Geoengineering: The Last Frontier of Truth

Good morning eternally hopeful and patient sentients. I have had this post on the tarmac waiting for launch for a week or more and have continued to add to it via links from Twitter and elsewhere. As regular readers are aware, I have been covering the ongoing crisis of leadership going on in Canada...with the Turvert still clinging to power by his dirty fingernails.

From Twitter this Morning – Humourous interpretation of NDP Jagmeet Singh Propping up the Turvert Liberals

Before I invite you to browse through the geoengineering links below, here is another brief update on what’s been going on in Canada. Turvert has fled to, of all places, Rwanda. Apparently there’s a meeting of WEF assets or something going on there. Rwanda is the benighted country that was ground zero back in 1996 for a hideous NATO/CIA black op bioweapon experiment–where the perpetrators first mass-vaxxxZinated the population…then targeted them with EMP’s and god knows what else, including brainwashing via government radio. The two waring tribes [Hutus and Tootsis] were supplied with machetes and then were “allowed” to go at it. Over 600,000 Rwandans were killed [hacked to death] while the Belgium and Canadian UN “peacekeeping” soldiers stood by helplessly and watched. This NATO/CIA black op atrocity has been buried by the MSM and not even mentioned by the Canadian media covering Turvert’s trip there.

Turvert has cowardly fled a dogs’ breakfast of scandals back here in Canada…including the Nova Scotia/RCMP Commissioner/mass murder investigation/obstruction of justice scandal, the bureaucratic disasters at Canadian passport offices and airports where travelers are being held to ransom and losing their hard earned travel money while Turvert flits about the globe at tax-payer expense!

Also, we have the just released report from the Federal budget officer that Turvert has so far lost Canadians 600 million dollars on the Transmountain pipeline “investment” that he indulged in a few years ago–contrary to the advice of most prudent financial advisers.

Meanwhile, here in BC, the weather forecast calls for another severe heat wave just in time for the Canada Day long weekend. Just like last year…it has been cold and rainy for months…during the planting season…but now, suddenly, we are faced with 32 degree celsius heat predicted for the weekend. There has been a huge snow build-up on the coastal mountains over the Winter and Spring. In the heat, it will melt all of a sudden, cascading down the mountains in a flood. The Thompson River in the BC interior is already over flood levels. Yes folks, soon you will be reading about another disastrous flood in the farmlands of BC…destroying crops and infrastructure.

Only the most brain dead sheeple still believe all this “coinkydynk” timing of severe weather events is an “act of God” or an “act of Nature”. Most humans are cluing in that…

there is a much more sinister hand in play.

As the title of this posts suggests, Geoengineering the weather and severe weather/geological events/EMP warfare is the last frontier of truth on this planet. It is still impossible to discuss this topic with the average sheeple–without being written off as a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist…or worse.

As far as the technology at play and the location of all the infrastructure to co-ordinate this massive bioweapon technology…does anyone know where on earth it is located?

As you will see below, Twitter is replete with links alluding to geoengineering on a global scale. My question has always been…where is the head of the snake? Is it on the tiny Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia? Is it deep within the network of tunnels in the mountains of West Virginia…near the CIA headquarters? Is it near Greenwich Green meteorological stations in the UK? Is it located in the labyrinth of military tunnels built in the remote Pentagon training bases of Colorado? Where is it?


After all, as you will see in the graphic below, Siberia is now being targeted with a severe heatwave…while, illogically, neighbouring Pakistan is cooler than usual. Please review the following links about geoengineering and I will have concluding comments to follow:

From Twitter this morning – Map showing Severe Man Made Weather Targeting Siberia and elsewhere

More about Directed Energy Weapons…which were supposedly used on the people in Rwanda in 1996 as part of the NATO/CIA black op that resulted in over 600,000 deaths. EMP/DEW weapons are also suspected of igniting the fires that destroyed Lytton, BC a year ago.

More about what’s in the chemtrails that are in our skies every single day now. Young people do not know what a natural earth sky looks like.

GEO-ENGINEERING: Poisoning the Entire Planet – How, Why, Who? / Twitter

Were these cattle destroyed by DEW/EMP?

Greencrow continues: Some pundits on Twitter said that the above video of dead cattle was a set up and that cattle could not die so suddenly and dramatically from the heat wave that was in the area at the time. To be sure, we do not know what is real and what is fake on Twitter or anywhere in the media anymore. Frauds are everywhere and citizens must be suspicious of anything that manipulates our emotions. Still, we can deduce from the TIMING of these events…that some unnatural force is directing them. What we don’t know yet and what we must learn as soon as possible is:

what that force is, and

where it is located.

Will Russia finally destroy the Geoengineering Snakes’ Head–before it destroys Russia….and the rest of the civilized planet? Stay tuned.

Cloud formation in the MidWest USA…If you think this is a natural cloud formation – PLEASE go and get your head examined!

6 thoughts on “Geoengineering: The Last Frontier of Truth

  1. Geoengineering is definitely happening and is another crime against humanity. Below is a link to a documentary on it. Bill Vanderzalm (former BC Premier) has been trying to get answers from the federal government through FOI about what they are doing to the weather in BC. A lot of the documents he received were redacted because they do not want us to know what they are up to. He talks about his experience at the 53:27 mark in the video.

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  2. Thanks for this Ron. Former BC Premier Bill Vanderzalm is one of my favourite people. He’s been speaking about Geoengineering for decades now…before any other politician [they STILL don’t speak about it!]. I’ll certainly watch the video.


  3. Talk about getting assaulted from every direction! What’s next?

    Oh ya, almost forgot…how about going after our financial health with bank “bail-ins”?!? Freezing bank accounts to save the criminal banks. Check out this 15 minute video from a smart vlogger named Neil McCoy-Ward:

    “Accounts Frozen, No Cash Withdrawals!”

    Do you think if the sheeple start getting their money stolen from the banks that will wake them up?

    BREAKING NEWS: Roe vs Wade overturned by SCOTUS!

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    1. Hi FreakedOut

      We are entering a NoMansLand of disinformation and fear porn. ONLY when those doing the oppressing [politicians, police, judges, medical professionals] start to feel the pressure from above will there be any generalized sentience and push-back.

      Regarding the rescinding of a Woman’s right to abortion. This is just the latest facet of a War on Womanhood. Women used to be breeders for the State. Unless they had a male partner who would protect the child…that child ipso facto became a ward of the State and was used for whatever purpose…medical experiments…cannon fodder in wars…slave labour So we’re going back to a modified version of that…with technological twists.

      Since future generations will be predominantly sterile…the right to abortion is a moot point. Few will be getting pregnant–so there will consequently be very few abortions…but in any case…breeding becomes the playground of the State again. I never read or watched “The Handmaid’s Tale”…but this is where we’re going if my instincts are correct.

      I have always believed in a woman’s right to early stage abortion…but not late stage abortion. There is a biological difference between a cytoplasm and an embryo…and an embryo and a fetus. This difference should be taken into account.

      If a woman does not have the right to an early stage abortion…then she is nothing more than a breeder for the State. What is that? She gets her life ruined so the State can ruin her offspring.


  4. I have been in the Pregnancy Center ministry for going on 7 years. Women who have had an abortion suffer tremendously with their decision. It does not matter what age the baby is, they suffer. Bring a parent the mom suffer as well. Which one is more evil?

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    1. Hi Julie:

      I was forced to relinquish a child for adoption back in 1969 when abortions could only be obtained in the back streets by “doctors”. I am not saying i would have had one but 1969 was the last year abortion was illegal in Canada. I went on to give up a child I could not afford to raise on my own…I suffered greatly for 22 years every day missing my child and worrying about her.

      Years later I was forced to have an abortion after i was married and having my family. In utero testing showed the child I was carrying had severe genetic damage and had no brain. I had an abortion at three months gestation. What if I had been forced to have that child? My family, including my 4 year old son would have been destroyed. Doctors said the baby could linger without a brain for a year or more. Did you want me to experience that?

      Get Real and get a life–and stop trying to make other people’s personal decisions for them. YOU have no right!


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