Reign of Terror

Good morning readers. These days I’m very busy with real life activities and have therefore been taking short respites from blogging. I reassure readers my absence is never due to a lack of topics to blog about…Canada being in the middle of an over two year existential national crisis that has no sign of letting up. A few days ago, The Lieberal government appeared to do a sudden about-face on the illegal travel mandates targeting the unvaxxxZinated. What was not told to the population is that unvaxxxZinated will need to be quarantined for two weeks upon return to Canada. So the vindictive punishing of those of us who exercised our fundamental human rights continues apace. We are awaiting several law suits pending, including one by former Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Brian Peckford and PPC leader Maxime Bernier. It is terrible that we have to go to court to get rights that were supposedly enshrined in our constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This shows how deep the crisis is that we are facing both as a nation and a species.

Society in general is being carefully imploded in a controlled demolition by the usual suspect Satanic perpetrators. They decided long ago that an apocalypse was in order to balance their financial books and “harvest” the investment they made, beginning in 1946, when they sowed the seeds of the Baby Boomer economic windfall profit machine that chugged along, fueling the economy from the 1950’s to the early 2000’s. Now the boomers are old, frail and, as Trudeau said about the antivaxxers last winter…”taking up space“. I have always believed that the Plandemic was mainly to depopulate the elderly, steal their resources–as well as bio-identify, enslave and sterilize the rest of the population.

The Satanists have decided that never again will there be such an abundance of humans on this planet. They feel they just don’t need the excess workers… what with the emergence of AI. They plan to coloniZe our human biological data, create robots that are easier to control. Ergo, the two main prongs of the perp attack on humanity involve the very old and the very young. Here’s one example of the attack on humanity…terrorizing images painted as “murals” on the outer walls of buildings…all in the name of…wait for it….”mental health”:

Can you believe it? Being terrorized as you drive around the streets of your own small community. This is to psychologically damage the population, make them compliant and therefore easier to control.

But, it gets worse. I will get around to what else they’re doing in a moment. First, we have the Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland insulting the entire nation with her smirk-filled, smug non-responses to questions about the Canadian Federal Liberal government’s invocation of the Emergencies Act last February.

Conservative MP tries vainly to get a “yes” or “no” answer out of the elected official

“Does anyone recall she [Canada’s Finance Minister] bankrupted a division of Reuters while running the Company?”

Greencrow Continues: I guess JFT has decided to let Freeland “Take the Fall” for the Emergencies Act but offered her a lifeline, or is it a parachute, when he advised her to “blame it on the economy“. Yes, folks, they called the Emergencies Act last February because the Truckers were going to bankrupt the economy. Not the billions in tax-payer money JFT has spent on useless vaxxxZines…not the billions he’s sent over to the money launderers in Ukraine for weaponry to fight the staged War on Russia. No. It was the Truckers…who tied up Ottawa in the dead of winter and partied in the streets…bringing more life to that moribund hell hole than had previously been seen in its entire existence. From now on, if the Lieberals get away with it…they will invoke the Emergencies Act whenever the economy takes a nose dive,

Some are saying that even the Sheeple and their Legacy Media handlers have had enough:


Don Martin: The fall of Justin Trudeau has begun

The Justin Trudeau brand is in trouble.

“The 2015 fresh prince of politics with the celebrity hair and rock star aura is heading into a 2022 summer of inflation-driven Canadian discontent as a faded force of personality in need of an exit strategy…”


Greencrow concludes: Are the perps finally losing faith in their wonderboy? Personally, I don’t think so. Look at Boris Johnson the dipstick running the UK parliament. He partied multiple times during the lockdown where everyone else in the country had to ask permission to take their dog for a walk. They had a vote of confidence in UK recently…and Johnson won it. No, folks, the perps have these parliaments sewn up tighter than a drum. They will dangle a little bit of hope now and again but then tighten the ropes and chains of slavery even tighter.

As I said at the beginning of this post, the Perps are not only sterilizing the young, they are setting children up for a lifetime of sexual perversion and sexual slavery. During this “Pride Month” of June, transgender men, in sexually provocative clothing, are going into the public libraries of the US and Canada and reading children’s’ books to kids brought there by their numbskull parents.

Sentients are resisting this disgusting form of sexual harrassment…saying that it’s not allowed on the job for adults so why is it permissible for children? They’re correctly calling it out as government-sanctioned “grooming”. Some activists are showing up at the libraries and yelling at the “pedophile” transgendered to leave. Many of these “library readers” have social media history of discussing sex with children online and the activists are revealing this history to the parents and library staff.

They’ve finally gone too far. The other day I read the testimony of a transgendered man who regrets his decision to get his penis cut off. It was one of the saddest stories I’ve ever read. He says that, just like when you lose a leg or an arm, when you have your penis amputated…you can get ‘phantom’ sensations that it’s still there. Pain is constant and he must take a plethora of drugs. Sexual relations with other men [in his new identity as a woman] is impossible due to pain. Ingrown hair in the site is a constant source of pain and irritation. It’s a never-ending nightmare. But the victim said the doctors’ never warned him of such side effects. He lives in constant regret for a decision he made–when he was young, impressionable and…as he himself confesses, very mentally ill.

Yet, they allow these same sick individuals to groom our children to believe this is a natural lifestyle choice. This is in preparation for a time when all young people will be sterile. The only purpose for sex will be perversion and gratification…the more extreme…the better. Or so our children are being taught.

But, as I said, activists are recognizing this evil for what it is and are standing up against it. They need the support of all of us in calling an immediate halt to this…and to all the other elements of….

the Two and a Half year and counting of a Globalist/Government Reign of Terror.

Trudeau – “The Scream”


9 thoughts on “Reign of Terror

  1. GC Says:
    “He lives in constant regret for a decision he made–when he was young, impressionable and…as he himself confesses, very mentally ill.”

    From what I understand the transgender people have a high suicide rate and drastically shortened lifespan from all the physical/chemical interventions.

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    1. True. It is a miserable, hellish life. Transgenders have many mental illnesses but one of them is narcissism where they are totally self-obsessed. They can’t think of anything but their physical selves and if one thing is not to their satisfaction…like a nose or lips…that’s all they think about and they spend all their money on their physical appearance…They’re addicted to themselves!


  2. Live life! Love your grand kids! There is enough shit going on in the world, focus on what really matters. That last picture is a classic.

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  3. Here is another video of Deputy Prime Minister testifying before the Emergencies Act. This video shows the contempt that politicians have for Canadians and our Democracy. They are driving this country into the ground on behalf of the Globalists.


    1. Inquiry?
      Waste of wrestling is more credible.

      Why doesn’t that NDP member Matthew Green do the right thing and organize his NDP colleagues to take the Liberals down ? THE END

      Otherwise F*ck off.

      This inquiry is a staged joke.

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      1. Hi RAH

        Yes. The elephant in the room of that report re Matthew Green interrogating Christya Freeland is…why on earth did Matthew vote to prop up the Lieberals? He sounds righteously angry. Yet not angry enough to risk his plush government pension.

        Did you see the headline today where 70% of British Columbians are opposed to the new museum [that will, no doubt, airbrush out all the white history in BC].? I laughed when I read the article that said that even though the Whore-gun belatedly submitted a business plan to go with the $800 million museum announcement, the business plan was “heavily redacted”. What the….? A redacted business plan??? LOL Oh, and the museum is going to be 55% funded by the federal government…so it’s actually JFT who will be airbrushing out our history in this province,

        Whore-gun’s popularity has dipped…probably much more than the lying legacy media has admitted.. I saw yesterday where JFT’s popularity is now hovering at 10%. I think that’s being generous. His popularity is likely closer to 5% all across Canada…yet the clown circus continues.


  4. “No One Told Me Any of What I’m Going to Tell You Now”: Detransitioned Man Shares Grim Details of Trans Surgeries
    “F**k everyone who let this happen.”

    Sorry..this category of Cultural Marxist Pro -Covid mind- f*ck is numbing my sympathy/ empathy…its a natural reaction to UN natural.

    Unless you were coerced by force…UNlikely.

    Maybe go on an AWAKENING tour to save the potential “WOKE” from similar fate.


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