Good morning sentients. I killed the three ants in the photo above just this morning. Our cabin on the Malahat is infested with carpenter ants and I have called the exterminator who will be arriving to get rid of them at the end of the month. Carpenter ants can eat through the foundations of a wooden home in no time, causing rot and major structural damage. I feel it is my responsibility as a home owner to exterminate all the ants as soon as possible.

But it did occur to me as I was squeezing the three ants in the photo above to death and phoning the exterminator to get rid of their families…that this is exactly what the PerpZ are in the process of doing to us…the Humants on this Planet. They feel just as justified, just as responsible and just as virtuous about calling the bioweapon/Big Pharma exterminators on us as I did while making the necessary phone call this morning.

Yes, when the Turvert looks down on us…he sees the photo of the ants above…and he feels justified and virtuous about limiting our ability to move and communicate in preparation for the extermination. Please see the video below for one of his pre-extermination efforts:

Greencrow continues: I don’t exactly know how a Pest Control worker does his thing to get rid of carpenter ants. I do remember in an earlier call to the Pest Control Office I was told that they had to wait until the weather got warmer and the ants started to move around more…so they could trace them back to their nests. That seemed reasonable to me. The Pest Control Officer has to get inside the brains and the social networks of the ants in order to understand how best to eliminate them.

It then occurred to me that’s what I’ve always done as a blogger: Try to get inside the evil, satanic minds of the PerpZ in order to inform my fellow humants of their methodologies–so we could work as a team to defeat their efforts to eliminate us. Here is one such insight gleaned about them:

Greencrow concludes: Yes, it’s important to gain control of all the pests’ access to the staples of life…like water, food, medicines…housing, economy….in order to strangle/cut off their lifelines.

Do I ever think about the poor ants like the three in the photo above? Do I ever wonder about their familial relationships, their social structures, their RIGHT to life? After all, ants are life forms on this planet just like we humans are. God made them just as He created us. Ants have likely been around long before humans and will still be here after we’re gone…or so we’ve been told by the “scientists”.

No. I don’t think about those philosophical questions. All I think about is how much damage they’re doing under the house and out of sight. All I can think about is how annoying they are when they crawl across my desk or up my wall. The ones who courageously sally forth from the hidden nest and venture out into the world are the first to go. Callously assassinated by being pinched between two fingers or stepped on with a huge boot.

Yes. It’s very productive to examine my relationship with the carpenter ants under my home in a comparative analysis with the WEF/WHO Pest Exterminators who have been called by the PerpZ to deal with the humant infestation on Planet Earth.

4 thoughts on “Humants

  1. Hi GC:

    Re Ants…may be a good idea to see if Pest Control is using poison….whereby the strategy is the ants drag poison into their nest…which may spread poison throughout your abode.

    We’ve had mice problems…and used sticky traps….worked well.
    Try this with ants…??? buy them at DOLLAR stores…cheap and effective…

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    1. Hi GC:

      We have had an “ant problem” for years……its seasonal…they show up for say 2 weeks…then gone…others have noticed the same problem and pattern…

      Good Luck !

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