You will own nothing and you will eat crickets

You Will Own Nothing And You Will Eat Crickets

Aspire Food Group chooses London, Ontario for its “first-of-a-kind” cricket protein manufacturing facility

Good morning beloved sentients. Last Thursday Evening my husband and I, our adult son and his wife were all sitting out on our deck enjoying the splendid summer weather and having a barbecued steak dinner. I mentioned a news story I’d recently seen on Twitter about a “cricket manufacturing plant” opening up in London, Ontario to manufacture cricket protein to put into our regular food supply and all hell broke lose, verbally speaking. The three of them simultaneously ganged up on me saying: “It’s all a lie!“, berating and ridiculing me for voicing yet another blasphemous lie against their world view. Crickets would NEVER be used as food, they said, practically in unison. The Sheeple are so touchy now…ever since the Plandemic/mRNA vaxxxZine fiasco blew up in their faces.

No, they never talk about the Canadian Government’s announcement a few weeks ago that everyone was suddenly rendered “unvaxxxZed” and now must get injected with the experimental substance every nine months in order to be in “good standing” with our Communist government overlords. No…they never talk about that at all…but significantly, none of them, to my knowledge, has gotten the “Boooooster”.


NOTE. The rest of this post was suddenly and inexplicably cut off. I guess Canadians eating crickets secretly slipped into our junk food supply was tooooooo much even for WordPress. I will have to restore this post from memory. Reader patience is requested.

Greencrow continues: HERE is the other link to a cricket manufacturing “food” plant opening up in Canada.

Entomo Farms, Home | Entomo Farms

a company based in Canada, is selling junk food made from crickets in stores across the country under their “Actually Foods” brand.


Greencrow concludes: Suffice it to say I will never eat my favourite junk food, CheeZies, again. But that’s a GOOD thing.

I did send the above links to my doubting, vaxxxZed, sheeplified family but don’t expect them to acknowledge it, nor do I anticipate the possibility of having a rational discussion about it. They’re waaaaaay too far gone for that anymore. To believe anything I tell them…about anything…would be a chink in their double-vaxxxZed armour. They can’t allow it.

They would rather unknowingly eat crickets.

YOU will unknowingly EAT CRICKETS and I will be HAPPY.

9 thoughts on “You will own nothing and you will eat crickets

  1. The crap you have had to endure, Greencrow, sorry to hear of it. This cricket story has been all over the news. Are those folks living under a rock? Out in the woods without electricity? Mind boggling. Some of my family says, they don’t want to hear about what they can’t do anything about. My son, 445 km away like most of my relatives, just like your dinner folk. I listen to him carry on and say little these days. Sad how the govt and media has created division in the people, destroying families. Hang in there. Stay strong. Appreciate your informative writing.

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  2. Hi OkanaganGoddess

    Yes, at that very same barbeque my adult son said [and I paraphrase] “We’re so lucky to have survived as a family–after all we’ve been through.” He looked at me significantly as he said that. He was actually saying: “In spite of your insane refusal to get vaxxxZinated,”

    Everything is twisted OkanaganGoddess. The government has twisted everything so families have been split asunder. It IS a wonder that we can even be in the same room anymore.

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  3. Hi GC,
    I Don’t wanna eat crickets but Technically at least crickets are eaten in other parts of the world , some places even cover crickets with chocolate.
    Okay real reason for my reply was to also share what I just learned a within last 2 weeks or so I read an article about a Company called:
    Natures Fynd
    No typo , Natures Fynd located in Chicago IL of all places my home town.
    Natures Fynd makes Breakfast meat patties and breakfast sausage and cream cheese,
    All made ,and I’m Not making this up , you can Google it.
    Made from microbes / bacteria from A Volcano in Yellowstone Park.
    This morning I received my daily newsletter from health Impact News Dot Com website,
    Will copy and paste it for ya later , great article about Weather Manipulation Modification Technology Dates to 1920 and videos included inside article.
    Basically it’s A Very eye Opening on Climate Engineering,
    Las Vegas is actually draining lake Mead and article predicted about 40 million people will have trouble getting water in 2023 , that’s only a few short months.
    Article mentioned Lyme Diease is Definitely in The Chemtrails with Nano Technology sized aluminum and barium,
    There’s A Federal Gag Order on the weather men / women in the United States Not To talk about it , article says.
    6 minute 1st video in article really hits a Home run with The Evilness of Exposing what’s going on.


  4. From Jim Stone:


    “…….In Mexico you can get deep fried and spiced grasshoppers
    I am posting this because “they” are pushing “bugs are better than beef” again.

    OK, so I bought a bag of them. And I told myself, “This is quite literally a mexican delicacy dating back all the way to the days of the Maya. I am sure I will enjoy these”. Result: The first few were tolerable but the novelty wore off quickly. I could see how if you grew up eating those there would be a good overall acceptance, however, I DID NOT grow up eating those and I don’t intend to start, “better than beef??” I SAY NO…..

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  5. Hey Greencrow, I recommend buying your same family members a “cricket food gift basket” and give it to them at your next barbeque.

    More ideas here:

    Promise to get a video of them figuring out what’s in their gift baskets.😂
    Post to your blog.😲👍

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  6. Hi FreakedOut. If there’s one thing that I have learned in the over two and a half years of this nightmare…it’s not to bother arguing. Let them find out on their own. The specific mind control they’ve been subjected to, mainly via the mainstream “news” is impermeable by information or reason. The only thing that might penetrate this extreme ignorance is sad experience. And then, only if left alone to ruminate and reach their own belated conclusions.


    1. I agree greencrow, there is no sense arguing with these addled minded baffoons.. Save your breath, a quote from my grandmother many moons ago.

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  7. Young lady… I wrote about this “Cricket protein plant” outside of London Ontario last week while you were on ‘vacation’…. That article is still there as part of my putting out some Canuckleheadistan ‘news’..

    I too got the ‘deer in headlights’ look from several people that I met up recently with when I mentioned that they are about to unleash the sickness of ‘cricket protein’ on all of us…. They also do not ahve a clue and are as brain dead as ever with most being double or triple shot up with the KILL SHOTS…

    The question now becomes; How much of our food supply up here in Canada is already tainted with that ‘cricket protein’? I seriously doubt that the ‘food manufacturers’ would ever divulge what percentage or what part of their protein make up in their manufactured food items is now made from this horrific ‘cricket protein’… Thus I am now very highly suspicious of any food items that I and my immediate family consumes!

    Keep up the good work..



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