Geoengineering destroying habitats to force humans off land

Geoengineered Cloud Formations are common and have become a Meme

Good morning readers. It is another balmy summer day on the Malahat with no rain in sight. Not as hot as last summer [the summer of the geonengineered “Heat Dome”] but still dry enough to do a lot of damage in a rain forest. The trees killed by last summer’s Heat Dome are now standing out like bleached skeletons against the dark green forest backdrop. Many, many of them. Cedars seem to have taken the brunt of the geoengineered war. Not as drought-resistant as spruce. As time goes by they’ll need to be thinned–or the forest will become a tinderbox. The sad fact of the matter is…NONE of the trees in the forest are doing well.

In today’s post I present another potpourri of links I’ve gathered over the past weeks on one of my favourite topices, geoengineering. I will never forget the congenital idiot and mentally ill nincompoop, JFT threatening Canadians thusly: “If you don’t get vaxxxxZinated, then the climate change will get you.” Why did he mouth such a ridiculous, nonsensical statement? Because both the VaxxxZine Plandemic HOAX and the Climate HOAX are WEFer depopulation strategies. They are mutually supporting ways of getting rid of humans and thus allowing the dead’s possessions to be swept up by the psychopath WEFer Globalists.

So please review the links below and I will have concluding comments to follow:

Greencrow continues: Interesting background on what’s behind the Farmers Protest in The Netherlands. This the initiative to steal the farmer’s land is falsely predicated on the Climate being damaged by so-called emissions from the farming process. Real scientists have proven this to be false. CO2 for example is actually essential/beneficial to humanity and nitrogen emissions have NO negative effect on the climate. Below is the REAL reason they’re after the farmers. They want to steal their land and build a huge mega city on it. A SMART city with 24/7 biometric surveillance and social credit systems for all the prisoners…er…I mean inhabitants.

Greencrow continues: Folks, as an experiment, try broaching the topic of chemtrails with your vaxxxxZed friends/families. Watch them go off like fireworks on the 4th of July. They have not only been immuniZed against learning about this technology…they have become allergic to even hearing about it. Be prepared to be showered with the sparks of insults, ridicule and invective. It doesn’t matter how much scientific proof you provide…or even what they can see with their own eyes if they only look up into the skies.

For those who don’t know…Kyle Kemper is the half brother of Justin Trudeau

Greencrow concludes: Here’s the enchilada, folks. There are now even websites dedicated to recruiting assets to work in the weather modification “industry”. It is a growth industry.

But here’s the kicker. Once they force all the farmers off the land…how will they justify “cloud seeding” for rain? Will they have to admit it was never just about bringing rain to crops? What it always has been about is dispersing all sorts of noxious substances into the atmosphere: Aluminum, lithium, viruses, invasive species like graphene oxide nanoparticles bugs and bacteria. All that and likely much more.

One thing is for certain. Whatever they tell us about the Globalists’ stealth geoengineering operations that have been active for decades now…whether it be by way of chemtrails, Electro-magnetic pulses [EMP], Direct Energy Weapons [DEW]’s or whatever. We will know for certain that it will all be paid for by our taxes. The Psychopaths have, all throughout history prided themselves on using their victim’s own money to fund their lethal, stealth warfare against humanity. So, folks, you’re paying for your own demise. It’s time to WAKE UP!

On I found this documentary.

The Complete Documentary of What is Happening in the World

5 thoughts on “Geoengineering destroying habitats to force humans off land

  1. H GC:

    Just finished the video from Awake Canada…

    IMHO one of THE best videos I have seen not just re: COVID…..but even better as it ties together so many past,present and future events.

    Highly recommended !!!…… especially for newbies…!!!

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  2. Hi Greencrow got your website from Web bot forum I am sitting on my boat now in Gibsons there is a cue flight every 5 minutes south to North just west of you. Chemflight not cueflight


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