UPDATED: Scandal after Scandal – the most corrupt gang ever to run Ottawa

UPDATED: June 21, 2022 at 10:36 LOL. Glow-bull news just came out with a report on the RCMP Commissioner Lucki Scandal where NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, in a Singhularly hypocritical statement, says the following:

“….NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said the suggestion the government directed Lucki to interfere in the shooting investigation was “very disturbing” — especially if it was meant to further legislation.

“The idea that this government — that any government — would use this horrific act of mass murder to gain support for their gun policy is completely unacceptable,” Singh said in a statement.

“Not only is this inappropriate, it fuels cynicism about our democracy and the elected officials who participate in it.”…

Greencrow comments: Nobody in Ottawa has fueled cynicism about ‘our democracy and the elected officials who participate in it’ more than Jagmeet “Sellout” Singh. LOLOLOolololol. Are the Wheels finally coming off the bus? Does Singh see this latest scandal as a getaway vehicle he can escape from the scene of the crime on? Stay tuned.


Trudeau and his Boot Licking RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki

Good afternoon readers. It’s sickening that the corrupt gang of mafioso types who the WEF infiltrated into the highest offices of power in Ottawa are still there–despite years of some of the worst and most unbelievable scandals ever to plague Canada. I am going to get around to just the latest in this never-ending parade of government criminality and terminal incompetence…but, first, I want to tell you what my longtime friend and hairdresser of over 30 years told me about her recent attempts to travel outside of Canada.

My friend, S, who is in her late 50’s runs a successful hairdressing business. Her husband A, is a master carpenter, artist and musician. Both of them are Canadian citizens, having emigrated to Canada from Iran when they were in their 20’s.

Both A and S are believers of the B’hai religion, which is outlawed in Iran. That’s why they left Iran. A was briefly in the Iranian army, but fled Iran to avoid having to continue serving in it.

Both S and A are [unfortunately, so far as I am concerned] fully vaccinated for the covID. They wanted to travel to Texas in April, 2022 for the wedding of a relative. When they got to the Vancouver airport, S was allowed through customs. Surprisingly, A was pulled aside and told he could not travel to the US because he had been a member of the Iranian army back when he was in his 20’s. Both A and S were very shocked because they’ve been travelling for years to the US [and around the world] with no problem. Sadly, they had to forget their travel plans and return to their Vancouver Lower Mainland home.

A month later, in May, 2022, S wanted to travel to New York to be with her daughter who is expecting her first child. S got as far as Montreal where she had to go through customs to the US. After already waiting for 5 hours in the airport–she was pulled aside by US customs, questioned, fingerprinted and made to wait another three hours before being told her application to go to the US was under review. She was not given a reason why. She can only surmise it is because her husband A had been denied entry to the US the previous month for having belonged to the Iranian army briefly years ago in his youth.

S was kept waiting in the airport for a total of two days waiting for a verdict without eating or sleeping, anxiously waiting. Meanwhile, her pregnant daughter was in distress in New York waiting to hear the results of the customs “investigation”. In the end, S was told her request to go to New York was denied. A hearing of her request was set for…wait for it…next year..360 days after her first attempt to travel to the US! At considerable expense, S was again forced to abort her trip to the US and return to Vancouver from Montreal. Both S and A are still recovering from the trauma and expense of their two aborted travel plans. One would have hoped that Canadian officials could have mitigated the situation for these two exemplary Canadian citizens but such was not the case…Holding a Canadian passport and five dollars will only get you a cup of Starbucks coffee these days.

So this is the state of the travel industry at the moment. S and A have been model citizens, hard working, taxpayers–who have contributed more than most citizens to the Canadian economy. There is no reason they should have been treated like criminals by the US customs officials because this is what S told me they felt like after hours of interrogation by the cold, brusque and haughty customs personnel.

This was not an isolated incident.

Travel Storm Troopers storm plane and kick off 30 legitimate travellers

All Canadians should be forewarned that the NATO Globalist governments are making it as difficult as possible to travel–so people will just give up and stay home. They want to emulate China–where for decades the ability to travel is a rare reward for slavish compliance–rather than an accepted right.

My friend S also told me she has heard from her family still living in Iran and that Iran is a mess politically and economically right now. People are demonstrating in the streets. There are widespread food shortages. Iranians have to have a coupon to buy bread. She blamed the national chaos on bad governance, explaining that the Iranian Government has sold/turned over a lot of national land and natural resources to China, Russia and other nations.


RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki tried to ‘jeopardize’ mass murder investigation to advance Trudeau’s gun control efforts

Now, back to the ongoing two years and counting disaster that is our own home and native land–Canada. Here’s a report from today’s Halifax Examiner about the latest to come out of the inquiry into the mass shooting of 22 people in Nova Scotia back in April of 2020. I have reported on this dogs’ breakfast of an investigation from time to time over the past year. Now we’re learning that a lot of the early mayhem and confusion around how many victims were involved resulted from…wait for it….RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki attempting to further the gun control agenda of the Federal Trudeau Government. Please read the following report and I will have final comments to follow:

Trudeau Appointed RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki and…Lucki for him!



RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki “made a promise” to Public Safety Minister Bill Blair and the Prime Minister’s Office to leverage the mass murders of April 18/19, 2020 to get a gun control law passed. 

A week after the murders, Lucki pressured RCMP in Nova Scotia to release details of the weapons used by the killer. But RCMP commanders in Nova Scotia refused to release such details, saying doing so would threaten their investigation into the murders.

The Trudeau government’s gun control objectives were spelled out in an order in council issued in May 2020, and the legislation codifying them were encapsulated in Bill C-21, which was tabled last month, but the concern in April 2020 was the extent to which politics threatened to interfere with a cross-border police investigation into how the killer managed to obtain and smuggle into Canada four illegal guns used to commit many of the 22 murders. 

The RCMP subsequently learned the killer paid a man named Neil Gallivan to purchase one assault-style rifle at a 2019 gun show in Houlton, Maine. The killer also obtained two illegal handguns from a close friend and collector named Sean Conlogue. 

No charges have been laid against either Gallivan or Conlogue, and it’s still unclear why. 

“Reduced to tears”

But the Mounties didn’t have that information on April 28, 2020 — just one week after the murders — when Nova Scotia Supt. Darren Campbell briefed journalists at a news conference. 

Compared to earlier briefings given by Chief Supt. Chris Leather, the head of Criminal Operations, Campbell was much more forthcoming. He answered questions about the timeline for the murders, the possible motivation of the gunman, and the condition and role of intimate partner Lisa Banfield. 

On the firearms question, Campbell told journalists he “couldn’t get into details… because the investigation is still active and ongoing,” except to confirm the gunman had several semi-automatic handguns and two semi-automatic rifles. 

Shortly after the news conference Campbell, Asst. Commander Lee Bergerman, Leather, and Nova Scotia Communications director Lia Scanlan were summoned to a meeting. RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki and a deputy from Ottawa were on the conference call. Lucki was not happy. 

Campbell’s handwritten notes made immediately following that meeting describe what happened:

The Commissioner was obviously upset. She did not raise her voice but her choice of words was indicative of her overall dissatisfaction with our work. The Commissioner accused us (me) of disrespecting her by not following her instructions. I was and remain confused over this. The Commissioner said she told Comms to tell us at H Division to include specific info about the firearms used by [the killer]….However I said we couldn’t because to do so would jeopardize ongoing efforts to advance the U.S. side of the case as well as the Canadian components of the investigation. Those are facts and I stand by them.

Campbell noted that Lucki went on at length and said she was “sad and disappointed” that he had not provided these details to the media. Campbell continued:

The Commissioner said she had promised the Minister of Public Safety and the Prime Minister’s Office that the RCMP (we) would release this information. I tried to explain there was no intent to disrespect anyone however we could not release this information at this time. The Commissioner then said that we didn’t understand, that this was tied to pending gun control legislation that would make officers and the public safer. She was very upset and at one point Deputy Commissioner (Brian) Brennan tried to get things calmed down but that had little effect. Some in the room were reduced to tears and emotional over this belittling reprimand.

Keeping the death toll from the public

A document released by the Mass Casualty Commission (MCC) today — “Public Communications from RCMP and Government After Portapique” — indicates there were earlier sources of tension between National RCMP Headquarters in Ottawa and ‘H’ Division in Nova Scotia over how information concerning the victims would be controlled. 

Lia Scanlan was the director of strategic communications for the RCMP in Nova Scotia. She told the commission the national RCMP HQ was aware a news conference was planned for 6pm on Sunday evening, April 19, 2020, and it was “explicitly stated that we were doing all the communications.”

During this first surreal briefing only hours after the gunman and been shot and killed by police, most the focus was on the murder of RCMP Cst. Heidi Stevenson rather than the murders of multiple civilians. Only 10 minutes into the press conference, and in response to a reporter’s question, Chief Supt. Chris Leather shocked most Nova Scotians when he confirmed there were “in excess of 10 victims.”

Leather had been told one hour before the briefing there were at least 15 confirmed victims at 15 crime scenes, with the possibility of more. Many who watched the live briefing observed the RCMP officer appeared like a deer caught in headlights. 

But Nova Scotia ‘H’Division did not have control of the message.

Contravening the agreed protocol, throughout the early hours of Sunday evening, RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki agreed to a number of one-on-one interviews with reporters. At 7:36pm, CBC News quoted Lucki as stating there were 13 victims; at 7: 40pm, CTV reported Lucki had said 14 victims; and at 7:56pm, the Canadian Press quoted Lucki as having confirmed 17 dead, including the gunman. 

The public and the press corps were both confused and alarmed.

“So how does it happen that Commissioner Lucki….?”, MCC lawyer Krista Smith started to ask Communications director Lia Scanlan during an interview last February.

“I don’t know, ask National Headquarters,” retorted Scanlan. “The commissioner releases a body count that we (Communications) don’t even have. She went out and did that. It was all political pressure. That is 100% Minister Blair and the Prime Minister. And we have a Commissioner that does not push back.”

At 10:21 Sunday night, Lia Scanlan emailed Sharon Tessier, the senior communications manager at RCMP National Headquarter, and two colleagues asking them to speak to Lucki about releasing victim information:

Can I make a request that we stop changing the number of victims. Please allow us to lead the release of information. It looks fragmented and inconsistent. I spoke with the Commanding Officer tonight and we will be updating this tomorrow. 

We knew at the time of the press event it was more than 10 (victims) but that is what we came to ground on for the event. That is our plan tomorrow, to update as our members continue their jobs and discover more crime scenes and bodies. The changes in number are causing our phones to ring off the hook…

For consideration, Lia

Despite the frustration of journalists and citizens trying to grasp the magnitude of what had happened in northern Nova Scotia, the reporting of the number of deceased would continue to change over the next couple of days. 

At the second news briefing held Monday April 20 at 2pm, Leather said “I can confirm there are 19 victims but we expect there may be more.”  Asked why, Leather suggested that because so many homes had burned to the ground, it might take longer to find and identify other victims. 

That sounded reasonable. Unfortunately, it didn’t square with notes from the the Major Crimes Investigation unit. The notes show Investigators had confirmed 22 victims as of 11pm the previous Sunday night. At the 2pm news conference Monday afternoon, RCMP in Nova Scotia said they could not release the names of the civilian victims until the Medical Examiner had completed forensic identifications. But by 5:25pm that same day, the MCC document shows all next-of-kin families of victims had been notified so there was no compelling reason not to release the names.

Ultimately, the RCMP didn’t release the names until after media outlets, including the Halifax Examiner, had independently reported them.

In Ottawa, Public Safety minister Bill Blair and Commissioner Lucki conducted their own media briefing on Monday at 230pm.

The senior Communications manager from RCMP HQ, Sharon Tessier, had called Nova Scotia Comms earlier in the day to say HQ supported releasing the names of all victims. During his briefing Blair announced that the killer’s victims included “a nurse, a teacher, corrections officers, a serving police officer, parents, neighbours, and friends.” Blair and Lucki talked about “18 lives” being lost, adding to the inconsistency and confusion over how large a tragedy had occurred.

On Tuesday April 21, RCMP in Nova Scotia posted information on its Facebook account that named the communities where the killer had taken lives and confirmed a total of 23 victims. Later in the day that number was adjusted to 22 and the revised post acknowledged the killer had been shot and killed by police.”


Greencrow concludes: As if we needed more proof…the above account shows once again how the Globalist agenda of the Liberal Turvertian government permeates every single policy decision made in Canada these days involving every single institution.

I will not mince words, folks. I have believed since the moment I first heard about it that the Nova Scotia massacre was a false flag concocted by CSIS [“Canadian Security and Intelligence Services“…aka the CIA in Canada], globalist infiltrators including foreign police and security forces. It was conducted as a pretext to pass draconian gun laws, so the Turvert could remove Canadian guns legally held by citizens prior to reaching that stage in the occupation and destruction of our democracy where citizens are rounded up and sent off to labour/”re-education” camps.

Can you imagine how Lucki, Turvert and the other henchmen of this bloody scheme salivated over the “number of bodies” racked up in the massacre? Was it a MIHOP or a LIHOP? That’s the only question. And, as we’ve learned since the 9/11 MIHOP [or LIHOP], due to the terminal corruption of the entire judicial/security agency infrastructure of ALL the NATO goon countries…we’ll never find out via any government-run investigation.

But we have been told who is likely behind ALL such events, no matter where they happen in the world:

10 thoughts on “UPDATED: Scandal after Scandal – the most corrupt gang ever to run Ottawa

  1. Hi GC:

    From Jim Stone :
    “…..FACT: The only reason why any government would want to disarm it’s people would be to prepare to do something it should be shot for…..”

    IMHO…Your Iranian friends experience is VERY relevant re the Big Picture. The Gov’t, in typically cowardly fashion… is seeking to control its citizens by any stretch of imagination under auspices of Public Safety. What..in Iranian military decades ago ??? OMG !!!!

    The gun legislation will be used as a a “GET INTO JAIL FREE ” card to bypass search warrants etc. as a bullying tactic to intimidate any/all dissent and dissidents.

    Beyond obvious Turdeau, Courts, RCMP, etc. etc. have no respect for the due process they were previously beholden to and we 37 + million Canadians are in rogue wild – west (aka lawless) mode at whims of these psychos.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi RAH…If this is the way they treat would be travellers who are vaxxxZed to the max and totally compliant…can you imagine what they’d do to you and me if we dared show up at an airport.

      BTW, I have been following this RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki scandal regarding the Nova Scotia False Flag/Massacre and it looks like this might be the enchilada, finally, that brings the Turdster down!

      He’s gone to Rwanda…perhaps that’s code for “gone into exile”…lol….things are politically hot as can be in Ottawa today.


  2. GC quote:
    “…..can you imagine what they’d do to you and me if we dared show up at an airport….”

    Great minds think alike…LOL.

    My spouse , myself and her mother had a cruise cancelled in early 2020…the cruise line refunded our fees and also gave us all a FREE Cruise credit. My spouse and her mother are vaxxed(I am not)and they plan to go this Fall. However, they are not out out of woods because Feds still require testing.

    If I myself am on a “list” would be interesting…IMHO would be proof we are in a police state as I otherwise have ZERO police record.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tell your relatives that even though they may be vaxxxZed to the hilt the Governments are treating travelers like dirt. They want to make the experience as miserable as possible.


  3. Judging on what I’m seeing right now, not many will be travelling in the Fall/Winter based on a developing situation with a looming shortage of diesel motor Lubricating Oil and diesel fuel treatment(DEF)additive. Mike Adams is reporting on this potential BIG disaster coming soon:


    “The current supply of diesel engine oil is expected to be wiped out within 4 – 8 weeks”

    I’m going to be watching for more info on this situation, this could be real bad!

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    1. IMO before that happens all the leaders in the West will be turfed. Trudeau’s dead meat now. He has to stay out of the country to avoid all his enemies. I don’t believe Americans will put up with much more either.

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      1. It’s getting ridiculous here with the shortages Greencrow, first the baby formula and feminine hygiene products and now diesel fuel, diesel additive and diesel lubricating OIL. It’s all Putin’s fault too….😂🙄

        Went grocery shopping today, inflation is getting crazy!😲👎 The BUG protein foods are cheap though😂. I heard Canada is opening the largest bug protein manufacturing plant in the world.

        The world will be importing Canadian BUG Burgers soon…. “a little Canadian maple syrup to help wash down that bug burger?” 🤮😝

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  4. Hi FreakedOut:

    Canada is leading the world in wasting tax-payer dollars/printing money at the fastest rate ever known in civilization. Trudeau’s motto is the same as France’s Louis XIV “Apres moi, le deluge.” (After me, the flood). He’s off to Rwanda now…leaving a 600 million dollar loss on the Transmountain pipeline purchase alone.

    Guess he thought he would make up the bugetary deficit by selling VaxxxZines to the world…and bugs.


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