WEF Asset JFT has Freedom Medal Winner Lich arrested

Mr WEF asset with the 8% approval rating had Lich arrested so she could be paraded around Ottawa in handcuffs on Canada Day.

George Jonas Freedom Medal Winner Tamara Lich is Arrested in Medicine Hat and Dragged to Ottawa for Show Trial

Good morning readers. Just a short post today to record my absolute disgust at the Turvert’s latest stunt. You will remember yesterday how the latest Angus Reid Polling numbers came out and JFT had an 8% approval rating. Also, there as a lot of fall out from the weekend “Pride Parades”…where homosexual men were seen on the nations’ city streets in front of children…waving their dinks and simulating sex with giant dildos. Well, to offset that media disaster…Turvert decided to have Freedom Award winner Tamara Lich arrested in Medicine Hat and dragged in handcuffs to Ottawa. IMO, this is so she can be paraded in front of Trudeau’s private CBC media in handcuffs on Canada Day.

What an unbelievable stunt! Mr. 8% Approval Rating is pulling out all the stops to cover his disastrous week where he cowardly ran off to Rwanda to avoid his latest corruption controversy–where he was revealed to have attempted to get his RCMP Commissioner Appointee Brenda Lucki to bully the RCMP investigators into the Nova Scotia Massacre to jeopardize the integrity of their police investigation—so he could…wait for it…use the massacre as a pretext to push through his “coinkadinkally already to go”…gun legislation.

He doesn’t get arrested for THAT!?

No. Mr. 8% flits off instead to Rwanda where he blows millions more of Canadian taxpayer money in the spin cycles of the international “charity” money laundromat.

There should be puke bags handed out with the Government news these days. Former RCMP sniper Daniel Bulford is saying that it is highly unusual for those alleged to have breached bail restrictions to be transported to another jurisdiction as a result.

No folks, the Turvert has ordered Lich arrested so she can be paraded around Ottawa in handcuffs on Canada day as a warning to demonstrators exercising their constitutional rights to show resistance to his WEF communist take-over of our former democracy.

Can the Canadian military please step in now and do what I suggested they do two years ago? Go to the airport when Turvert returns from his latest jaunt and arrest him on the tarmac as he steps off the plane. Canadians are beyond sick and tired of him dragging OUR nation into his own personal shit-filled, overflowing toilet! Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “WEF Asset JFT has Freedom Medal Winner Lich arrested

  1. Hi RAH

    Yes, he’s stepping down. Is it because his vaxxxZine-caused cancer returned? Or is it because of the recently revealed series of Bonnie Henry e-mails shows indubitably that the government knew as far back as January 2021 that the vaxxxZines were causing serious harm and death to British Columbians all over the province? Or, was it the failed billion dollar gambit to rewrite BC History–by building another white elephant museum [paid for 55% by the Globalist WEF gov of JFT]?

    So many reasons too bad he could only resign once.


    1. Hi GC:

      We postulated a while back re: Whoregan,… the ” alleged ” cancer ….and his future.
      If I recall..we felt he was DONE….he would quit.
      Prediction = BANG ON !!!

      IMHO, the “alleged ” cancer is a convenient excuse.
      My prediction is CHILDLESS Farnworth or Dix will be next BC Premier..unless they go Woke with females etc.

      Now, we have distractions now to the Fall 2022, which IMHO is when VAXX will SHTF.

      Keep in mind Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and Federal Tory leader Erin O’Toole were forced out.
      My guess is Turdeau should go, but he will not resign…they are in waayyyy too deep and the PerpZ “Plan/Agenda” will continue moving forceully forward.

      Again….watch Fall of 2022…..

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  2. Hi RAH

    As I said in my post, Trudeau should be arrested by the military for treason and extreme corruption. It has gone far beyond what any judicial system could handle since he has corrupted the judicial system and the RCMP from the top down.


    1. Hi GC:

      That’s my point…”logically” Turdeau should be next to go….but barring some miracle…..he will stay till PerpZ mission accomplished.

      Its all “Alice In Wonderland” / counter intuitive logic…..

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