Trudeau has Turned Canada into a Banana Republic that arrests citizens for “Thought Crimes”

RATH: Tamara Lich is a political prisoner once again

UPDATED: June 29, 2022 at 10:45 p.m

UPDATED: June 29, 2022 at 6:10 p.m. Here is a synopsis of the arrest of Tamara Lich by “Police on Guard for Thee”. In summary, the arrest of the Freedom Award winning activist is highly unusual from a policing standpoint and appears to be politically motivated.


Good morning readers. As you are aware, Tamara Lich, winner of the George Jonas Freedom Award and soon to be Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, is again being held behind bars for….wait for it…..posing for a photo at her award ceremony with another freedom activist, Professor Tom Marrazzo who also attended her award ceremony.

Can you believe that? Being photographed with someone could land you back in jail on your original charge of “mischief”? By the way, her fellow activist Pat King has been held behind bars with no bail since February on a similar charge of “mischief”.

Read the following op-ed from the Western Standard that gives more details about this ignominious behaviour on the part of the Liberal Turvertian Government and I will have more comments to follow:

Jeffrey R.W. Rath is a constitutional lawyer who serves as Vice President General Counsel to the Alberta Prosperity Project. 

Without a single nod to irony, in preparation for Canada Day, Trudeau-supporting police officers are threatening “zero-tolerance” for any protesters who might mar the planned “celebration” in Ottawa.   

Does anyone else remember when Canada Day used to be a day when we celebrated the Canadian Charter of Rights and the freedoms that were the bedrock foundation of our prosperity? Does anyone else remember the day when a Canadian flag didn’t require a trigger warning for the delicate souls who now claim it to be a symbol of “extremism”? 

Apparently, Canada Day is now a day when anyone contemplating acts of free speech or free assembly are being threatened by civic officials and police spokespeople. Hopefully no one is jailed for attempting to remind their fellow citizens that the Constitution of Canada rests on “the supremacy of God and the rule of law.” 

In the aftermath of Tamara Lich’s arrest on a Canada-wide warrant for allegedly breaching bail conditions, Tamara’s mother, Bonnie McBurney, still has no idea what Tamara is alleged to have done to land her back in the Trudeau hoosegow. Meanwhile, Trudeau continues to yuk it up over whose “plane” is bigger with Boris Johnson and whose “pecs” are peckier while drinking champagne and eating caviar and canapes with his fellow WEF/G7 potentates at a “fairy tale castle” in Bavaria.

The last time Tamara was arrested and carted across the country to have her bail revoked, Trudeau’s friendly neighborhood prosecutor was rebuked by Ontario Superior Court Justice Kevin Phillips who said, “The courts are not a thought police. We seek only to control conduct to the extent that certain behaviour will violate or is likely to lead to violation of the law.” 

It’s apparent that Trudeau’s prosecutors haven’t received the message and will not give up on their continued crusade to make Tamara Lich’s life as miserable as possible to satisfy the braying Twitter mob who continue to defame the George Jonas Freedom Award winner as a “racist,” “right-wing extremist.” 

If the rumours are true and Tamara is being jailed and hauled across the country in leg irons because she had the nerve to pose for a photo with Tom Marrazzo at an event the court specifically allowed her to attend, it is unlikely the cruel and degrading arrest of Ms. Lich over the weekend will result in the revocation of her bail let alone sustaining the additional charge of breach of recognizance.  

Posing for a picture at an event attended by Lich with the court’s blessing, with many of your lawyers present, is not a violation of the law or “likely to lead to a violation of the law” even if the person in the photo with you is on Justin Trudeau’s “Really, Really, Really Naughty” list.  

It is unfortunate that it is highly unlikely that this recent, apparent overreach by prosecutors will not result in a justice citing the prosecutors for abuse of process and contempt of court. In the opinion of many Canadians, it is time for the courts to begin the process of reconciliation with Canadians, whose rights have been sorely abused, by starting to rein in abuses of power by members of Canada’s administrative state who see themselves as our overlords.  

On a related note, Bonny McBurney confirmed to me this morning that the rumours about Tamara Lich being in the process of being nominated for The Nobel Peace Prize are, in fact, true.  

Canadians need to internalize the degree of shame and national embarrassment they should all feel when Members of The European Parliament are nominating a Canadian political prisoner for The Nobel Peace Prize for courageously standing up to the tyranny of the authoritarian junta being presided over by Justin Trudeau. As someone recently said, “it is really sad that Trudeau now has Canada being referred to internationally as “Bananada.” 

Bonny McBurney told this writer that her biggest concern is that Tamara’s arrest is part of the ongoing campaign by Trudeau and his minions to incite peaceful protesters to riot. They previously engaged in name-calling in the lead up to the Emergencies Act declaration, which Trudeau and his minions falsely claimed was invoked at the request of the RCMP and Ottawa Police.  

On behalf of Tamara and herself, Mrs. McBurney urged everyone protesting Trudeau’s ongoing abuses of power to remain calm and peaceful. 

“We are so grateful for everyone’s support. Everyone needs to remember that Tamara is a lot stronger than [Trudeau] is. Everyone needs to stay calm and remember that the only thing that Tamara wants is for everyone to remain peaceful. We can not let them bait us into behaving badly so that they can use this as a further excuse to lock people up or take away more people’s rights.” 

Bananada indeed.  

Greencrow comments: The world is watching, folks as Canada lurches from bad to worse…forgetting even that we once were one of the free-est countries in the world. Now we have, not our national leader, but the mother of Tamara urging Canadians to remain calm and peaceful–so as not to provide an excuse for the psychopaths to indulge in even worse lawlessness.

Tamara wants us to remain calm–while perhaps some military and uncorrupted police go into action to arrest the criminal cabal that has taken our nation hostage and is trying to impose a ‘basic Chinese-style dictatorship’. We can only hope and pray this will happen. I will be updating this post later on in the day. This is a fast moving news story. As WB Yeats once said:

“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is lost

The best lack all conviction, while the worst are filled with passionate intensity.”

CBC is reporting that the circle is closing in on RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki vis a vis her attempt to interfere into the Nova Scotia Mass Murder investigation back in 2020.

It is important for readers to remember that the CBC is the Turvert’s personal Media outlet now and only reports things he plants in it. In this case, he and his fellow criminal cabalists in the PMO are setting Lucki up to “Take the Fall” for Trudeau. Anyone capable of rational thought would know that Lucki would never have made the comments to the Nova Scotia investigation that she did without being expressly ordered to by Trudeau. She was mouthing his words. We all know that.

Trudeau Standing Alone at the G20 [or whatever] Meeting

24 thoughts on “Bananada

  1. That top photo. The Canadian media positioned itself so that the photo LOOKED as if JT was the centre of attention. Then you saw… that. Surely much of his hatred comes from the awareness that he is just not as “smart” as the other guys. No pity because he ain’t.

    Twitter cannot demean Tamara hard enough. Before I got suspended I entered a few convos about her and it was tough! Those bots and idiots are so effing self righteous over their OWN demise. I imagine I might get into trouble there considering this horrific mess.

    I have said it before, if you are low on the scale of the IQ bar, are spoiled and petulant, not to mention a commie tool, you have a vengeful vindictive creature. JT is the perfect example of a prime candidate of this. Bananada huh? His Mummy must be so proud.

    I remember Canada Day as my Birthday warm-up (July 2) when we just enjoyed “being Canadian”. Now, what is a Canadian?

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  2. My 2 cents..”Thesis”

    IMHO..I am not convinced Ms. Lich is NOT controlled opposition….she would fit the profile of ” The Perfect Victim “.

    Regardless….IMHO…Turdeau is “chumming” the waters of General Public/society to bait any/all rednecks OR set up possible false flags.

    The Courts and Police have clearly made their bed…

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    1. Hi Nooralhaqiqa:

      The longer this drags on the more I believe Trudeau is very mentally ill like his mammy before him. Only, while she was just a flower child who liked to do dope and screw…he likes to use people and countries and destroy people and countries. This is not going to end well. IMO they WILL take him away in the Mental Health Police Car and he will end up on a psych ward some day. Remember I predicted that..


    2. Hi RAH

      Really? You think she’s controlled opposition when she spent weeks in jail and is now in jail again? Do you think all those hundreds of truckers would have followed her across Canada in the dead of Winter if she was controlled opposition–that they would not have been able to see through that?

      No. Tamara is the real thing. As Freud once said: “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”


      1. Hi GC:

        As a wise mentor said…. I don’t believe anything that I hear …..and maybe 1/2 of what I see.

        My analysis tries to dissect/filter/deduce the ultimate END GAME…there are many parties in the middle who may be pawns…saints OR con artists.

        History is littered with the aforementioned….


  3. The blatant harassment and persecution of Patrick King and Tamara et al should give every one from Canada/England/UK/Australia/New Zealand/US/South Africa, etc. a very good look at how fleeting our illusion of FREEDOM actually is. In effect, it has been trampled upon and in too many cases, snuffed out by Zog Banksters. There is no nice way to put this … reality should be biting us on the arse to indicate that the Barbarians-in-suits are in control and Political Party affiliations don’t mean a damn thing when the WEF/UN/WHO are in control.

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    1. Hi Hotrod07

      Globalization has been building within all the countries you mentioned for decades. This is make or break time for them. And, yes, the PerpZ have absolutely no respect for our democratic “party” system.

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  4. Patience….patience..patience..

    Reducto Ad Absurdum…
    Whether Lich and/or King are deep ST.ate props or “ST.s ” is irrelevant.

    4D chess = Turdeau’s next move..
    In Ottawa…they have created measures to prevent protests for Canada Day.

    Let Trudeau set the hook in his own mouth ..he has all the signs of dictator- desperation and will either bail or be made to walk the plank.

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    1. Hi RAH

      I don’t believe Trudeau will survive the HOC meetings on the Halifax Massacre Scandal on July 25th.

      Summer is traditionally the time when the movers and shakers in Ottawa clean house and get rid of the deadwood. Just sayin’


      1. Hi GC:

        We remaining hetero Males have a saying…..” Let them SHOOT their WAD “.

        aka one’s adversary should be lured into a trap whereby they make a fatal strategic error that indicts them re: their agenda is exposed and concurrently have used up all their ammo.

        Turdeau is a F*cking idiot who just doesn’t get it…he is waaaaay beyond his “Best Before” date and his scumbag Liberal MP’s will start invoking self- preservation mode.

        They are at the brink of War Crimes charges.

        ……Rope and Lamposts.


  5. Ottawa Thought Police Will be Out in Force to Harass Dominion Day Freedom Rally

    Ottawa to police “racist, homophobic, misogynistic signs or speech” on Canada day
    Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

    The Ottawa Police Service put out a stern warning on Tuesday saying that it will be on the lookout for “racist, homophobic, misogynistic signs or speech” during this year’s Canada Day celebrations.

    A spokesperson with the force said that communicating any such messaging either verbally or in another fashion could lead to criminal charges.

    “Communicating (words spoken or written, gestures or signs) homophobic, misogynistic, and/or racist messages in a public place will be investigated and can lead to various criminal charges including public incitement of hatred Sec 319(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada,” said Cst. Mike Cudrasov. “These will NOT be tolerated.”

    On Monday, interim police chief Steve Bell told the Ottawa Police Services Board that law enforcement would “actively respond to” these messages and cited concerns about Freedom Convoy-associated groups and other protest movements attending the event.

    “We know the scars our community feels from the days in the end of January, beginning of February, where there was all of the negative interactions with people who were attending and occupying and illegally protesting within our streets. We’ve heard those,” said Bell.

    “We’ve listened to those. And I want to reassure you that those feelings, that trauma that our community has felt, is front and centre in all of our planning efforts and will be front and centre in our response efforts.”

    Fencing has been set up throughout the parliamentary district in anticipation of Friday’s events.

    Freedom organizers have planned events to welcome Canadian Armed Force Veteran James Topp as he arrives at the Tomb of the Unkown Soldier after trekking across Canada to protest Covid-19 mandates and restrictions.

    The Supreme Court has also seen its security ramp up with signa warning that camping or sleeping on the property is not allowed.

    “No person shall occupy, reside, camp or sleep in or upon any public work or use any vehicle for the purpose of occupying a public work or residing, camping or sleeping thereon,” a sign states.


    My guess is that “something” will happen..false flag or otherwise…


  6. Pat King wasn’t an organizer of the Convoy. He presented himself as such, but, he wasn’t.
    He languished in jail because, in my opinion, he was a blowhard attention hound. And he got the attention he so desired.

    Lich has to my knowledge been given one award.. And it was barely mentioned in the media other then to heap scorn on her and the freedom protests and has been used to further prosecute/harass her.


  7. I don’t like how you character assassinated someone from the anonymity of your keyboard. King has done more than most of us have for the cause of freedom. SMH.


    1. Hi Sheila: I didn’t ‘character assassinate” him. That’s been my impression of him all along. My intent was not to offend.
      Also, there is no anonymity on line- that’s just an illusion.


  8. Hi RAH:

    Thanks for posting these updates. I am so happy that a massive crowd turned out for James Topp. Even Pierre Poilievre marched with James. James represents the resistance military and veterans and such a strong showing indicates that they will be there for Canada when the cowardly JFT makes his final grasp for a Communist stealth.


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