Governments need to ANSWER OUR QUESTIONS about Climate Change…


Good afternoon beloved sentients. It is a beautiful summer day on the Malahat this afteroon but the Whore-gun has just announced that we have a heat event on the way. Everyone was psychologically traumatized early last summer 2021 when British Columbia experienced a very destructive “Heat Dome”–from Canada Day almost to September, 2021. Many, including little moi, have suffered PTSD over last year’s Heat Dome ever since. I’m still spotting many huge trees in our mountain forest that did not make it. They’re now skeletons of their former selves. At the height of the heat wave I snuck out after dark and surreptitiously watered trees on and nearby to our property. Large evergreen trees need thousands of gallons of water every day to remain healthy,

So, I saw this on Twitter just now:

Spotted by a pilot flying over the North Pacific on July 18,2022

What the hell are those red patches spotted by a pilot in the North Pacific? IMO, they’re evidence of weather weaponiZation. Mortal Enemies of Humanity now have [due to the general ignorance of the public] carte blanche to perpetrate whatever Satanic weather destruction they can pull off technologically. The sky is literally the limit. Here are some links from Twitter that explain what I’m talking about. Please review all of them and I will have concluding comments to follow:

Greencrow concludes: I have been repeating over and over on Twitter these days that humanity should refuse to discuss the so-called “climate change crisis” with the perpetrators in charge of the never- ending series of terror ops going on, referred to by the CNN editor above, unless and until our questions about chemtrails, EMP’s and other manmade technologies to cause forest fires, drought, flooding and/or other formerly “natural” climate phenomena are answered by the politicians pushing the agenda. This is our best and perhaps final opportunity to get some answers to these existential questions.

And, if they refuse to answer our common sense questions…then we’ll know for certain never to trust what they say about climate phenomena. If we don’t stand up and fight back now, then our future on this planet will be a never-ending program of Big Pharma/Lockdown/biometric enslavement/terror all winter and Catastrophic Climate Disasters all summer. The writing’s on the wall–if we don’t get some answers to our questions about weather weaponiZation. Stay tuned.

Asking Common Sense Questions Is a sign of Intelligence…but also a Duty and Responsibility

28 thoughts on “Governments need to ANSWER OUR QUESTIONS about Climate Change…

  1. Hi,
    I will try to explain best I can.
    A young Russian Boy predicted the Red Patches, well basically he predicted totally red water and people would be drinking it in the future in certain areas of the world.
    He died a few days before turning 11 years old in 1993 ,he was born in 1982, and was considered A Saint Cause of his predictions coming true to Warn the People.
    I only have Pdf Format link of his Predictions.
    Also Chemtrails and Vaccines are Put in the Air high up in certain countries.
    During The Vietnam War Era Operation Popeye was exposed,
    Operation Popeye the United States military seeded clouds to cause massive rain storms known as monsoons in Vietnam the goal was to make travel in bad rain difficult for the war enemy.
    In early 70s it was even in newspapers but the public has since forgotten all about cloud seeding and know the public is None the wiser and doesn’t believe it’s possible, but a little research shows it’s True.

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  2. Hi Jimmy Jukebox:

    Did the boy say anything else about the red in the water? I know the US has been working on weather modification and weaponiZation for many decades…beginning with the HAARP program. Also, I do NOT believe China is at the forefront of weather modification/weaponiZation, as the first video alleges. I believe the US is still at the forefront–on behalf of the Globalist Deep State.

    Of course, ALL nations have or participate in weather modification programs as I found out back when I used to be allowed to travel abroad, I saw chemtrails in Russia, China and every single country except for one. Can you guess what that nation is? Cuba. Yes, I did not see one chemtrail the week I spent traveling around Cuba.

    I do believe the nations who participated in these heinous betrayals of our humanity will one day deeply regret their criminal behaviour. Given how they’ve ratcheted up the ante on weather weaponization/modification…that day may come sooner than later.


    1. Hi Green Crow,
      I don’t think these people are going to regret it.
      They are far too evil.
      I read back years ago it was public media saying in 2012 to 2014 time period I forget exactly when, but China sold rain clouds to drought stricken Malaysi.
      The boy his first name is Slava , said: it will be thick , nasty red water,
      I got the Pdf Format link from a woman who signed off her blog in March of 2022 she emailed me last night about the Pdf Format link, and out of 399 pages it’s on page 5 or 7 about the red water , my upstairs neighbor is from Cuba , he says it’s nice except no jobs and no money, he’s mom is still there, he sends her money.
      There was a weather modification Treaty signed at the United Nations in the 70s so that alone kinda proves the technology exists.
      SWC = super water cooler (Can Google it) are what’s used to make Hurricanes.
      DEW start all the fires in California and now days ya see strange acres of tree fires throughout the world.
      Yeah they are purposely destroying the world.
      I am Believer in Jesus.
      I have died at the age of 9 years old, so I can honestly this is a material world and it’s a battle of spirituality.
      Chemtrails are just pulverized into nano dust particles of certain chemicals that either cause Diease and sickness or aid in the forest fires depending on the chemicals dispersed.
      I’m keeping my eyes open for the year 2024 / 2025 cause in 2024 United States contract expires IF Yellowstone supervolcano explodes 4 countries were contracted too assist United States.
      And in 2025 that’s the year on Degel Future Population Forecast united States population was predicted at 99 million, Not A Typo 99 million people.
      It has been scrubbed off and censored from the website last few years now.
      Google Yellowstone supervolcano if ya haven’t heard of the damage it could cause.
      I’m in Chicago and we could see a few inches of dust, which would stop cars from being drive able farms crops destroyed and so on.
      Weather Manipulation Modification technology definitely exists !!!

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  3. I can’t believe the number of otherwise intelligent people who still cannot wrap their brains around the idea that governments would or even could…manipulate the earth’s weather for fun and profit. Wonder what it will take for them to clue in. Mental cowardice is what I attribute this willful blindness to. They don’t want to admit the government is so evil because then they would nave to fight back.

    My two rules of thumb about whether the government does something evil is–1) if they can do it they will. And 2) if the MSM reports on it 24/7 they definitely did do it!


    1. Hi ,
      2 things woke me up early in life before learning about when my Grandma left Germany in 1923
      1) The treatment of the native American Indians, to this day they are on reservationns , Why , because native American Indians knew how to live off the land , housing, food, medicine was all Down through their generations.
      I started waking up when I heard native American Indians were pushed from their land this way and that way,
      Buffalo killed off , giving Blankets With Smallpox and the givers were sorry we didn’t know, yeah right.
      My grandma saw Hitler in the bar on a Saturday night in 1918 , and said: 1 day on a Saturday billboards said Jews are our friends.
      Grandma (who was born in 1900)
      Said: Next Saturday billboards said: Jews stink and smell.
      Grandma saved her money for 5 years and left right before hyper inflation hit. She left in June of 1923, by September of 1923 very high inflation.
      By 1939 her remaining relatives who stayed behind were wiped out.
      Grandma and 1 brother and 1 sister made it to United States. 2 drowned as young boys 12 & 14, the rest perished in world war II.
      Hell Storm is a good documentary to see.
      It’s banned From history books and sorted Banned on Internet, ya have to search.
      The other that woke me up was the Crucifixion of Jesus, That there were people who had zero clue he was the prophesized Son of God.
      Too many people just no longer believe in Jesus or really bother trying to understand what exactly is happening in the world today.
      I believe United States is Chapter 18 in The Book of Revelations.
      The media is Controlled by Only 2 Companies in today’s world.
      Back in the 1980s it was 6 companies.
      Mastercard credit card is Gearing Up to start letting card users pay with Biometrics, Face Scan and Hand Scan either 1 will be accepted shortly , it’s being tested currently in 3 countries.
      New World Order Coming,


  4. GC says:
    “until our questions about chemtrails, EMP’s and other manmade technologies to cause forest fires, drought, flooding and/or other formerly “natural” climate phenomena are answered by the politicians pushing the agenda.”

    Hi GC, were you also thinking about DEW usage?

    Here’s some interesting data from Dutchsinse on the apparent usage of DEW to start/exacerbate forest fires in California back in 2020:

    9/09/2020 — California Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) — Color enhanced view

    This is his source of info on weather events in the US where he stumbled upon the DEW usage:


    1. Jody.. Check out my site at WordPress when you get the chance..

      And I do want to thank Greencrow for her kind words sent my way during my recent bout that almost had me laid up once again sick in bed…. I am back and a lot better than I was just a few days ago.

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  5. Hi Jimmy Jukebox

    I’ve been suspicious for a very long time about chemtrails dispersing agents that cause common human ailments such as:

    Colds and Flu [aka CovID]
    Multiple Sclerosis

    and many other diseases…possibly including mental health issues such as depression and bi-polar.

    I have said it so many times that I sound like a broken record even to myself: HUMANITY MUST FIND OUT WHAT IS IN THE CHEMTRAILS!!!


    1. Hi Rah,
      It’s about Control ,
      The Only time it’s about Health is To Keep The Control.
      I have a Video That Even The Bubonic Plague was Faked !!!
      It’s Called: Germ Theory Covid-19 and Pandemics Debunked.
      Jon Rapport not where I got the video from , but anyway he’s been writing about Fake Pandemics Since the 1980s , his website is : No More Fake News Dot Com


    1. Hi Rah,
      lol at the red / weather maps.
      Here’s the link to the video of Germ Theory Covid-19 and Pandemics Debunked.
      It’s about 47 mins, I mention cause there’s 3 videos in the article, it should be the bottom video.
      Video covers vaccine Fraud and Lies back to the beginning in The 1880s and covers fake plagues hundreds of years ago.
      The Public and Even Medical Professionals Have Been Lied To about how germ theory actually works.
      Eye Opening Truth video.


    1. Hi, I would be in Big Trouble !!!
      Since June of 2021 I needed to Replace my Cellphone Battery.
      It’s so worn-out and old I have to leave in plugged in constantly when cellphone is on.
      There should be another way besides stupid cellphone.


  6. Re: sick M…
    I am sympathetic to their cause but why would anybody let a home hardware floor assistant impersonator allow to obstruct his return back home?

    Don’t talk to them, only you ask questions and completly ignore theirs.
    Hey pal, maybe take rest of a day off and wash your filthy clothes and definitelly don’t practice medicine on me!


    1. In the Twitter cases I posted, we have seniors who are being intimidated….and the punk Gov’t border thugs are playing robo cops. I am 63 and have no cell phone, but also UNvaxxed so I am a prisoner in Canada re: travel.

      (i) fully vaxxed seniors (and others)
      (ii)need a cell phone ArriveCAN app,
      as having BOTH is a guarantee the public is safe.?!?

      Otherwise…fully vaxxed need an additional 14 day quarantine and then the public is safe.
      Make sense ?.

      Captain MindF*ck over and out


      1. Hi, Those words mind ‘ uck reminded me of an article about Biden having Covid-19,
        Story Says: Biden is fully vaccinated plus 2 boosters which equals 4 Covid-19 Vaccine Shots.
        His symptoms:
        Running nose, occasional dry cough and 99.4 temperature.
        98.6 or even 98.8 your fine , ,
        His is 99.4 ,
        And they’re asking for prayers.
        And going to quarantine Biden.
        Norm used to be Vitamin C , Zinc , chicken soup and rest,
        Biden will keep working during quarantine,,,
        Reading that I was like Holy Cow , lmao and wondering when Sanity is coming back.


    1. FreeDom Jabs ???
      More like Transhumanism Jabs,
      More Like, You are No Longer Considered human Jabs according to a 2013 court case ,
      The Vaccine Patent Holder of the mRNA Vaccine Pfizer, Moderna, astre-zenaca
      Will be Become The Property Owner of The Vaccinated people / person.
      Here’s a link with a Pdf Format link that backs it up, not get Diease but ya get Vaccine and no longer will be considered Human, because of The mRNA Vaccine Alters DNA.


  7. Re GreenCrows earlier thesis..

    I agree that the PerpZ have likely hit a wall re: vaxxes….will soon max out the gullible pro- vaxx cohort….waaaayy too many “pureblood” UNvaxxed.

    Their only weapon left is climate change fear porn …actual geo-engineering ….and destroying current and potential food stocks aka Global Holomodor 2.0

    Watch the farms in the Fall….which is quickly approaching.


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