UPDATED: Letters from a reader

Memorial to victim of Nova Scotia Massacre

UPDATED: July 4, 2022 5:00 p.m. BINGO! Just like I said in my previous post on the Saanich Twins Attempted Bank Robbery–there was a big connection with the military. Not only is the boys’ last name “A” the same highly unusual name as the commander of the CJOC–the top position in BC–but “Matthew” “A” tried to join the armed forces:


Folks, the more I think about it, the more I see these two youngsters as being the same sad patsy cannon fodder as the Nuttall/Korody couple, who the police spent $500 million dollars [that’s right, by the time the final decision was handed down by the BC Court of Appeal, $500 million of Canadian taxpayer dollars had been spent on the police/CSIS False Flag set up/trial] mentoring/urging the mentally and socially vulnerable couple to bomb the BC Legislature. The “law enforcement” culprits in that travesty of justice were never brought to justice…so now we have two dead boys!

Also, I have updated the two letters from JONT below. Some corrections and details were added. These letters contain details and observations readers will likely see nowhere else.


Good morning readers. Today I have a treat for you. I have received permission to post some e-mails I recently received from a reader I am going to call JONT. He responded to a recent post of mine recapping the Nova Scotia Massacre wherein I speculated that Dead Patsy Gabriel Wortman might not even be dead after all. He thereafter set out some interesting research he has done on the tragedy. I wrote back and asked if I could post his information and he wrote Letter #2 where he makes some very interesting observations about the Saanich Bank Robbery.

So, without further ado I present the two e-mailed letters and will have a few comments to make at the end of this post.


Letter #1

“Dear Greencrow

Greetings from Somewhere in Ontario.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the execution of Wortman may have been faked. This may seem to be an absurd theory at first; but it has become very clear in the past few decades, and especially in the past two years that people tend to see exactly what they want to see, and become completely blind to any other point of view. This phenomenon is amplified by fear, as the helpless, defenseless public turns to authority figures for help. Government  agents, know this, big pharma, knows, media knows, actors know, magicians know, everybody knows except for 80% of the public. It’s just so gratifying to see a mass murderer riddled with bullets, especially by our heroic Mounties.

But there are too many red flags that are being ignored that indicate the scene at the Enfield Big Stop may have been staged. For those willing to take a closer look,…and ask oneself, “am I seeing what ‘they’ want me to see?“, other possibilities emerge that may answer some of the questions they don’t want us to ask.

I think it’s worth noting we are always told what happened first, then we may hear eye witness accounts, and much later we may see pictures, edited pictures and video evidence and redacted documents. We know the “official story” of what happened before we have a chance to see and come to our own conclusions. Without a doubt, we are heavily biased in favour of adopting the narrative as it is presented.

So, was this event staged?

The final scene of this tragedy is the “Big Stop”( how ironic). The stage is clear, (no cars), Enter Wortman. 

Wortman pulls up to the pumps and sits motionless for 28 seconds behind the wheel of his final victims’ stolen car. (Was he putting on his silicone death mask in this pause?)

Enter Stage Right. Mounties charge in for a quick fuel top-up.

Unbeknownst to them, they just happened to pull up beside the subject of the manhunt, the driver recognizes Wortman and, within 6 seconds of the Mounties arriving, the story ends in hail of bullets. One to the head from Heidi who died at his hands in an earlier shootout , 10 bullets from McLeod, 13 from Hubley, and one more from Wortman himself to the Right temple, from Heidi’s stolen gun. (true poetic justice). That is the official story. It’s almost Shakespearean, but for the lack of comic relief”. 

What is so hard to believe ?

I have to wonder, with such an efficient wrap-up of this exceedingly long drawn out saga, whether the RCMP had practiced, or should I say rehearsed the whole scenario in training exercises. Do they have a manual outlining best practices for the arrest and or execution of a suspect at a refueling stop? I wonder if they do practice drills to ensure everyone visiting the pumps “stays safe”. Wortman was shot twice in the head by Heidi’s service revolver, once near the top of his head by Heidi, and once by himself through his right temple. Ten rounds of .300 blackout bullets went though windshield, and 13 rounds through the passenger side window.

We are told this massive volley of ammo released at close range hit his neck, both arms and torso. Not likely leaving the suspect in any condition to resist arrest. Yet they did cuff or zip-tie his rubbery hands behind his back on the pavement just in case he was playing possum. In the only photo of the Perpetrator I have found, his upper left arm is dramatically curved as if it has no bone in it! The post mortem states that both arms received gunshot wounds . This could explain a bend in the arm in the wrong place, but what you see in the photo is a distinct curve, like a sagging silicon tube shaped substitute wherein they neglected to insert a stick in lieu of the ulna. Also there is no sign on the arm of either an entry or an exit wound! If you saw what’s left of the arm of the asshole shot by Rittenhouse, or the effect that one bullet had on JFK’s cranium, you would expect to see less of Wortman, and more of a mess in the Mazda3. Although Wortman’s head does look weird in form, it appears to be intact. I do know that there is such a thing as non lethal ammunition presumably for practice shooting patsies, student volunteers, and new recruits. Just so they know…But could they be used to simulate a shooting with real ammo? The blast from close range would be powerful enough to penetrate the glass and in so doing make the final impact on the subject even less harmful, especially if he had Kevlar under-armour.

I don’t really think they used a rubber stand-in, Wortman did his own stunts and escaped in a body bag.

Interestingly, the documents don’t show bullets retrieved from Wortman’s remains that were fired from the carbine, so we can’t verify which type he used.

Getting back to the theoretical concept of standard procedure for a gas station takedown. We might imagine:

Rule number one. No Smoking while refueling.

Rule number two. Never under any circumstances discharge fire arms at vehicles while parked at the gas pumps. Surround the suspect and wait till they move away from the pumps, then shoot or arrest them. Bullets and shrapnel could deflect off other objects such as belt buckles, loonies, fake badges, guns, body armour, or any metal objects in the car, and not excluding the car itself which is also mostly made of metal. If the flying shrapnel should hit gas tanks, lines, hoses, or pumps the resulting explosion and inferno could incinerate numerous innocent  bystanders and as well as the suspect and all police officers and confidential informants at the scene. 

Did our heroes, in all the excitement forget their training? Or did they know there was no chance of triggering a conflagration? 

In this perfectly executed, textbook example of a fuel depot takedown, with the hail of firepower unleashed on Wortman it is truly a miracle the whole place wasn’t blown to smithereens. It might be helpful to research ballistics of the high powered weapons being used at point blank range to check the probability of exit wounds being associate with exit bullets. This could explain why they can’t find the bullets and we don’t see entry or exit wounds.

Keep in mind of course, correlation does not prove causation. According to government scientists, an exit wound does not necessarily prove that a bullet exited the wound. I don’t think these scientists do official studies on real people but they do simulation tests on ballistic gel stand-in and from videos I’ve seen I find it hard to believe a human body could stop the type of bullet they claim to have used. Particularly the .300 blackout ammo from MacLeod’s carbine.

The posted documents show a bullet and fragments of bullet jacket allegedly from head wounds but no bullets or fragments from MacLeod’s carbine. I think we can only deduce that Heidi’s shot simply grazed his scalp, otherwise Wortman would have been decommissioned in Shubenacadie. This is an important point to establish, as it could be expected that a bullet or fragments penetrating the skull in the shootout with Heidi would have a drastic effect on his ability to carry on. Yet he goes on to calmly kill Joey, load his car, torch the cruises, and escape in Joey’s car. He carries on to kill Goulet, steal her car and head of towards Halifax in search of an open fuel pump. Why were so many pumps shut off at two stations? Even the Mounties couldn’t buy gas during the most important man hunt in Canadian history?

The Police Cruiser Anomalies

The amazing thing about Wortman’s  mock cruiser is that it could be easily distinguished from a real cruiser from any angle if you knew what to look for. My belief is that most officers could easily spot the fraud by: the push bar in the front, the car numbers and offset positioning of the logos from the side, the hash marks and antenna from the rear, and the light bar from any side.

Why would the perpetrator, who was so careful in making the car look authentic, make such blunders on all sides unless he did it so that although the public would not notice the difference, the police could easily identify him?

The bright green balls on the Mazda look like they are there to make the vehicle easily identifiable as the car the asset is driving. “What make is the vehicle, Tracker, Escape? ( ignore irony of names). It’s the vehicle with the bright green balls !”

Raising the possibility that Wortman’s death was faked would, in most company, go over like a sneeze in a grocery store. Likely raising the familiar questions:

“Who would stick their neck out for this piece of garbage?

“How could so many people agree to participate in such a horrific event, and agree to keep quiet?”

“No one could COVer up a crime of this magnitude.”

Is that the way they want us to think? We think otherwise, and we know the answers to these questions.

Was Wortman a CI ?

1. The Payout

As you and others have pointed out, the Brinks withdrawal of $475,000 cash has all the hallmarks of a payout from RCMP to a confidential informant. It appears to be incumbent on officers or agents of the police to lie about their relationship with CI’s, ostensibly, to protect them from retribution from those they are ratting out. But clearly this protective “noble lie” principle can be and is used to shield officers should they go off-side and step over the thin blue line.

According to a 2018 law review article, “thin blue line” also refers to an unwritten code of silence used to cover up police misconduct, also known as the blue wall of silence,[16] a term dating back to 1978.[17]

 17] Walker, Charles C. (5 September 1978). “Abuses”The Philadelphia Inquirer. Cheyney, Pennsylvania. Retrieved 31 July 2020.

Here is an excellent example posted on CBC June 17, 2022.


Incidentally, but not insignificantly, the first article on the $100M payoff fund was published March 11, 2020–the very day the plandemic was officially declared by WHO, (this could also be a big payout for backing covid agenda) and, it was the day Sophie Gregroir tested positive. Was this RCMP story released at this time to take advantage of the cover provided by more sensational headlines, and terrifying headlines?

The Mounties getting away with assault, rape and grooming of female officers and non police employees. More than 2720 victims were paid between $10,000 and $200,000, depending on the severity of abuse. But, hey, they’ve only used up around $150,000,000 of their $250,000,000 taxpayer-funded compensation budget, so I guess they figure they’re actually saving us money. Canadians are just too dumb to understand, not just science, but economics.

There is no mention that any officer was charged or even named for these “shocking” assaults. No mention of male victims at all, but that’s to be expected. I’m sure there are many silent victims who would be too terrified to lay charges.

 This evidence alone proves that there is a protective barrier around not only informants, but RCMP officers as well.

The problem with the CI Theory

The problem with the Confidential Informant theory is the it preloads us with the concept that the role of the CI entails helping the Mounties catch bad guys. But since the thin blue line, or blue wall of silence is used to cover up police misconduct, perhaps the less loaded term Mountie Asset should be used when we refer to undeclared police resources. We know some types of misconduct could only be covered up by the elimination of not only witnesses, but their remains. We also have testimony in the ITOs and evidence that prove Wortman was involved in these activities not only during his rampage but before it even started. This fully accounts for his special treatment by police, his ability to acquire the cruiser, his ability to evade arrest, his nonchalant demeanour and easygoing ruthlessness. He was a professional. The Mounties (or at least some high ranking Mounties) would rather see Enfield and it’s inhabitants in flames as long as it could all be pinned on Wortman–without him having a chance to testify to the services he provided that account for the $475,000 payout.

Why the rampage? Why now?

I’m going to stop here having possibly asked too much of your time, this saga seems to be interminable.

I do have the last photo of Wortman before he was zipped in . I thought you may not want to see so I didn’t include. It’s your choice.

With deep regards and appreciation for all the great work you do on your blog.

Thank you Greencrow. Stay safe ie. unvaXXed.


Greencrow comments: I responded to JONT and said I was interested in posting his views. He wrote back as follows:


Letter #2

Saanich Bank Robbery Suspects thought This Might be a Good Getaway Vehicle?

Greencrow – I took your suggestion and spent a few hours getting caught up on the Saanich  event after spending the day relocating my mother-in-law to a long term care facility. They insisted we submit to a nasal Schwab before crossing the threshold into the facility to prove to themselves we were not bringing in a new variant of very of the cooties.  I alone refused, and they relented, allowing me to fulfill my moral duty to relocate a fraction of my mother-in-law’s mountainous collection of furnishings and accoutrements. To reconcile feelings, I offered to wear a mask if they had one. Of course they happily provided one and everyone went ahead with masks worn mostly as chin supports, including staff. Small victories are surprisingly very gratifying and empowering. 

Sorry for the digression. But I thought of the terrible and cruel treatment you and your brother were subjected to, along with so many others.

There are, as you intimate, red flags galore when you start to dig into the unlikely bank heist in Saanich. I will be brief and list my initial observations that give me cause to believe the official story is an outright lie. As usual.

1. In the photo of the car associated with perpetrators. The car trunk is crushed in and the car itself appears to be pushed up over the concrete curb in the parking lot of the Bank. Initial comments in the press suggested it was near the bank, but photo evidence proves it was at the bank. Why the smudging of simple facts?

2. There is a mechanism behind the car that looks like a robotic device with some kind of grapple. It probably has a camera and therefore will have pictures of explosives. The device doesn’t look like it would be powerful enough to cause the damage to the car, but investigators did not open that trunk with a crowbar, or the perpetrator’s car keys .

The racing stripes on the Toyota remind me of the bright green balls on the Mazda3 driven by Wortman and also, Brenton Tarrant in NZ, being finally apprehended driving with his front window blown out and his 4 way emergency flashers blinking. How did the off-duty cops ever happen to notice him on their way home from practice drills?

3. Investigators found IEDs. Why would you boobie-trap your own escape high visibility Toyota? But if the robot is there to look for bombs, it had better find them, or else…it’s off to the scrap yard with the fake bombs–to be safely destroyed with any other unnecessary evidence.

There already does seem to be a pattern of destroying or adulterating the evidence here as in the NS fiasco.

This raises more questions. The car was plated, so police would have identified perps immediately. Did they learn to make licence plates and bombs in shop class? Amateur bomb-making is a high risk hobby. So, if the bombs were any good they would have had help from someone. Who? Let’s see if they show the pictures without being compelled.

4. The video I saw shows a white van pulled up near the entrance of the bank. The sliding side door is open, and there is a cascade of blood pouring out. There are numerous anomalies about this video. Some areas in the frame, the upper area of the door opening for example, is blurred out. Other features look like inserts, such as vehicles in the background that appear to be elevated way above the level you would expect to see them at in normal perspective.

The MSM also traditionally shies away from displaying images from crime scenes, especially showing the blood of officers . So why all of the sudden they’re okay with it?

There are also mature trees in the foreground of the video that do not seem to exist on Google street view. We’re they inserted to hide something? Maybe it’s just a really old street view image.

5. Why would this white van pull up to the doors of the bank? The perpetrators have every advantage in this situation. The reflection from the glass would hinder the police from being able to distinguish between suspects and hostages. But, like at the pumps in Enfield, they just let fly the barrage of bullets. 

Why would police approach in a panel van, when they have heavily armoured vehicles available?

6. GVERT just happened to be in the area. We saw that play before, shortly after the Ottawa shooting, and back again to the war memorial for a service for fallen officers, where SWAT teams happened to be on hand when a call came from officer Kal Ghadban from his office on Elgin to inform them of his intent to commit suicide. They were seconds late.

7. Last obvious point. Where is the video surveillance? It’s a bank! 

I think we would be able to tell from the banks’ own videos what exactly happened–including the entire timeline. What reason could there be for not releasing this to the public? It could go a long way in restoring trust in law enforcement so recently undermined by government interference. Maybe that will be the way it is played out, or, maybe, the cameras just happened to be out of commission that day.

8. Last observation for now is the possibility that a “calling card” was left at the scene with the white van. Like so many of these B.O.s, they leave stink. If the first thing you look for is the calling card, it’s there in your face. 22 Dead in NS, 22 Witnesses, 22-year-old twins, and the shoes , so many scenes with shoes. Toronto white van attack, London Bridge, New Zealand attack and on and on. Here we see boots, helmets, and ball cap. Lace-up boots and shoes don’t fall off, even if you’re killed by or in a white van. Oh, yes, let’s not forget Wortman’s RCMP boots left by someone to prove he spent the whole night at the machine shop. There’s proof this is not true. He clearly wasn’t wearing the boots, as they didn’t even have laces. They are planted .

I don’t like to focus too much on their call signs as they are so easily dismissed as coincidence, but they always seem to be there, and for the the Black Op agents it signals to other enforcement agencies whose in charge.

Ricardo Bosi doesn’t mince words when referring to these Freemasons and their infernal religion.

Greencrow, you have handed me another can of worms.

Maybe I should take up fishing.

I will wrap up so I can quickly scan the news before turning to your blog for solace.

Enjoy the day.

PS: By the way I have been taking screen shots of scenes I refer to as video files. They are awkward and time-consuming to go through, and may be disappeared from original sources. 

Just found a picture of the white van after it pulled up in font of the door. 13 bullet holes though the windshield in very eerie reversal of the final scene with Wortman. Only time it looks like the perps are doing the shooting and the police are in the van.

Greencrow concludes: Thanks JONT. This is very important information and a perspective that average citizens rarely access. I’m sure the citizens of Nova Scotia have had a belly full of crass and obvious lies about the massacre by now. Nova Scotia was always the most corrupt province in Canada…and that’s saying something.

And now here we go again in BC with the Saanich Bank Robbery. Same song, different verse…a little bit louder and a little bit worse!

6 thoughts on “UPDATED: Letters from a reader

  1. Hey GC:
    regarding Nova Scotia- It’s very probable that Wortman the informant is alive.
    As for the two brothers- I’ve been reading msm coverage- it’s non credible-
    I’m leaning towards two patsies along the line of what had occurred previously in British Columbia- groomed on line by intelligence/rcmp assets

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Penny:

      As usual, you and I are on the exact same wave length. I too believe Wortman is alive, well and living in an undisclosed location…off of the $475,000 he received from the RCMP.

      I also think the twins could be alive and similarly given new identities and relocation. I believe they were groomed a la Nuttal/Korody. Same CSIS/RCMP fuckers did the same thing to two other vulnerable citizens. This is what happens when the perpZ are not brought to justice. The nightmare goes on and on and on.


  2. Hi GC:

    Re Saanich incident:
    IMHO….. From Day 1 , it reeked of a botched False Flag.

    The MSM coverage is very lame and spotty, as “something” happened..but its too embarassing to report much deeper as even the average citizen can see through the many holes and inconsistencies.

    I’d hazard a guess no one was shot and no one died.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi RAH:

    Just shows you the terminal hubris the CSIS/RCMP perpZ are operating under…
    “…even the average citizen can see through the many holes and inconsistencies…”

    They should have known not to pull another stunt like that when the Nuttall/Korody fiasco is still fresh in the minds of sentients. But when you’re giving orders from far away Ottawa…you don’t have your finger on the pulse of British Columbians.


  4. No one wants to be first to point out the obvious. Police on the scene are milling around looking for a possible third bank robber when right beside them at the scene of the shootout is an un-plated car.
    It’s in the driveway of the person documenting the shootout from the back of his house.
    The police don’t seem to suspect at all that this could belong to an accomplice .
    No comment from cops , media , or public.
    There is only one credible explanation for not investigating this car, and it’s owner, “but it’s too embarrassing to report much deeper…”
    If we let them do the thinking for us , what more can we expect.
    The more ops the police and MSM perform on behalf of their masters, the sloppier they get until they don’t even have to pretend anymore , because no one will do anything about it .


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