Depopulators unmasked

A Potpourri of links showing what the major part of the Globalist Agenda is

Trudeau who loves wearing a mask, is fiddling in Costa Rica while Canadians Burn in Anger H/T FreakedOut

Good afternoon readers. It is a beautiful sunny day here on the Malahat and I’m going out again to enjoy the weather shortly. But first I present you with a potpourri of links I have saved up for a few weeks now. Dennis is the contributor of most of them except the ones I gleaned from Twitter. Here are a few of Dennis’s quotes that he includes with his e-mails:

“You are not Christians. You are not Jews. You are not Muslims. And you certainly aren’t atheists. You all have the same god, and its name is ‘government.’ You’re all members of the most evil, insane, destructive cult in history. If there ever was a devil, the state is it. And you worship it with all your heart and soul.”

Larken Rose, The Iron Web

The Pharmaceutical Industry is just as interested in World Health as the Arms Industry is in World Peace.

Anyone who hasn’t grasped that by now cannot be helped any more.

“We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.”


One of the major learnings I have experienced over the past two+ years is that Agenda 2030 is at least 50% about depopulation. And I often add: “For fun and profit”. Psychopaths love to kill and especially when they can get away with it completely because the victims believe they’re dying of “natural causes”. Of course, when people die off in numbers…and families are wiped out…they often leave property which can be scooped up for bargain basement prices. The reason I mention this is because whenever I force my husband to admit the jabs ARE killing people…his next response is: “People die all the time, the world is over populated.” I do believe his terminal attitude of resignation is widespread amongst those who Andrew McGillivray, the retired soldier calls in his military background presentation, the “disengaged”. My husband wants to fit neatly into the column of the “disengaged” but, sadly for him, he’s married to someone who is entirely “engaged” and fits neatly into McGillivray’s “Patriot” column.

So, keeping in mind that many of the disengaged actually agree with the depopulation agenda, we have below some links that show the vaxxxZines to be bioweapons:

Doctor testifies under Oath that they created Covid as a Bioweapon

10,000% Increase in Cancers Following COVID-19 Vaccines as Doctors and Scientists Worldwide Sound the Alarm

Dr. Paul Alexander Menachery & Baric et al in 2015

These beasts in 2015, knew that they were mucking around with a very dangerous situation and continued on, with power-drunk, financial, and malevolent intent, yes, nefarious and we will come to learn…and Fauci and Francis Collins and CDC and NIH and NIAID and WHO etc. hands are all over this and again, we investigate these beasts fully and drag them in, even if they retire, to a proper legal proceeding and if it is show they caused deaths needlessly and recklessly, we take all their money and jail them!

Deaths have been covered up right from the beginning. Remember the nurse who died moments after taking the vaccine on live TV…and still they were able to cover it up?

Saw a headline this morning that said Bill Gates says he now does not want to be rich anymore….lololololol. Reminded me of a song: “Common People” written and sung by Canadian actor William Shattner off his album which I love called “Has Been”:

Sure, Bill Gates doesn’t want the notoriety of what he’s done and is doing with his money but people like him don’t know what it’s like to be anything BUT rich. when you think about it…they’re the most dependent people on the planet. He couldn’t even make a meal for himself or wash his own clothing. Pathetic!

Apparently he’s been buying up land all over the world to take it out of agricultural production AND he’s a big investor in the bug “food” industry…which he thinks is going to make another “killing” just like his vaxxxxZines have done.

The perps are using the courts to further their depopulation agenda…or at least they desperately want to corrupt it so the Justice System will enable them to remove activists and other refuseniks from the population, send them to gulags forever. They’re starting small with high profile activists like Tamara Lich, Arthur Pawlowski and Patrick King…Canada had one of the best legal systems in the world so it might take a while to fully dismantle it into the Dictatorship Tyranny Trudeau is aiming for.

One of my heroes, former RCMP Sniper Daniel Bulford speaks out about the illegal incarceration of activists by JFT
My hometown of Sudbury, Ontario stood tall when JFT recently visit it.


Freedom of Information request shows Canadian health officials had pre-knowledge of vaxxxxZine “Side” effects but mandated vaxx anyway:


A former Pfizer employee turned whistleblower says that the main goal of the COVID-19 injections falsely being labeled “vaccines”, is to weaponize a human being’s immune system to kill itself. Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee, and current analyst .#Pfizer

Don’t where these Aussie press people operate out of but there does seem to be a few of them not latched onto the WEFer tit:

Greencrow continues: I have been saying for months on Twitter that Jagmeet Singhular is far more dangerous than JFT. JFT is just a stupid puppet. Jagmeet Singhular is an out and out terrorist and has been banned as such by India and the United States. He supports the Khalistani separatist terrorists in India and generally can be bought to facilitate any kind of mayhem. He’s a psychopath. Here’s more about Jagmeet:

Singh’s dangerously giving Canadians a false impression it’s wrong to want to turf the government. It’s wrong in dictatorships like China. In Canada, wanting to “overthrow” a minority government is perfectly legal…if done legally/peacefully…like the Trucker Convoy was doing.

Singh hypocritically says it’s wrong to overturn the government but believes it’s perfectly okay to overturn the democratic system the Canadian government has been operating under since Confederation.

The US liberal regime is equally if not more corrupt than the Canadian Liberal regime:

We now know: The Biden admin sold 1 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to a Chinese oil company that Hunter Biden has financial ties to, during an energy crisis This is an impeachable offense

Here is one of the “masterminds” of Globalism letting his hair down and telling it like it is about what the ideology behind the nightmare is about…depopulation as I said at the outset of this post is probably their number One goal.

When you’ve decided to depopulate a target demographic…you certainly don’t want them having any means of escape. Ergo all the travel fuckery going on in Canada is aimed at making people afraid to travel. So scared they’ll just become sitting ducks at home.

Greencrow concludes: Yes, folks, the Agenda is mostly about killing a large portion of humanity and stealing their stuff. Bill Gates in the photo below is one of the master minds and deep-pocketed producers of this agenda. It boggles the mind to learn all the pies he has his fingers in…from weather weaponiZation, to cheap and gross food substitutes, to buying up all the land, to vaxxxZinations…to child trafiking with his erstwhile buddy Jeffery Epstein. The world would do a lot better if it were depopulated just by one–Bill Gates. Why don’t these folks ever come down with “fast acting cancers” or random heart attacks….Oh. I forgot. That’s because they’re the only ones low enough to do these things to others.

H/T FreakedOut

13 thoughts on “Depopulators unmasked

  1. Seeing the video of nurse Tiffany Dover pass out on live TV with knowing she died later got to me more so this time around. A young wife/mother of two kids dying in front of the world on TV…WOW. Horrible!!
    In addition to keeping the family quiet about what happened, can you imagine all her friends and co-workers who know. You know all her co-workers were mandated the kill shots later. Imagine being in line to get your shot and remembering the video of Tiffany passing out?!?!

    They must have told everyone close it was ” a freak accident”…what a cover up!! 😲👎

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I knew she was dead when she fell. This article surprised me to see folks actually dreamt that she survived. But that bought her fam and they sold her.. well that is harsh. However, until we know the true circumstances of her family, we should wait. There could be extenuating circumstances; ie one child with special needs or whatnot.


  2. Here in BC….

    They have approved COVID Vaccination for the 6 month to 5 year age co – hort…

    The MSM reports that of approx. 200,000 + eligible : victims/guinea pigs in this cohort, …..only 7%
    ( approx 14,000 ) have been registered to be vaxxed…

    Lets keep our fingers crossed….


    1. I baby sat my grandbabies last night. He turns 4 this week, she is 17 months. I noticed each had a little bandage dot on their upper arm. Mom announced that both received their first shots yesterday and were doing just fine; indeed the happiest little monkeys ever. I said nothing; not even an expression crossed my face. I was just too upset to respond although it was hidden well. But you can assuredly know what was running through my mind until diverted by some baby prank.

      Today I am just bloody upset even though I had been told this would happen last winter… “As soon as the children’s are ready they will have them”. Heck dad has probably booked their gardasil shots already. He told me that would happen too.

      Good effing damn them. All of them but the babies.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Noor,
        How many family members with PhD’s do you have?

        Maybe they should keep this Tweet by “Zuby” in mind:

        I do believe I’ve run into this in my life.


      2. It’s like this generation of parents are Zombified vampires. I am sorry to hear about your grandkids Noor. Knowing my two are going up the vaxxxZine gangplank keeps me up at night and has ruined my life.


      3. Hi Noor….

        Very sorry the hear this re: your grandkids…, but I think its important to realize we can’t beat up on ourselves for issues that are out of our control. Many of us are in the same boat re: family and friends.

        The Perpz have war- gamed this latest attack on humanity and its best us pureblood/unvaxxed live to fight another day.


  3. Also from Zuby:


  4. Dr. Stefan Lanka:

    …….” Academic medicine has been and is the most important pillar of support of all dictatorships and govts which do not want to submit to written law ,….to constitutions , …and to human rights, that is to the democratically legitimized social contract.

    If we do not overcome this , we will all perish by this academic medicine.”


  5. Also:

    Came across a video whereby a party stated that re:Covid Vaxx the vast majority do NOT get the toxic vaxx…..simply a placebo…and then become ” advocates ” aka supporters of the vaxx under the deceptive auspices that they have:

    (i) had no adverse impacts and

    (ii) the delusion that the placebo must have worked as they did not get Covid
    …… thus the Covid vaxx is a success.

    Nothing more than a magician’s trick…hence they advocate the vaxx to others, and THUS the trap is set.


  6. Highly recommend this broadcast be Charles Giuliani
    Scroll down to “THE TRUTH ABOUT THE SPANISH FLU” (9-8 20)

    Excellent analysis of how modern medicine scams us going back decades and how the Spanish Flu was created and weaponized…and in the last 1/2 hour discusses how aspartame was banned but allowed to be used by well as the AIDS scam and AZT…and how Fauci ran both scams

    Anyone that listens to this and can’t figure out Covid is basically “Spanish Flu” scam 2.0 is beyond hope


  7. Freaked out. Re your question on eddercation in my immediate family. My girl in Norway will be presenting her thesis in October. My sis in law is a Doctor and has her law degree. My son in law has his Masters as do a few others in the family. But we elders simply have our High School and training in one craft or another and have educated partners. I just have high school and a Massage Degree! Zuby is one of my favourite commentators btw, he is always bang nab on target.

    There is nothing we can do to educate the ‘educated’ because they already know everything. Sit back now and let things happen, just be there knowing you have done all you can. Arguing does no one any good once the trenches have been dug ~ everything else can be lost, everything else that you are striving to protect.

    Meanwhile, what keeps me up at night is wondering what is going on inside me as well, ever vigilant for complications due to the shots forced upon me. So far so good but I know there are things going on. Sneezing a 5 inch clot a few months ago. But you cannot dwell on this too much… what is done is done. What will come will come.

    For all of us. Meanwhile, I do appreciate all your work!


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