More on the Saanich Black Op? + Jim Breuer

UPDATE: July 3, 2022. 9:40 p.m. CHEK news has a report that the “A” twins were actually triplets with a surviving sister. Hmmmmm.

Very shoddy reporting above. Anonymous source who didn’t know the boys very well says they were “quiet, kept to themselves”. Typical…she didn’t know them well but has an opinion worthy of a newspaper report. Surely there must be some people who knew them a bit better. Anyone who has views different than the “official narrative” will probably be warned to stay away from the press.

Fraser A
Matthew A.

Good morning readers. Today we have a bit of a mystery arising out of my post yesterday about the Saanich Bank Heist that took place on June 28, 2022 at the Bank of Montreal in Saanich, BC. a town near Victoria on the Saanich Penninsula of Vancouver Island, BC.

My blogging colleague RAH did some sleuthing yesterday and discovered that the unusual last name beginning with “A” of the 22-year-old deceased would-be bank robbers [Matthew and Isaac “A”] is the same last name as the Commander of the Canadian Joint Operations Command [CJOC] in British Columbia. This man, who’s first name is Robert “Bob”, also has two sons. So RAH tried several times to put a comment pointing out the anomaly on the GCATCF blog. Each time he tried…it went up in a puff of Internet smoke. You be the judge of why that might have happened.

I also did some sleuthing on my own and discovered that “Bob”, the head honcho of the CJOC, also has two sons–named Fraser and Michael. It would appear that Fraser was/is active in the amateur hockey league on Vancouver Island. His hockey photo is shown above. You can compare it with the photo of Matthew, one of the doomed twins to see if you detect any resemblance.

According to “Bob’s” bio, the “A” family has a long history in the Cowichan Valley area of BC and there’s a big extended family…so who knows who the doomed “A” twins were related to.

Local MZM NewZ outlet CHEK news has published the usual patsy post assassination reputational assassination disinfo on their site HERE. The boys bodies are not even cold in their graves but, without any trial [of course, with the dead “lone nuts” TM… that’s the best part…no open trial of the evidence] CHEK has published slanderous information that the two boys were anti-Trudeau gun nuts.

That’s about it for now. But Vancouver Island is a very small place and an unusual name like “A” stands out like a sore thumb. Someone will connect the dots and probably not too long from now. If anything else seeps up through the floorboards, I will post it on this blog post as an UPDATE throughout the day.

In the meantime, regular contributor Dennis has been working on discovering other covIDian Cult scandals/mysteries, including the one below he just sent me this morning. Apparently, doctors are coming up to activist Doctor Paul Alexander and confessing that they have fake vaxxxZine passports. Helloooowwww…as if we didn’t know that was going on big time. Not only with doctors–but with politicians, celebrities, professional sports athletes, etc., etc. Anyone who needed the authorization to travel…most of them IMO have fake vaxxxZine passports. Here is the comment/link:


Dr. Paul Alexander

“Many doctors Ontario, have fake vaccine cards??? This is a scandal! This is devastating.

SCANDAL: brewing in Ontario and Canada, two doctors who asked me not to take photos or names, found me to shake my hand when we stopped in a park (James Topp) before entering Ottawa; fake vaxx cards!

Told me they are going to get in touch with several other doctors, told me had to see me, told me to not stop, to fight hard to fix COVID wrongs, told me many doctors Ontario, CPSO, no vax, fake cards.”


Finally. Are you in desperate need of a good belly laff? If so, here is Jim Breuer, a stand-up comedian, who has finally taken on the gargantuan black comic material embedded in the covIDian Cult/Plandemic Hoax/mRNA vaxxxZine nightmare we’ve been living through for the past two-plus years. Watch the entire video–and enjoy a great laff at how ridiculous/surreal the entire premises of “Woke” and “Pandemic” were/are.


Comedian Jim Breuer does his take on the CovIDian Cult Plandemic Hoax for your entertainment pleasure:

4 thoughts on “More on the Saanich Black Op? + Jim Breuer

  1. Hi GC:

    While Saanich false flag ripens and reeks…..

    MD’s and cronies getting false vaxx documents should come as no surprise…they sold out in pre-meditated fashion and concurrently are in self preservation mode. I place them on par with other serial killers..or worse.

    WHEN……not if…the SHTF…they deserve Nuremberg 2.0 justice.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi RAH

    We don’t have words in the English language to describe a doctor who injects his/her patients with a toxin he would not inject into himself. The medical “profession” will never recover from this…perhaps they want it that way, Back to the stone age…with medicine men/witches and their majik remedies.


  3. GC quote:

    “….We don’t have words in the English language to describe a doctor who injects his/her patients with a toxin he would not inject into himself. “”

    Actually we do..its called First Degree MURDER…NO chance for parole….and maybe protective confinement from other criminals who lost family to vaxx scam.

    Don’t drop the soap…


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