BombshelL from Lawyer FOR ANTI-Travel Mandate LAWSUIT

Lawyer FOR ANTI-Travel Mandate LAWSUIT REVEALS GOVERNMENT motive in travel mandates was to force injections…not science

Good morning sentients. Just a very brief post today to update everyone on the latest news about the lawsuit filed by Former Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Brian Peckford and Peoples Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier. The information relayed in the video below by Keith Wilson, chief council for their lawsuit, is absolutely shocking.

Keith Wilson has been cross-examining government officials for well over a month now in preparation for the trial scheduled for next September. He tells Ezra Levant, editor of Rebel News that the information coming out in the testimony of these experts and officials reveals incredible corruption by all concerned in carrying out JFT’s Globalist agenda in Canada. Watch it and weep for your nation and all the poor suckers/citizens therein:

WATCH: Top epidemiologist for Public Health Agency of Canada admits never recommending vaccination of air travellers

Here is a further interview on the same topic with Brian Peckford:

Greencrow concludes: OMG! It is a wonder that JFT is still in Ottawa, albeit hiding out in “isolation” at some cottage–from his second [or is it third] bout with the imaginary virus CovID-19. According to Lawyer Keith Wilson in the Rebel News interview, the head epidemiologist for Canada has testified that her department NEVER RECOMMENDED VACCINATIONS AS A PREREQUISIT OF AIR TRAVEL. Also the head official for Transport Canada says his department “made a conscious decision” NOT to make exceptions for “compassionate” reasons [such as getting to a dying parent’s deathbed] for travel vaccinations. In other words…there was no science behind the decision…it was just made to “incentiviZe” [force] Canadians to get vaccinated [or never say goodbye to their dying parent]. It was a purely ‘political decision’.

Lastly, council Keith Wilson noted that the recent lifting of the travel mandates applied to three out of the four groups most affected by the travel vaccine mandates; the air travelers, government workers and airport workers. The fourth category, the Truckers, were NOT included in the release from travel mandates. This is yet another indication of JFT’s vindictive and criminal wielding of government power to specifically punish his enemies.

Read the last sentence over again carefully friends. Is that not the definition of a Tyranny? Trudeau belongs in jail–or worse. Thankfully, counsel Keith Wilson assured Rebel News that Peckford and Bernier are NOT going to set aside their lawsuit [as was recently requested by the Federal government]. They believe that the issues under dispute are so essential to our nation–that final resolution of them can only be determined by a Court of Law.

Now that you know how solid Peckford and Bernier’s legal case against JFT is…and conversely how WEAK the JFT government defense is…what do you think JFT is capable of doing to prevent this matter from going to court? Think carefully about that question…and stay tuned.

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10 thoughts on “BombshelL from Lawyer FOR ANTI-Travel Mandate LAWSUIT

  1. GC says:
    “Now that you know how solid Peckford and Bernier’s legal case against JFT is…and conversely how WEAK the JFT government defense is…what do you think JFT is capable of doing to prevent this matter from going to court?”

    Probably NOTHING on his own.

    The perpZ need to squash all these lawsuits happening around the world(amongst other things), so they’ll let the missiles fly,WW3 style.
    Truedope and his fellow commie criminals have their place in the WEF Clan suites in the Deep Underground Military Bunkers.

    “The West Needs WWIII – Martin Armstrong”

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  2. Hi FreakedOut:
    I notice the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada is bleating today about security at the SCC. Perhaps they will say that all the courthouses are under threat and must be closed. He always defaults to a terror/crisis agenda to problem solve. The House of Commons Members of Parliament must be getting antsy about their responsibility in not doing their due diligence when the PM was declaring these lockdowns, mandates, etc. They could be held in contempt of their office and/or sued for negligence in a class action law suit. We are living in very dangerous times…I predict he will do something within the next week. As the information in the post above spreads throughout Canada…there will be increasing calls for him to step down. After all…basing the mandates on no science at all and consciously deciding to punish the unvaxed by denying them visitation with their dying parents? Who can stand for that. Even the Old Soviet Union did not do that!


  3. IMHO..the virus is “WOKE NESS”

    Society at all levels is infected to the degree the majority are spell bound, in constant fear, like deer in headlights.

    The PerpZ know this , it will get worse, as they force their various agendas on us.
    By the time the courts render decisions…it will be too late…hollow victory.

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    1. RAH:says:

      “By the time the courts render decisions…it will be too late…

      That, IMO, is why lawyer Keith Wilson went on the alternate media yesterday and revealed what has been happening in the “examinations for discovery”. Often when the sides consider the evidence that is being presented they will attempt to pre-empt a disaster in the making by “settling” out of court.

      In this case, “settling” will involve Trudeau and his cabinet being removed from office. Now that the evidence has been presented and recorded there is no turning back. We have now crossed the Rubicon.


  4. Further to my last comment..

    IF Turdeau has such a blatant disregard for the Canadian Charter that his Dad “Fathered”, it will only get worse.

    We are in clown world zone whereby all normalcy and protocols are null and void. At this juncture, the courts, police and military have been purged leaving only complacent toadies.

    Unless someone BELLs THE (Turdeau) CAT, we are SOL.

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  5. I don’t know if they’ve purged morality from the courts completely…although it is very disturbing that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada has indicated he is “biased against the truckers” i.e., freedom under the Charter. Bernier and Peckford are going to go down in history as the saviours of our nation if they succeed in their lawsuit.


    1. Excellent article:

      ” A puzzling question answered”

      The basic gist is the Classic “White Knight” Male either no longer exists, and/or has the WOKE demons to contend with if he intervenes with a damsel in distress.

      Extrapolate that to a larger population with Authorities VERSUS Citizens. I’ve alluded to 99 year old Germans who were simply janitors at alleged (((death camps))) charged with war crimes. WTF is Turdeau and Co. doing walking free?
      Hello..Hello anybody home in Ottawa???

      I am not trying to be pessimistic….simply realist.

      Turdeau and Cult are signalling a vaxx reprieve to some degree, but also indicating Sept. could have old Vaxx mandates re-instated. False sense of hope….. then hammer down again.

      In addition..they are getting desperate to Vaxx the 6 month to 5 year old cohort.

      IMHO, that’s the plan.


  6. This is indeed a massive bombshell… AND explains a LOT about the sick and twisted mentality of this psycho in charge that should be in a cold prison cell for what he has done to Canada..

    I will be out and about for much of the rest of today, and I may yet post an article at my own blog about your report later, for I WANT so many of my own readers, mostly Canadians, to see for themselves what this criminal has done…. I will give full kudos to yourself of course in doing so…

    Thanks Greencrow… You are indeed a great fighter and a great fellow Canadian!

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  7. Thanks NTS:

    It will be very difficult for JFT to sweep this evidence under the rug. He will of course try. But the more he does the more Canadians will finally realize what you and I understood over two years ago…Canada is in the grip of a viper the likes of which we’ve never seen before in our history. Now the viper is pinned with its back against the wall.


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