Bad Timing…PLUS: Vax Blockbuster

Canadians are Flabbergasted at the Bad Timing Of Trudeau’s latest Money Laundering Stunt

Good morning readers…just a short post today. The Severe Heat Weather event is just starting up this year and I want to finish off my outside work before it gets too oppressive. They say that timing is everything in politics. The Turvert is a case in bad timing. Even his existence on this earth is a case of extreme bad timing. But recently he showed how tone deaf he is to Canadians by announcing a big foreign expenditure [giving our money to his rich pals in other countries after which they money launder it]. These incidents of bad timing are starting to add up and, IMO, he will be gone by the end of July…but not before the fruit of his catastrophic tenure in power has ripened and begun to fall from the trees, as it were. Read on folks, and know that all the hell in store in our future due to the vaxxxZines is on the head of the contemptible Turvert and his mafia gang of henchpersonkind.

Today we received some blockbuster news about the vaxxxZines that I want to draw your attention to. This information comes from a research article just posted in the New England Journal of Medicine. The NEJM is an impeccable source and has been for generations. Once something has been published there it goes mainstream pretty quickly.

I have posted the link to the NEJM source below but of course trying to read the “correspondence” in the link is like trying to decipher the Rosetta Stone for someone not familiar with medical science. So I have also posted a series of comments on the link that translates the information into layman’s language.

What does this new research mean for Canadians?

Well, we know they will be bringing some new bugaboo “variant” in in the fall and shut everything down again as part of the 2030 agenda. But if the information in the research finding is correct…the Sheeple will actually be getting sick and dying of adverse effects from their…




Yep, the research shows that the triple vaxxxZed will likely get serious [pathogenic priming] inflammatory storms from their series of three kill shots. Of course the criminally complicit MSM has gone into overdrive recently to cover up all the bad news they’ve been tasked with obliterating…including Turvert’s political nose dive and the SAD epidemic

SADS…[“Sudden Adult Death Syndrome“] where adults, formerly in perfect health, are suddenly dropping dead or “dying peacefully in their sleep“[TM]. You will not be reading anything about this article–the real reason for “SADS“, New England Journal of Medicine blockbuster research report–in the MSM. Quite the contrary.

Here’s the series of comments from Twitter and the link and I will have final comments to follow:

“While everyone is talking about abortion today, the New England Journal of Medicine published an important study that showed the vaccines and booster’s have zero protection against the latest variants but vaccines could cause inflammatory storm for the vaxed. More later.

Here’s the article from the NEJM which shows “Neutralization Escape” by Omicron variants BA.2.12.1, BA.4, and BA.5.

The study sampled a small group (27 people) who were either 2x or 3x vaxed. What’s significant that without exception neutralization escape was found in all subjects!

In Layman’s terms – the vaccines no longer work for the new variants. It found that just 2 weeks after a booster there was no efficacy against the 3 Omicron variants. None. The numbers after 2 weeks were so low we can say that the vaccines are no longer effective at all.

What stood out to me is that the antibodies from the vaccine reportedly (in some cases) interact with Omicron by partially attaching on the spike protein.

And this interaction could cause a dangerous inflammation. Luckily, the symptoms of Omicron are relatively mild compared with the original virus. So knowing this, why are TV doctors, and health officials still pushing a now worthless vaccine?

Unfortunately this is what Tam is going to use in the fall to start mandating further boosters targeted to this strain. She’s making too much money off it.”

Greencrow concludes: So there it is folks. EXACTLY WHAT ALL THE UNCORRUPTED MEDICAL RESEARCHERS including:

Dr. Michael Yeadon, former VP of PfiZer [Scientific Research]

Dr. Sucharit Bhakti – World renown professor of immunology

Dr. Roger Hodgkinson – Chief Pathologist expert in vaccine effects

Dr. Geert Vanden Bosche – World renown epidemiologist

and hundreds of other medical doctors, biologists and scientists [not corrupted by Big Pharma] WERE SAYING FROM THE BEGINNING.


Normally, cytokines are part of the body’s immune response to infection, but their sudden release in large quantities can cause multisystem organ failure and death.[1]

The New England Journal of Medicine report is just the opening volley of the last battle. All the vaxxxZed are dead meat. But, of course the Turvert will call back over his shoulder to the millions of dying Canadians:

“You’re all suffering from a variant and you need another fourth vax!”

…as he flees the coming apocalyptic scene in the Fall for his underground bunker [having resigned “in disgrace“] In fact…he’s now using “bad timing” like the callous display of contempt for Canadians by throwing our money around overseas– as a strategy in order to make his continued “leadership” untenable. This is to explain away why he will run away like the narcissistic coward he is. His fall from grace [“broken man syndrome“] will be considered by the Media Propaganda as “punishment enough” and he’ll never be brought to justice for the mass murder of millions.

In conclusion, so our life on this planet is just a Grade B movie folks. We’re coming to the final scene. Our Grade B actor is all costumed up–timed to make his last entrance on stagehis final dramatic soliloquy

“Get VaxxxZed Again You Suckers!”

…and then his last exit–Stage Left.

6 thoughts on “Bad Timing…PLUS: Vax Blockbuster

  1. Knowing that 3 shots are much more deadly than 2 shots, imagine what 4 shots will do. In Alberta the government will not give the 4th shot to anybody under 70 y/o even though they have a big surplus of unused “vaccines”. Why the age restriction? Because if a 70+ y/o takes it and dies shortly after they (the gov) can cover it up because it is not uncommon for a 70+ y/o to die suddenly. But when 30 and 40 y/o people take that 4th shot and suddenly die that can’t be covered up and explained away. I would then be so obvious to anybody that has thinking skills that the shots are poison. After that any future scamdemic “vaccine” rollout would be a complete failure because there would be no uptake. The scammers are slowly trapping themselves.

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    1. Ron: The real tragedy is that these murderous scammers have been able to get away with this for so long. It appears to have been quite obvious that 99% of politicians and assorted bureaucrats (at EVERY level of of governance) have been complicit in the scam. Will we ever, ever be able to trust a single doctor, policeman, nurse, teacher, judge, etc. etc. again? Probably NOT. Politicians, can’t really help themselves, they have been a lost-cause for a long time now.
      I regret that there is not going to be enough days in the week for us to hang them all … however, the sooner we start, the better.

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  2. oops! I meant there ARE … I regret that there ARE not going to be enough days in the week for us to hang them all … however, the sooner we start, the better.

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  3. Hi Ron and HotRod31

    I feel like doing another post on a topic I used to cover back in the day “Broken Man Syndrome”. While BMS is actually a “thing”…the way I describe it is slightly different. All my life I’ve noticed something weird about white men…if they’re ever toppled from a pinnacle of power…the western culture regards that as punishment enough.

    “Loss of Face”, for a white man, is generally all he has to suffer for his misdeeds, whatever they may be. He is removed from office but then is allowed to go off to his mansion and sadly lick his wounds…while someone else would do jail time.

    Only white men can be “Broken Men”. Black men can never be broken men. Bill Cosby is a good example but I can think of many more. Women can never be “Broken Women”. They have to face the music and, in fact. If a white man thinks he’s gonna get toppled…he will sometimes put a woman in his place to “take the fall”.

    Perhaps this is why Turvert has put Chrystia Freeland in the Deputy Prime Minister Role. If he decides to head for the hills…and he will…Trudeau will gladly offer her up to the wolves.

    Trudeau will never face justice for what he’s done. As I say, He will take on his last Dramatic Acting role…”The Broken Man”.


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