Uninformed Consent – The Movie

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Folks I am pleased to present the premiere of the free to the public version of this long awaited documentary offered by Librti.com. Librti.com, which is the website/forum created and operated by Odessa and Norbert Orlewicz, is the activist group I have belonged to for almost two years. This was the group I marched with against the lockdowns in Downtown Vancouver in 20/21.

Enjoy the movie and comments and reviewed are much appreciated!

UPDATE: August 2, 2022 – Here is Del Bigtree reading an apology to the unvaxxxxZinated written from someone in Australia. Finally, people are beginning to realiZe what we knew all along, only by remaining unvaxxxZed could we prove the PerpZ were wrong. There HAD to be a control group and we had to be it.

UPDATE: August 1, 2022 6:45 pm Just finished watching the documentary Uninformed Consent and give it a five star rating. It covers all the bases and even provides some new information. I particularly enjoyed the interviews with fellow British Columbians Drs. Stephen Malthouse and Charles Hoffe. These men are my heros. I met Dr. Malthouse at one of the Vancouver rallies. He was the one who taught me that as an elderly person I needed to take Vitamin D regularly. I do take it daily now. My Dr. of over 20 years did not tell me that. She told me to get vaccinated–and became cold as a dead fish to me when I refused.

I hope this documentary is spread far and wide. I hope it saves lives by preventing people, especially the children, from being coerced into taking the bioweapon.


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