Woman with Vax Injury from PfiZer now admires the UnvaxxxZinated “They Were the Smart Ones.”


Good morning beloved Sentients. It is a cooler day on the Malahat although still sunny with nary a chemtrail in the sky. Hope to get out with my dog for a walk down to the lake today. Yesterday was too hot to do much outside.

Today I have a plethora of links for the sentient and near-sentient. Above is yet another of the testimonies of the vaxxxZed that are beginning to crop up on the Internet. She not only says she was harmed by the vax but she acknowledges that her unvaxxxxZed friends were right. She says they did not suffer the harm she did and she now wishes she were “one of them”.

Sadly, that is exactly what we redpillers said would happen…we warned and screamed at them not to take the mRNA injections until our throats were sore, our typing fingers were bruised and our heads ached with the monstrosity of what was going on.

Now we’re moving into the next phase where the Mainstream Media slowly informs the sheeple that they were conned but makes sure they have no recourse but to take the medications prescribed by Big Harma…not the Rx that will really work, like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. It will be yet another BonanZa for the pharmaceutical companies. They get the sheeple coming and going.

Greencrow continues: In the link above one of the prime assets in the Plandemic HOAX, the US’s Anthony Fauci, tells Americans he’s soon going to exit stage left. He knows his job is done and others are waiting on the sidelines to carry the agenda forward into the next phase. Below, is another woman telling the world what Fauci’s vaxxxZines have done to her:


Very few in the USA spoke out with the truth about the bioweapon vaxxxZines. But what did you expect? The USA is the land of the lunar hoax, the 9/11 False Flag Atrocity and wars too numerous to list all based on lies. It is the land of the lies. One of the very few truthtellers with the gonads to speak publicly is TV comentator Tucker Carlson. In the video below he speaks eloquently about the research evidence lying out in plain sight that describes exactly how the vaxxxZines are targeting humanity for depopulation.


Lol, do you think that recommendation has a snowball’s chance in hell of success?

Tucker Carlson Speaks Truth to Power

Yes, like in all the other HOAXes that have been perpetrated against the gullible sheeple since the beginning of time…the truth is always lying out there, available to all who would but question [and remove themselves from] the dinning of the MSM. Below, regular reader and contributor Dennis has sent a compilation of information that reaches back to even before the Plandemic started. Nobel Prize winning scientist Dr. Kary Mullis spoke out about Anthony Fauci’s fraudulent manipulation of the scientific and pharmaceutical research fields and warned everyone that Fauci was an ignorant liar. Mullis paid with his life for his truth telling. Like many others bucking the system, he suffered an “unexpected death” just two months before the November 2019 Event 201 that kicked off the Plandemic nightmare in January, 2020.


H/T Dennis

For those who do not know, Kary Mullis invented the so-called PCR test. He himself said that it was never meant to be a test and that it tests for nothing. Who gets a royalty payment for each PCR used?  Who owns the patent? Guess! The “test” is a blatant fraud meant to control and instill fear.


Greencrow concludes: So here we are, folks, over two and a half years later and nearing the end of the Plandemic vaxxxZination shelf life. The sheeple, like the two women in the videos above, are beginning to wake up. It is doubtful they can force too many more rounds of the bioweapon toxin on them en masse.

The satanists are the masters of deception, however, and know when to drop one of the balls of lies they’re juggling to meZmeriZe the gullible. IMO, they will now drop the vaxxxZinations and pick up the starvation ball. Famine is the new CovID, folks. Beware of famine…because starvation WILL definitely make you sit up and take notice.

The Dutch certainly know by now what the next caper is. I’ll be speaking more about The Netherlands in one of my future posts. But, in the meantime, sentients…prepare yourself to not be called an “anti-vaxxxZer” any more. Those days are nearly over.

In the coming phase you will be called an….wait for it…“anti-bugger”. Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “WAKEY, WAKEY Sheeple

  1. Many people have been injured, disabled, or killed by the shots. The leader of the Alberta paramedic’s union stated publicly that their call volumes went up 30% starting in February 2021 and has not let up. He did not attribute the increase to anything. It was obvious he didn’t want to acknowledge the elephant in the room, probably for political reasons, but the shots rollout coincidentally started at the same time as their call volume increased. Now our ambulance response times have greatly increased and our emergency wards are overflowing and wait times for service in the wards are huge.

    Not only that but birth rates are significantly declining. Gonzalo Lira said the decline in Taiwan is 25%. I tried to get the stats for Canada but they are not being released. The data is cutoff is at the end of 2020, before the rollout. I looked high and low but couldn’t find them. Obviously that data is being withheld from the public. They don’t want people to know what is going on but we are finding out anyways thanks to the hard work of people like Greencrow.

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  2. Hi Ron:

    We tried hard to warn everyone…at great personal cost. I remember back when the US was beating the war drums to go into Afghanistan. That was the first time I tried to majorly warn people about government lies and the devastation that comes from them. Same thing happened, nobody listened. I remember the War on Iraq. I was working at the time and everyone was thrilled at the Shock and Awe of the bombing of Baghdad. I got into a discussion about it and one of the men I worked with told me the war would be over in a week…due to the supreme power of the United States! I countered with: “No, it won’t be over in a week and it won’t even be over in a year. It will drag on for years and years. Even today, 20 years later, the US is still in the process of destroying what was once the cradle of civilization.[Mesopotamia]. The perps really know how to mix up their brew of brainwashing bullshit and spew it out of the TV anuses in the Sheeple’s living rooms.

    Why do we keep trying? The stakes are just too high to sit back.


  3. “Anti-bugger”… I kind of like it….”YOU anti-bugger!!” 😆 I’ll bet comedian Jim Breuer could have some fun with that one!

    My heart goes out to the two ladies in the videos you posted Greencrow, I hope they get help with their issues from the jab. What a brutal red pill moment!! ðŸ˜ē

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  4. Hi FreakedOut:

    Well, it could be “anti-cricket” but then they’re also going to be serving up meal worms. So it will have to be antibugger…but they’ll probably market the concocted hatred of the opposition as being “anti-sustainable protein…or ASP for short.

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  5. Hi All:

    I alluded to this in previous post….
    ……..Vancouver had its PRIDE parade yesterday, and , as expected, .local health authorities had monkey pox vaccine clinics set up to attack this demographic cohort. The Gay community just doesn’t get it, like First Nations, they are deceived by TPTB they should be privileged, and get first dibs on vaxxes, when it is nothing but a trap. History repeats itself as Fauci was knee deep in AIDS scam back in 1980’s whereby Gays were conned into taking deadly drugs like AZT for a non – existent disease.

    Further to this, tomorrow, in BC, children aged 6 months to 5 years are eligible to be Covid vaxxed.
    Watch the SHTF between now and school starting in a few weeks. Parents will start freaking out as their children start reacting badly and likely blaming UNvaxxed.

    This is all by design….

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  6. We can’t save everyone. A lot of parents have clued in. I met some of them when I attended anti-lockdown marches in 20/21. The big question everyone’s asking on Twitter is…”Where is Bonnie Henry?!


    1. Hi GC:

      Turdeau is in Costa Rica with his family for 2 weeks…

      My guess is Dr. Bonnie and other talking MD heads will be doing a Fauci and bailing…its a combination of they have performed their WEF/NWO mission concurrently with having worn out their welcome.

      As many are submitting and predicting…enough have been vaxxed to set in motion the demolition of society.


  7. Hi RAH:

    Some are speculating that JFT and Biden [and perhaps other “leaders”] are having an emergency meeting. Biden has booked off sick and JFT went to Costa Rica where it is forecast to have non stop rain for the next week or more.

    Speaking of my topic…which was how the sheeple are waking up from their CovID comas, here we have the latest from Amazing Polly who speculates about the Sudden Adult Deaths of 6 doctors in Ontario during the past two weeks or so:



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