anti-gun False Flag in the US is being scrutinized and systematically torn apart by the alternative media. I recognized this latest Texas school shooting to be a false flag from the get go…completely on the basis of the MZM frenZy that immediately resulted before the “bodies” were cold. My rule of thumb about false flags is: If The Mainstream media goes into frenZied lockstep in their coverage…and even bring out their asset celebrities [like Megan Markle] to support the official narrative...THEN IPSO FACTO…IT IS A FALSE FLAG HOAX! Here are some links I have assembled that support my conclusion:


From my blogging colleague, Northerntruthseeker, who has been all over this FF:


A Comment copied from Twitter:

“So, the story is that an unemployed 18 yr old living with his grandmother had 2 BRAND NEW Daniel Defense AR15 rifles, worth almost $5000, plus ammo, plus optics. Add to that a $70,000 F250 pickup and body armor. Seems like he may have had some help?!”




Greencrow comments: As per usual with false flags, all sorts of anomalies [see the above two Twitter links] are cropping up in the evidence. These anomalies, of course, will never be addressed by the “authorities” or the legacy media–who will continue to pump/promote an emotional response to the event instead of the evidence.

Police Waited to Enter Texas School as Shooter Opened Fire: Witnesses

Greencrow concludes: Yes, there are some indications all over the world that the worm is turning. Will it turn in time to save humanity? I do believe the final battle is just beginning.

Well known actor Ray Liotta died yesterday in his sleep. He had not been unwell and, in fact, had been working on a movie…when he suddenly died in the Dominican republic. The anti-vaxxers immediately asked the “Elephant in the Room” question: Was Ray Liotta vaxxxZinated? No answer from the MSM, so far…which usually means he WAS vaxxxZinated. More deaths like this will, IMO, slowly penetrate the Neanderthal skulls of the Sheeple.

Eventually, after hundreds of such untimely deaths, even the Sheeple will be able to connect the dotZ between the covID19 mRNA natural immunity-destroying injections and the deaths of the injectees. As I have said from the beginning about the mass casualty vaxxxZination campaign:

When the sheeple finally comprehend the magnitude of what has been done to them with the vaxxZes–

–the roar of their pain and anger will rise Beyond Earth’s atmosphere and be heard in outer space.

And that IMO is why the PerpZ are now working overtime with their false flags to divest humanity from guns. Because, when the sheeple wake up, insects like these ones below from the current Canadian Turvertian Liberal Government will have NO PLACE TO HIDE:

Most hated man on Planet Earth

15 thoughts on “Is the worm turning?

  1. “Your government quietly confirmed the fully vaccinated are developing acquired immunodeficiency syndrome while they had you worried about Russia-Ukraine & the cost of living”
    (I’ll Add: Abortion,WW3, FF Shootings, baby formula shortages, rolling power outages…etc)

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      1. You must be giving him a pummeling!😲 💪

        Obviously he’s free to go to the Canadian governments own statistics on the results of the toxic jabs.

        I’ll be waiting for him to start his own truth blog😁….holding my breath… any day now…. some are just a little slow to the show.

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  2. Strange but true–you cannot access any of these government statistics via cell phone searches, which is all he does. When he searches…he comes up with all kinds of pro-vax garbage. It’s truly a parallel universe. That’s why I sent him your link.

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  3. Verrryyyyy Interesting….

    Gov Abbott: We’ve Sent 45 Buses of Migrants to DC So Far, Willing to Send 450 and More


    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Lone Star State has already sent 45 buses of migrants to Washington, D.C., and Abbot said this week he’s ready to send 10 times that number and more if that’s what it takes to get the Biden administration to pay attention to the crisis on the southern border.

    At a joint news conference Monday in Eagle Pass, Texas, with the city’s mayor and other officials, Abbott said he will keep the busing program going, after launching it last month, because moving the migrants out is a “relief valve” to border communities.

    “Our goal in sending the buses is to help local communities. The idea arose in a meeting like I had here, but it was in Uvalde,” Abbott explained.

    He recounted that the city of 16,000 had “no capability” of dealing with the flood of humanity on its own.

    “And they talked about having to put them on buses and send them up to San Antonio. I said, ‘I have a better idea, we’re going to send them to Washington, D.C,’” Abbott said.



    ……was Biden and crew pissed off with Texas ……and created YET ANOTHER false flag “shooter event” psy-opp in Uvalde to clusterf*ck the public psyche ???


  4. When White People Lose Their Minds

    On the anniversary of the “mass grave” that wasn’t: This was not a story about Indigenous people grifting the government. If anything, it was the other way around.


    “…….I tried to leave my own opinions out of it entirely. But I have what you might call an opinion or two, or something like an evidence-based thesis about what really happened. The main thing, the thing the evidence most vigorously supports:

    Prime Minister Trudeau and Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett wanted Canada to have its “George Floyd moment,” which was the event that catalyzed the paroxisms and convulsions that swept the United States exactly a year before the Kamloops story broke. They were quite clear about that. It’s what they wanted. And it’s what they got…..”


    The year of the graves:
    How the world’s media got it wrong on residential school graves

    The coverage triggered protests, church arsons and condemnation from Canada’s bad-faith rivals, but last summer’s reporting on the country’s long-acknowledged historic shame had little to do with what happened.

    Terry Glavin reports.


    If one reads the linked articles …JustDink Turdeau isn’t even original….he is plagiarizing classic COMMUNIST divide- and- conquer tactics.

    This prick should be in GitMo

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    1. Hi RAH

      Most Canadians are unaware that First Nations themselves are deeply divided about the residential school system and its aftermath. Some FN actually think residential schools was a good thing. But the Feds don’t want Canadians to know that. They need to use FN as victims so they can demoniZe whites.

      Trudeau shows his hatred for Canadians, both FN and white with his almost cartoon-like depiction of the mass grave Fake News gambit. IMO, what happened in Kamloops last week showed that First Nations are not tricked by his caper. He no doubt raised the tensions and division in that FN Community sky high with his antics, He needs to go,


  5. Great find RAH. The whole FF thing stinks so much I can’t even follow it closely. It just stunk from the get go..It appears from what you’ve reported above, the Feds did a FF in the town…. so they could send in the FBI and other forces…to stop the bus loads of migrants from being shipped to DC.

    The saddest thing about the whole sordid mess is…Nobody will ever get to the bottom of it and no justice will ever be done. We’ve seen that over and over and over ad nauseum in the US. The entire country is froZen in corruption.


  6. Greencrow,

    I actually watched Harrari’s talks/presentations/discussions at the WEF.

    “What to do with all these useless people?” Actual quote!

    The new strategy is to drug them and to give them video games to play all day.

    How do we become slaves to a little non-man!?

    I dated women that could thoroughly kick Schwab’s, Bourla’s and Harrari’s ass.

    Well they could kick my ass too.

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  7. French Open: Former champion Simona Halep suffers panic attack in defeat

    Former champion Simona Halep suffered a mid-match panic attack as the Romanian lost her second-round match at the French Open.

    The 30-year-old appeared to have difficulties with her breathing and called on the trainer during her 2-6 6-2 6-1 loss to China’s Zheng Qinwen.

    Halep, the 2018 winner, was another big name to be knocked out on a day that produced more upsets at Roland Garros.


    An elite athlete used to pressure has a ” panic attack ” ????

    Hmmm what could the REAL cause be ???

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  8. Inability to breathe properly and a pounding heart rate can certainly result in a panic attack, RAH/

    Hopefully, all these episodes being made public will incrementally lead the Sheeple towards the truth!


  9. Vax Mandate Has Discredited Canadian Justice System

    “……More wretched than even our lying governments and their various agencies, the dissembling media, the compliance of the corporate elites, and the politicization and betrayal of our entire medical system is the judicial system all the way down to the lowest courts.

    The justice system’s betrayal of public trust is greater than all of the other institutions combined, for they have actually pulled the trigger of the gun to murder all of our basic rights.

    They have simply dismissed all challenges against the government mandates including all wrongful-dismissal cases by deferring to government policy and relying on the fake guise of “emergency conditions”.

    In doing so they have abandoned the: the Canadian Constitution; the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; their duty to determine the facts and to protect the basic rights of all individual persons; the common good; the public trust; and, the very basis of justice. They instead have squandered the integrity of all of these hard-won institutions and all of our hard-won rights and freedoms……”


    ……..”Go to court.”, say the arm-chair lawyers, but would that not be a fools errand because since the Covid fraud began we no longer have any basic rights, and one can only expect that the appointed judge for the occasion would most likely politely just hear the evidence and then differ to government policy anyway, regardless of the actual government data showing the harm of the vaccines and that they do nothing to protect anyone from the virus, and regardless of the fact that all of our judges are exempt from taking the vaccines themselves. That is Canadian “justice” at its best which now is nothing more than enforced hypocrisy.


    Good article…

    Not much new to the Truthers….but it summarizes and encapsulates how our legal system is perhaps THE greatest traitors in the midst of an alleged democracy.

    Armed thugs can be dealt with, but these gutless immoral scumbags in the legal community need TRUE JUSTICE to be meted out and asap.


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