WONDERFUL NEWS: total vindication to Pastor Artur Pawlowski!

Pastor Arthur Pawlowski Won a Huge Legal Victory Today.


WONDERFUL NEWS: Court of Appeal gives total vindication to Pastor Artur Pawlowski!

Good evening readers: For once I have good news to report. Arthur Pawlowski who spent 51 days in jail last spring has now been totally vindicated legally and all his fines have been cancelled. The shocking news as revealed by his lawyer is that the original injunction came about as a result of a “Star Chamber“-like hearing that was secret, not attended by Pawlowski or his legal council [who were not even advised of the hearing] and, worst of all, no recording was made of the secret hearing! Can you imagine this happening in a so-called First World Country? I am waiting for Pastor Arthur Powlowski to sue the government for criminal malfeasance and perversion of our justice system for political reasons.

Please read the following report by Rebel News Editor Ezra Levant


Ezra Levant, Rebel News

“Some would say it’s a miracle.

Some would say it’s simply the rule of law finally asserting itself over lawless politicians, lockdown police and health bullies.

Today’s unanimous ruling by Alberta’s Court of Appeal is a total legal, moral and constitutional victory for Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his brother Dawid.

In short, Alberta’s top judges ruled that:

  • the court order that was used to arrest and jail Pastor Artur was flawed and therefore illegal;
  • all of the punishments that flowed from that — such as being fined and jailed — were without basis. Pastor Artur’s fines will be returned to him;
  • the additional bizarre, authoritarian penalties — banning him from going on speaking tours; requiring him to read a statement denouncing himself any time he criticized the government — were revoked, and deemed unconstitutional.

You really ought to read the ruling for yourself. It’s just 16 pages long; click here to see it for yourself.

This is the first significant victory for freedom in Canada since the pandemic and the lockdowns began. It’s the first time a government has been reined in.

And credit goes to Pastor Artur, who despite the relentless injustice done to him, never wavered.

A SWAT team arrested him on the highway, like he was a drug kingpin or a murderer.

They threw him in prison, in solitary confinement, again and again.

They tried to dehumanize him and demonize him. They tried to break his spirit. And the mainstream media was happy to play along, ridiculing him.

But in the end, he was vindicated. That took great faith.

It also took hard work by his legal team, that has been fighting for more than two years (and still has many ongoing battles for him). Today I interviewed Sarah Miller, Artur’s lead lawyer. I learned some shocking things.

Click here to see that interview:


Greencrow concludes: Levant says:

They tried to dehumanize him and demonize him. They tried to break his spirit. And the mainstream media was happy to play along, ridiculing him.

Last time I checked, doing the above to an individual…with malice intended…is grounds for a lawsuit for slander. I do believe Pawlowski and his family have legal grounds to sue both the Alberta government who falsely imprisoned him…and the media who slandered him. For him to launch such lawsuits would be a benefit to society as a whole. It would act as a deterrent…particularly if he sued the individuals involved and not just the government [which would mean that the taxpayer was on the hook].

Bravo to Artur, his family and his legal team. You did a great thing for Canada!

3 thoughts on “WONDERFUL NEWS: total vindication to Pastor Artur Pawlowski!

  1. Basically they had NOTHING on Pawlowski and had him imprisoned on 100% falsehoods… Thus they have now ‘quietly’ released him and of course we find ZERO from the lying whore media outlets about this true win for Canadians……..

    I agree with you that Pawlowski should be suing the governments’ asses off for what they have done, including Alberta and even the FEDERAL government…

    I too received that email from Rebel News… I agree with you that this is a great victory… But of course this one is only one victory for the war is still continuing nationwide, AND the only true victory will be when we can get rid of that WEF minion TURDEAU forever.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi NTS

    I agree this war will not be completely over until the Turvert is turfed. That’ll be such a great day for Canada I anticipate there’ll be crowds dancing in the streets of every metropolis across the land. Even some foreign countries will celebrate along with us.


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