War in Ukraine: Disinfo war on Russia escalating

Ukrainian Christian Church firebombed by retreating UkronaZis. This photo is emblematic of how the Satanists have been burning Christian churches all over the world – including many in Canada over the past two years of Trudeau’s communist occupation.

Ukrainian officials: at least 2 dead as missile hits mall

Russia to face ‘attacks & sabotage operations’ – Kiev


Good Monday morning readers. I haven’t written much about the War in Ukraine recently…leaving that important issue to my blogging colleague Penny for your thoughts. She does an excellent job of it–while I slog through the sewage of the Turvert’s destruction of Canada.

But this morning I see a “Breaking News” headline that Russia bombed a Ukraine Shopping Mall. That indicates to me an escalation in the desperation of the international Globalist Parasitical PerpZ. They have been trying for more than a century now to latch their parasitical mouths onto the Russian teat–by destroying Russia’s Ukrainian buffer. Their banksters are going down hard and the end is nigh. They must get a new host or face defeat/financial ruin.

So what do they do? What they do best–blow things up. During the Iraq/Afghanistan wars for Israel I used to say regularly: “Whenever a bomb goes off anywhere in the world there’s a 95% chance the Ziofascist PerpZ are behind it.”

So, no matter what “Hal Turner” or any of the other “alternative media” Pentagon Asset disinfo agents say….IMO, the latest Ukraine shopping mall explosion was done by the usual suspects. The proof? As always, it lies in the way the MZM handles the information…i.e., a 24/7 lockstep frenZy.

Here are some more links I saved on the Ukraine situation for your perusal. Please browse through them and I will have concluding comments. If you are unable to access the RT links you may need to upload the “Brave” browser onto your computer.





The Donbass town where a wooden monastery was torched during fighting has been “liberated” from Ukraine, Sergey Shoigu says

Greencrow concludes: The War on Russia via Ukraine has never been anything other than a financial war by the Usual Suspect PerpZ who are and always have been parasites–who can only live by sucking the blood/wealth of host nations. They must immediately replace the depleted/bankrupt US host with a resource rich Russian host. If the Globalist ParaZite does not latch onto a new host soon–it will dry up and blow away–undoubtedly this would be the greatest thing that ever happened on this planet and is what Putin is trying to achieve. Stay tuned.

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