Neil Oliver – ‘the unthinkable’ + Can you handle the truth?

Neil Oliver finally concludes what I have known for at least a decade and a half

Good morning readers. In the past two years, a huge cohort of the sentient public has been forced to face what was once regarded as unthinkable. Concepts of evil escalated to a whole new level. Longtime truthers, such as myself, were not surprised by the daily revelations. We have been dealing with the immutable truth that Satanists run our world for decades and generations. I first confronted it in the 1960’s during the “Age of Assassinations”. The Kennedys, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and many others were shot like dogs in the street and nobody was ever held accountable [other than the staged patsy…who conveniently always died…of course].

Then there was the Lunar HOAX and 9/11…each successive event challenging the gullibility of the masses with implausible scenarios. But the Sheeple were and still are determined to be terminally and lethally stupid and moronic.

In the video below we have television documentary producer Neil Oliver, who straddles the journalistic landscape between Truthers and the MZM, come out and say the shocking truth. Please watch his video and I will have more comments to follow:

Neil Oliver Finally spells out exactly what’s going on.

As I’ve said many times on this blog. All the WEF-infiltrated governments of the West want us [especially the Boomers] dead…so they can steal our stuff. It’s “harvest time” in their minds.

Greencrow continues: What has devolved from the escalation of “unthinkable acts” by the Satanists during the past two and a half years is a total lack of trust in government bureaucracy and politicians. Witness below proof that the supposed Conservative Party leadership “saviour” from Trudeau, MP Pierre Poilievre is also a WEFer. The Satanists simply will not take their foot off the gas in their depopulation/harvest agenda.

For Canadians, we are lucky we have one proven leadership candidate in former Conservative Party Cabinet Minister Maxime Bernier. He refused the jab–which is now the litmus test of authentic leadership material and not the Globalist assets that we’ve been suffering under. I honestly don’t know how the next Canadian Federal selection will go because the perpZ simply cannot allow Maxime to debate their stooges. He will tear them to shreds with Truth Bombs. Last selection they refused to allow him to participate on the basis that he did not have enough popularity in the polls. This joke will not be funny at all in the next go round. Maxime is polling at at least 20% although the MZM will never admit it and releases false poll after false poll which defy credibility…again the Sheeple lap it all up. Here is a video of Maxime in a recent interview. He doesn’t have to say much. Just a recitation of the Satanic WEFer political assets’ most recent stunts is damning.

Maxime Bernier, leader of the PPC party, updates us on his federal lawsuit against PM Justin Trudeau’s vaccine travel mandates, now making waves. Without recommendations for their implementation for air travel by Canada’s top public health epidemiologist, Bernier confirms what he always knew: the vaccine mandates and passports were never backed by scientific data and only put in place to punish the unvaccinated. Join us as Mr. Bernier also updates us on the state of democracy in Canada and the PPC party.

Greencrow concludes: I urge everyone to watch the Neil Oliver video RANT above. Finally, after over 25 years, someone is saying on the MSM what the truthers have been saying and ridiculed for. The truth is just below the surface. But, as the old movie line says, and I paraphrase: “Can we handle the truth?”

I invite readers to test their ability to “handle the truth” by reading and watching the two links below sent to me just this morning by regular contributor Setsah. Both links will test your ability to handle the truth. Both show how satanic the perpZ are and how far they have already gone. Stay tuned:


H/T Setsah

Pierre Kory, MD, MPAAug 11

The north Indian state of 231 million people eradicated COVID with an ivermectin treatment program, representing one of the greatest public health achievements in history. It was kept a global secret.

The Graphene strip in sanitary napkins can power a light globe, so what’s it doing to females wearing them?

The Hidden Truth about “Climate Change” Can you Handle This Truth?

9 thoughts on “Neil Oliver – ‘the unthinkable’ + Can you handle the truth?

  1. Jewel sanitary pad review by and actress and sales rep? Spooky stuff. I would like to what a scientist and gynecologist take this on. As for Poilievre, Jordan Peterson and Andrew Lawton interviews early on had me thinking he was the chosen puppet. He seems to be smarter than Trudolt. Once he’s installed, watch the tricks and sleight of hand commence. This soap opera is far from over.

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    1. Hi Okanagangoddess:

      My mind raced this morning as I tried to fathom the “logic” behind the “glowing” sanitary napkins. The only rationale I could come up with was that it was a way for a man or another person to find out whether the woman was on her period or not. Perhaps there’s an app you can get that can detect the “glow” from a certain distance away.

      I can see men getting this app on their phone so that, when they went to a nightclub to pick up girls/women…they would not have to “waste their time” chatting up a woman…buying her drinks and such…only to find out ‘later’ that she’s on her period. How disgusting is that. But then I also thought there might be other applications in sex trafficking and so on.

      Women should rip these strips off and discard them…they might result in sterility over time. The main learning is how pervasive the use of Graphene is. And, remember, it’s in the mMR vaxxxZines.


  2. IMHO…’s a waste of time to put too much faith in these “politicians”….

    Bernier is simply another false hope(yawwwnn) in the big picture…even if he was 100% honest and sincere he can do f*ck all.

    The Titanic has sailed…the iceberg is approaching,…time is of the essence to sharpen one’s networking and survival skills.


  3. Father Speaks to Pharmacist After Son Gets Myocarditis Thanks To COVID Jab


    This story is becoming widespread.

    IMHO….we need to bring parties from all levels in Covid scam to justice….if this father pursues this….. the pharmacist will be made an example of…and even better…..authority figures around them be deemed culpable/guilty as well.

    In other words..the Covid “house of cards” needs to collapse…and it won’t take much once the ball starts rolling . The PerpZ have doubled down….they do not have an exit strategy other than jail or worse…


  4. RAH
    I’m finding your dystopian view of geopolitical events very enervating. You’re really dragging me down. I don’t know what effect you’re having on other readers. To cancel out the only politician in Canada [at the Federal level] who did NOT take the jab and say calling some pharmacist is the answer is bizarre.


    1. Hi GC:

      I am 63 and have been voting over 40 years.
      I’ve met Bernier at a speech, shook his hand.
      He said all the right things…hope springs eternal ?!?

      In my local go’vt.we have (3) councillors that I went to school with. They went in with good intentions but the system has absorbed them.

      I recall on TV’s “All In The Family” Lionel’s dad George was running for office, but Lionel was disillusioned with his father’s tactics and said….. ” Dad I have no problem with you being in politics but I had no idea you were going to be a politician “.

      When boxing was still popular, and black boxers ruled, and they rolled out the latest ” great white hope ” ad nauseum.

      My views are my personal ones based on a lot of experience and simply to encourage discussion and debate. If contrarian views can’t be accepted, then what occurs is what I described earlier with my 3 ex- school mates. I’ve been down this road too many times to not see pattern recognition.

      I’ll leave it at that.


  5. Stillbirths are up 30 fold in Waterloo Ontario. They have gone, on average, from one every 2 months to one every 2 days. That’s a 2900% increase! Imagine what these mothers go through when their baby is stillborn, especially after learning is was caused by the shots. Here is a disgusting one minute exchange between a member of the Ontario legislature and the minister of health on the issue.


  6. How , will we handle the truth ?
    Do we fight back in the political theatre ? …In the courts ?… In the media ? …In our personal health choices ?
    This is a multifaceted hybrid war with psychological and spiritual dimensions.
    We need to fight on all fronts. These monsters are coming for the children, for our food supply and private property. We need to support anyone who is on board with fighting back, be it a politician who has not sold out, the parents of injured children, doctors who speak the truth, or those in media who raise the alarm to awaken the sleeping masses. IMO.

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