Public Safety Marco Mendicino is seen on Feb. 15, 2022, the day after it was announced the government was invoking the Emergencies Act to deal with the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa. A parliamentary committee is now holding an inquiry into the use of the act. PHOTO BY BLAIR GABLE / REUTERS

…about suspending Canadians’ rights

Good morning readers. Yesterday, I posted about the pickle the Turvertian government is finding itself in as a result of the inquiry into the invoking of the Emergencies Act last February, 2022. This pickle is actually kind of amusing…that is, if you are not being kept hostage in your own country by a government that has been penetrated by Satanic Globalists bent on controlling the world, depopulation and enslavement of humanity, that is.

If you read yesterday’s post you’ll be aware that the Public Safety Minister has been caught in a lie that in normal times could bring down the entire Turd government. Longtime TV commentator, newspaper editorial writer and Canadian tradition, Rex Murphy has written an amusing yet penetrating analysis of the government pickle which I have copied in full below. Please read and I will have concluding comments to follow:


Author of the article: Rex Murphy Publishing date: June 8, 2022

Apparently it was just a bit of sloppy phrasing that led to the invocation of the Emergencies Act. Could have happened to anyone

“Well, this is fun.

The government of Canada invoked the Emergencies Act, the greatest of all overrides of Canadian civil liberties, over a misunderstanding. A miscommunication. A lapsus linguae, or as Maxwell Smart would put it, the old slip-of-the-tongue trick.

Nothing deliberate mind you. Just a bit of sloppy phrasing. Could happen to anybody. Even to a minister of public safety of the government of Canada.

After all, what’s public safety? A minor portfolio at best. Not like some really central cabinet office like, say, the now-defunct ministry of middle-class prosperity. That minister had real burdens. She had to keep track of whether Mr. and Mrs. Middle Class could still afford to go for genuine Egyptian cotton sheets or sheepishly downgrade to knock-offs from China. Or whether getting the new Tesla, even with a government subsidy, would chop some time off the family jaunt to St. Pete’s.

Now that was responsibility. That was real stress.

But still. By invoking the Emergencies Act, the government gave itself unlimited powers, gave the police a pass on due process, gave the banks authority to freeze the bank accounts of Canadian citizens, and froze funds donated to protesters.

And the minister of public safety, Marco Mendicino, unequivocally stated, asserted, testified that he had been requested by two police forces to invoke the act. He did so to the special parliamentary committee holding an inquiry into the use of the act. He told it that the government had been in regular consultation with law enforcement, including the RCMP, during February’s protest in Ottawa.

He said he had received advice from them. From his very own ministerial mouth he testified that, “The advice we received was to invoke the Emergencies Act.”

And when you get advice from law enforcement, including the RCMP, to bring out the dragon — well, that’s when you hear the terrible flapping of its impatient wings.

But law enforcement didn’t give such advice. Both RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki and Ottawa Police Chief (interim) Steve Bell have very clearly testified that they did not ask for the Emergencies Act to be invoked.

I’m averse to being picky, but I think there is some slight difference between not asking for the act and asking for the act.

Yesterday, Mendicino’s own deputy minister, Rob Stewart, clarified what the minister actually wanted to say when he said, “The advice we received was to invoke the Emergencies Act.” What he meant to say, testified his deputy minister, was that was not “the advice” he had received. He did say that it was, but that was not what he wanted to say. And what he wanted to say, is not what he said. There are days when you yearn for the clarity of mud.

And in another act of clairvoyance into his minister’s mind, Stewart said Mendicino didn’t mean police directly asked for the law to be used.

Which means, we have to suppose, that the police “indirectly” asked for it. Minor difference — potato, potahto. After all, it’s only about the Emergencies Act and the suspension of civil liberties, nullification of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The kind of thing you hint at, or leave open to a little mind reading.

The deputy minister was very much clearer than his minister on what his minister meant to say: “I believe that the intention that he was trying to express was that law enforcement asked for the tools that were contained in the Emergencies Act.”

This is a great help. The police did not want the Emergencies Act per se. They just wanted its powers.

On a mundane level it’s very like a situation I often face myself. I go to the grocery to buy some beans. Beans are great on toast, by the way. They give me a tin of Libby’s (my favourite). And then I have to explain, “I didn’t ask for a tin of beans. I only wanted what was in the tin, you ninny.”

Purely a side question, did Mendicino also tell Jagmeet Singh that the police had advised him to invoke the Emergencies Act? And was it on that basis that the once NDP leader, now co-PM, voted to allow the invocation?

So here we are. The stumbling statutory inquiry into the invocation of the Emergencies Act has revealed the police didn’t ask for it; that, according to the deputy minister of public safety, the minister said some things he didn’t mean to, or didn’t say some things he meant to; and that the widest possible powers were given to law enforcement on the basis of truly gruesome miscommunication.

What to say? Well, it’s a good time to visit Chile, I suppose. That is, if you don’t have to leave (or come back) via Pearson.


As I said above, in normal times, such a grave misleading of the public about possibly the most important matter that has ever faced our nation...would bring down the guilty government. But these are not normal times. Canada is no longer a democracy. People are being held hostage…unable to work at jobs they spent their lifetime being educated and trained to do. People are unable to travel by public transport to their home provinces to visit family. People are unable to access medical care from medical professionals that they trust. People are being prevented from visiting loved ones in hospitals. Most egregious of all, Canadians are being duped into participating in a medical experiment which, according to government records, has already left millions of dead and maimed in its wake.

Last February, when citizens demonstrated against this criminal setting aside of our Constitution and our Charter of Rights and Freedoms…the Canadian Federal government invoked the Emergencies Act–to facilitate police forcibly removing the demonstrators and shutting down their peaceful and lawful resistance.

So, now the government has been caught in a monstrous lie.

A lie so big that it might take a [nuclear?] War with Russia or, perhaps an invasion of Chinese soldiers–a communist military occupation of Canada–to successfully distract the Sheeple and close down the [dangerously effective] Inquiry.

The next few days will tell the tale–so stay tuned.


  1. Greencrow,

    I love Rex Murphy.

    They are just laughing at us now.

    It’s unraveling very fast now. Pfizer has been sued for fraud. 18 airlines are being sued.

    If Pfizer is found guilty it’s all holy hell.

    Steve Kirch tried to communicate with the FDA regarding vaccine damage. He came to the conclusion that the FDA is totally corrupt.

    The sad thing for me is that I go to a grocery store and many young women have obvious skin ailments from wearing the mask all day.


  2. BC has had its first VAXX victim been awarded compensation.
    Watch the floodgates open.

    On Jim Stone site….captured foreign mercenaries who fought against Russia have been sentenced to DEATH….

    IMHO….watching the inquiry ..and likely one of many…. Turdeau, Singh and their toadie MP’s have created so much damage, much of it irreparable… to the Canadian public….. that they should be likewise treated as ” foreign mercenaries ” for Schwab..Gates..Pfizer etc. and at minimum get life sentences without parole.

    F*ck em…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RAH So many of these MP’s and bureaucrats are foreign-born that it has finally dawned on me that it’s by design not accident. Theresa Tam, and all those foreign MP’s are there for Canadians to get used to a future when we’re under a foreign UN occupation, complete with Chinese soldiers roaming the streets and a Governor General from God-knows-where instead of a Prime Minister.


  3. GC,

    There is another reason the turd is in a pickle. His definition of fully vaccinated is 2 shots. Approximately 80% are compliant but only about half, or maybe less if children are counted, have taken that plus a booster. From what I have read and heard, most of those that have taken 2 shots but not a booster, up to this point, are adamant they will not take another shot. That means if he mandates a booster then about half of the population will become non-compliant. This would cause major unrest if half the population was restricted and the other half wasn’t.

    If he does not mandate a booster to be considered fully vaccinated then sheeple will question why have a mandate when the MSM has repeatedly said the shot efficacy wears off after 4 to 6 months.

    Now he is in a situation where he is dammed if he mandates a booster and dammed if he doesn’t. He is now in a no win situation and the scamdemic will then be clear for all to see and will completely fail at that point. Other world leaders were smart enough to see this coming and lifted the mandates but the turd was too stupid and is now trapped.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Let’s pray Turvert doesn’t have an ace up his sleeve like a FF or a bioweapon release to terrorize the population into a third dose. Otherwise, I agree that he has ended up in a blind alley.


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