I can’t believe Tamara is considered a threat to society and will remain in jail. The justice system has become an extension of the political regime, as it is in all authoritarian states.” – Peoples Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier

Tamara Lich’s bail revoked, will remain in custody

Folks what’s going on in Ottawa is reminiscent of what has been happening to Australian journalist Julian Assange for many years now. He was arrested on a spurious “rape” charge. Apparently accused by some Swedish girls. Then the girls rescinded their allegations as did Sweden. However Assange was still persecuted by the UK/US governments from the Ecuador Embassy in London for many years. He’s now imprisoned in UK awaiting extradition to the US. On what charges? Practicing journalism according to the US 1st Amendment. The Assange Travesty of Justice has been going on for so long that it has set a horrific legal precedent worldwide. Now, any human in the west can be arrested and held indefinitely on made up charges and denied bail. Remember what happened with Huawei CEO Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver? She was held under house arrest for over a year and then set free with no trial. We never really found out whether the government even had a case against her. There was a backroom deal–instead of the disinfecting sunlight of an open court room. This is how the rule of law is destroyed. Terminally corrupted, scofflaw nations making up rules as they go along…no respect for the law that they insist their citizens adhere to to the letter. Backroom deals…corrupt judges….prosecutors in bed with the politicians.

Canada used to have one of the fairest judicial systems in the world

…that’s why people immigrated here from all over the world…because of our laws– which protected and guaranteed fundamental freedoms…like the freedom from being arrested on frivolous, mendacious, political grounds and held in jail…subjected to mind control/torture and gaslighting.

Today we just learned that Tamara Lich has been denied bail. On what grounds? We don’t know yet. It’s worse than North Korea or the old USSR. The only charge the police could come up with when they originally arrested her last February 2022 was “mischief”. The Trucker Convoy demonstration had already been deemed a lawful, peaceful demonstration by a judge as it was taking place. Tamara broke no law by participating in it, or even by helping to organize it. So there is no foundational crime upon which the “mischief” charge can be based.

This Travesty of Justice is a chilling message to any individual or group wanting to resist the encroaching dictatorship of the Turvert and his WEF Globalist NATO buddies–who wish to enslave and use all humanity as lab-rats for their depopulation/biometric surveillance experiments.

Today in Canada, wanting to remain free is a crime–that’s the message emanating out of the Ottawa courtroom. This is a very sad for Canada. Shed a tear for the dying nation you once loved and lived in folks. Weep for our children and grandchildren who will have to grow up and live under the shadow of the Orwellian Boot.

‘He is a very dangerous man’: Victim’s family speaks out after high risk offender released from prison

The murderer in the news story above has been again released from custody…but not Tamara? What kind of fuckery justice system have we slid down the swirly into?

All the players in the Lich Kangaroo Court have ‘paid to play’ in the Liberal “justice” implosion…witness the individual playing the role of “prosecutor”.

Greencrow concludes: Folks. The Bastard Turvert pretends he’s not the worst misogynist who ever grabbed power in Canada. But this gross miscarriage of justice proves otherwise. He selected Tamara specifically because she’s a woman. Why isn’t Professor Tom Marazzo in jail? He was the fellow activist who went up to Tamara and had his photo taken with her–a three second contact–that has led to her re-arrest!!!!!

JFT thinks he can abuse Tamara Lich like he’s abused others…including the young girl who’s father walked in on in his own home. JFT [then a student teacher–teaching drama part time–in a high school] was sexually abusing the man’s underaged daughter in the father’s own home while he was away. The father and daughter signed a $2,000,000 NDA [Non Disclosure Agreement] so Turvert could walk away. Had the father and daughter not done that–and were able to speak out now…according to the law…the bastard would be long gone. As it was, Turvert lost his temporary teaching license–the only real job he ever had.

But no. Turvert escaped from that imbroglio scot-free and is still around to ruthlessly abuse/exploit other women[remember Jody Wilson-Raybould? ]–and destroy our legal system in so doing.

Stay cool and calm Tamara. We’ll get you out.

The Turvert bastard thinks our Canadian justice system is his own personal roll of toilet paper. He’s going to find out otherwise.

Tamara Lich – Imprisoned like Julian Assange, Nelson Mandela and many others…for the “crime” of fighting for human Freedom from Government Oppression


  1. GC quote:

    “…that’s why people immigrated here from all over the world…because of our laws– which protected and guaranteed fundamental freedoms…like the freedom from being arrested on frivolous, mendacious, political grounds and held in jail…subjected to mind control/torture and gaslighting.”


    This is a huge topic……but we are in the midst of Master Plan centuries old and near its conclusion.

    I’ll delve into it deeper later…but USA was cobbled together by FreeMasons (such as George Washington who called the US as “An Empire In Its Infancy” )and (((usual suspects))) to eventually become the Frankenstein Monster to effectively destroy the world.

    James Perloff did primary research that the American Revolution was a staged event role played by both Brits and new Americans.

    Canada was also cobbled together, but the Freemasons felt it was too large a land mass to incorporate into US, but they strategically imbedded Quebec as a Catholic enclave to be eventually levered as a divisive force in Protestant Canada, much like blacks were brought into the USA as “slaves”..but their true role was to also be leveraged later as a divisive force.

    The Perpz rule book is centuries old and tactics such as “multiculturalism” etc. used as I have noted are nothing new.

    . .


    1. Hi GC….

      My well earned cynicism tries to take a birds eye view from ALL angles..whereby Ms Lich may be a true victim…or an actor- plant……and/or anything in between.

      What titrates out …regardless…. is Turdeau and Co sending a communistic message to rest of 37+ Million Canadians that we have no rights and not to F*ck with him and his cabal.

      Citing the Pierre Turdeau Charter circa 1982 ??? …. and calling your lawyer ????? have the Turdeau PerpZ ROTFLMAO.

      Once people realize that COMMUNISM need not solely rely on brutality of soldiers ….and tanks on streets, backdoor COMMUNISM is in play …..same shite…different pile.

      Again..extrapolate what the optics imply…..regardless of whether we have actors and/or martyrs.


  2. Hi Fakeologist. I don’t know what’s fake about it. People who are cynical about Tamara Lich should explain their suspicions. Do you think she’s NOT in jail? Do you think she LIKES being in jail? Do you think she deserves to be in jail? What benefit and/or what cause could she be supporting that would involve deliberately getting herself arrested and languishing in jail? Who’s agenda does that further? If in some way it furthers the Trucker Convoy agenda…then please explain.

    I must be missing something huge here. Please tell me what it is.


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