Japan’s former PM ShinZo Abe has been assassinAted

UPDATED: July 12, 2022 As promised, here is a link to James Corbett’s take on the Abe Assassination

Ex-pat Canadian Journalist Benjamin Fulford, now living in Japan, is interviewed re assassination of Shinzo Abe watch the Youtube video below AFTER you have read my explanatory post of today.

Good morning readers. I was going to leave yesterday’s post about the Kangaroo Court Justice re-arrest and imprisonment of Canadian Freedom fighter Tamara Lich up on the main page for another day, but this morning my spideys told me I had to post about the shocking assassination of Japanese Former PM Shinzo Abe yesterday.

I do, however, encourage readers to read yesterday’s post if you have not already done so. I have edited it since first publishing it as I always do with posts…tightening up the phraseology and adding more links. And, while I’m on the topic of my blog posts. Guys, if you’re going to put a comment on….for gawd sake please make SOME relevant reference to the post. I take it as an insult when readers ignore the fact that I’ve spent hours crafting a post–and just use the comments section for their own “blog lite” platform. I recently permanently blocked someone who had a habit of doing just that. Enough said.

On to the topic at hand…the assassination of former Japan PM ShinZo Abe. Who did it? To answer that question, I first always examine the way the criminal Western Media handles the news story. In this case, they’re deifying the deceased Prime Minster…pretending that ShinZo Abe was a great PM who upheld fundamental democratic principles, blah, blah, blah. lol. When I read that take I knew he was the tyrannical perp asset bastard that I had heard he was–back when he was the Prime Minister.

Of course, a lot of readers are a lot younger than I am, and so don’t remember when the Abe bastard was in charge. For them, this post will be a bit of a refresher or “Abe 101”.

To get the proper perspective on Abe’s career, I went back to a fellow Canadian expat, who has lived for decades in Japan, and whose blog I used to follow regularly. Alternative journalist Benjamin Fulford is a bit of a mixed bag. Believe it or not, he used to write for the Financial Post. But Fulford’s a certified wing-nut on certain issues and so has gone off by himself to Japan–where he says he has contacts with military insiders all over the world and thus: “knows what’s really going on”. Sometimes he’s horribly wrong in his wild predictions. But sometimes he’s stunningly right. Like the New Years he predicted that Pope Benny the Rat would resign. I thought he’d truly lost it when he made that prediction but was flabbergasted a few months later when it shockingly came true. So I can never totally write Fulford off.

When Abe was assassinated, my mind immediately went back to Fulford’s seminal interview with the Prime Minister of Japan that immediately preceded Abe. In that interview–and I’m paraphrasing from an old memory here–Fulford asked the PM why Japan didn’t just kick out the American/CIA overlords/slave masters. The response…again from memory…was that Japan had been threatened with nuclear-style attacks if they tried to rid their country of the overlords.

What happened next? Well, we all know what happened…Fukushima happened. IMO, the Fukushima disaster–the radioactive effects the planet is still suffering from–was a series of underground nuclear explosions in the Mariana Trench off the coast of Japan. This resulted in a Tsunami that damaged the Fukushima Nuclear Reactors on the Eastern Japanese Coast. I do believe the reactors were also damaged by other, possibly nuclear, explosives pre-planted at the base of the reactors themselves.

In any case, ShinZo Abe came to power immediately after Fukushima, in a rigged [s]election, as you will hear from Benjamin Fulford in the video above. Abe [like our own Turvert PM] hailed from a family of cabal assets. His own grandfather facilitated the US takeover of Japan after WWII.

Fulford believes that the assassination of Abe, therefore, is a positive sign that the cabal is on the run. Perhaps–taken with the explosion of the Georgia Guide Stones the other day–humanity can take a bit of heart during these very dark days that perhaps there are some “white hat” forces fighting back against the Satanists. Fulford appears to believe that the vaxxxZine threat is almost past and has largely been defeated, due to “enough people waking up”. We can only hope.

Canadians will know that there is a light at the end of this two-year-plus long dark tunnel when the Turvert is gone. In that regard, I will end this post with a snippet from Twitter of the reception JFT got yesterday when he visited my home town of Sudbury, Ontario, to plant a tree with eco-traitor Jane Goodall. LOLOlololol. Listen to the catcalls…these are my peeps…and I’m very proud of them.

Funny, it’s been 48 years since I left Sudbury to move to British Columbia but I know exactly where this exchange took place. It is on the shores of Lake Ramsey near Bell Park. This was a place I used to visit all the time as a child because it was only a few blocks from my house.

A very funny take on the Turvert:

6 thoughts on “Japan’s former PM ShinZo Abe has been assassinAted

  1. My guess is that Abe had run afoul of the WEF. He pushed back against the WHO regarding the required Covid vaccine mandates and lockdowns and encouraged Japanese doctors to treat covid patients with ivermectin. Due to these actions covid had far less impact in Japan than in other countries that followed the WHO mandates. This undoubtedly displeased the WEF. Abe still had considerable influence in Japanese politics so maybe there is more to this assassination that the MSM propaganda is telling us.

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    1. That is one of the views of the assassination Ron. Maybe this viewpoint is being promulgated by the
      WEFers themselves. The idea of a co-ordinated world-wide resistance by non WEFers probably scares the shit out of them. They would rather publicly take the blame–than allow any hope to rise in the minds of oppressed humanity. I’m going to check to see what James Corbett thinks about the Abe assassination and add his educated guesses to the mix.


  2. Regular reader “Jont” says

    This comment was intended for your blog about Shinzo Abe.

    There is another possibility that should be considered.
    Since he was a cabal asset from birth like Fidelito, he may have been strategically retired from the scene to serve the cabal in more than one way. To demonstrate the danger of the fringe in order to justify police brutality and the need for emergency act legislation from governments. To the need for more censorship as anyone can learn on line how to make a lethal and stealthy improvised weapons.
    To remove an embarrassing asset from public view by whisking him of to an island for a happy retirement. This dramatic type of exit from the world stage is what I expect to happen to the JFT, to avoid a disgraceful forced exit.
    Hopefully someone will research the shooters background and we get some forensic information on his battery operated weapon put together with electrical tape, and the type of ammo.

    I was going to post this as a comment on your blog. But I have reservations about WordPress so I didn’t want to enter my email.”


    Greencrow comments: I will post your comment this time Jont but suggest you post under an alias using Protonmail…which can be anonymous. Perhaps open a Protonmail account under “Jont@protonmail.ca.

    If I post comments from readers myself, people might think I’m making them up…lolololol.


  3. Martin Armstrong has another take on Abe’s assassination. He posted this today –

    “However, there are no direct connections between the suspected shooter and the NHK Party. The “group” that nobody wants to talk about is allegedly non-other than Schwab’s World Economic Forum. Abe was a contributor to the WEF. There are no ties of the shooter to any local grudge group. The “group” may be that of the WEF and they do not want to publicly state that for fear of copy-cat assassinations elsewhere. ”



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