Mass Formation Psychosis

Trudeau – Mental Illness – The Scream

Mass Formation Psychosis

Good morning readers. Last Saturday, the day after we returned from our Tofino vacation, my husband and I came down with a cold/flu/cough/fever/fatigue illness that we dare NOT call CovID. He is vaxxxZed and I am not but we both have the same symptoms and to the same degree. We’ve been treating our symptoms with Neocitrine, Tylenol, lots of water/juice and plenty of rest. Trying to think back to how we may have caught the bug–it may have been in one of the hotels or on the beach during the Sand Castle Competition. Interestingly, our neighbour here on the Malahat says he and his entire family is sick with what he calls “covID”. We don’t socialize…I just spoke with him briefly while walking my pets past his house.

My daughter-in-law says she tested positive for covID a few weeks ago and was very sick with cold symptoms and a headache. She’s fully vaxxxZed. We could have caught it from her. It’s unusual to have a cold at the height of the summer season. I’ve been wondering if it’s something to do with this:

Spain Admits Spraying Deadly Chemtrails as Part of Secret UN Program: One Month after March 2020 Covid-19 Lockdown

Greencrow continues: I’ve always been deeply suspicious of chemtrails. As I’ve been saying lately…before the perpZ push their Climate Change agenda down our throats we need to demand they first put all their cards on the table about the Chemtrails and other means of weather modification.

If I had to haZard a guess…I would say that the PerpZ are spreading all manner of viruses and bacteria via their chemtrails…including the cold/flu/etc. that I am now down with.

What follows in this post is another potpourri of links that I gleaned of the Internet and saved for another post about their depopulation agenda. Please review and visit these links and I will have concluding comments to follow:


Then they came for our Babies

H/T Ron:

Stillbirths are up 30 fold in Waterloo Ontario. They have gone, on average, from one every 2 months to one every 2 days. That’s a 2900% increase! Imagine what these mothers go through when their baby is stillborn, especially after learning is was caused by the shots. Here is a disgusting one minute exchange between a member of the Ontario legislature and the minister of health on the issue.


Trudeau hopes that by nailing Canadians feet to the floors of their homes…they will give up on life and just die of boredom/depression I guess.

By Matthew Horwood

Paramedics say they transferred few COVID-19 patients during the early stages of the pandemic — despite media claims that hospitals were overwhelmed — but since the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines they’ve seen a rise in heart attacks, strokes, and chronic infections.”If I hadn’t heard about COVID all day, every day in the news, I don’t think I would have known that anything was any different,” said Greg McTague, a paramedic of 25 years from Penticton, B.C. “It seems clear to me at this point, the vaccines are causing a lot more harm than the actual virus.”

In response to an anonymous testimonial by an Atlanta, Georgia paramedic, who claimed to be seeing a huge increase in cardiac-related calls for vaccinated men aged 18-30, the Western Standard put out a call on Twitter to see if paramedics were experiencing something similar. The Western Standard heard from more than a dozen healthcare workers, including six paramedics, three emergency dispatchers, two nurses, two firefighters, and an embalmer. All said they’d begun seeing an increase in medical conditions, such as heart attacks, strokes, chronic infections, and women with menstrual issues, after the vaccines were rolled out. But they said a culture of silence in the healthcare industry, particularly among doctors, was preventing the issues from being openly discussed.

Many healthcare workers said they feared they would lose their jobs for speaking out. The Western Standard chose to showcase the stories of three paramedics, one of whom chose not to share her identity.

‘The vaccines are causing a lot more harm than the actual virus’

McTague said he wasn’t busy during the pandemic’s early stages. He claimed many people were so afraid of contracting COVID-19 they chose not to go the hospital, even if they were experiencing serious medical episodes. “We weren’t being called for COVID-19. It was our usual medical calls and car accidents and stuff like that. But I don’t know anybody who actually had COVID that was serious enough to warrant a 911 call or a hospital visit.” McTague also said every patient that was brought into the hospital was labeled as having COVID-19, no matter what their symptoms were. “I think they might have even said explicitly ‘everybody’s COVID until proven otherwise,'” he said, adding that the media and politicians exaggerated the severity of COVID-19. 


The UK has the best statistics of how the depopulation scheme is going so far:

As Boris Johnson resigned, UK officials quietly released data showing that covid death rate is highest among fully vaccinated

Greencrow continues: Autism is caused almost entirely by vaxxxxZines, as I discovered at least two decades ago now. IMO, they add a little bit of autism-ization into every vaxxxZine they give to children. I met hundreds of autistic children when I worked for social services in the 1990-2000’s. The government knew they had destroyed these children and that’s why they gave all their families about $20,000 silence money...ostensibly to purchase [largely] non-existent services.


Doctors Baffled as Autism Rate Skyrockets over 50% after Jab Rollout

This summer, Europe was treated to the bioweapon “Heat Dome” effect that was visited on BC in 2021.

Netherlands implements extraordinary measures to mitigate the effects of the heat wave


Only the developmentally delayed with IQ’s below 70 will fall for this one–“monkeypox”–which is yet another IQ test of the Sheeple…which they will also fail.

monkeypox (smallpox) vax

H/T Simon Hicks:

This week the US has declared a country wide health emergency over monkeypox with ONLY 6000 confirmed cases in a population of 350 million…& only 1.5 wks ago the WHO suggested that gays limit their multiple partners due to the spread of the pox & so now we’re going to innoculate everyone? with a LIVE smallpox vax????? God have mercy on us all!

Don’t know whether the Deagle report is a hoax like many, including James Corbett of The Corbett Report says…we will be finding out soon. the fight for our lives is on!

Greencrow continues: On another health related matter, I’ve been trying for weeks now to get an ultrasound without success. This morning, finally, I was able to break through the phone tree maze and talk with a live person. She told me the only way I can make an appointment is to call at noon the day before I’m available for the procedure and they will try to fit me in on a “cancellation”. Well, this could go on for months if not years. It was yet another confirmation that the Turvert has turned Canadian Hospitals and our once globally admired Health System into a killing field…especially for the elderly and the young:

Hospitals in the West are now Killing Fields

Greencrow concludes: Yes, folks the PerpZ did a search several decades ago for an evil, psychotic individual to lead Canada to destruction during what Baal GateZ refers to as “The Age of Vaccines”…actually “The Age of Depopulation”. They found their man in the narcissistic, bi-polar simpleton Justin “FUCK” Trudeau. He has brilliantly led Canada inexorably down the swirly to the point where everyone is waiting for the Lieberal government’s next assault in the Fall. What will it be? Another lockdown and demoniZation of the unvaxxxxZinated? Another forced masking of our children in schools?

Trudeau is mentally ill. The only thing we can predict for sure about his behaviour is that it will be completely unpredictable. He might resign…rather than face his enemies who now abound even in his own caucus. Avoiding his critics who are now within his own political party is why JFT has been flitting around the nation and elsewhere on his private jets all summer…burning fuel…while the gas prices have been rigged sky high so the plebs have to stay home.

He may call another snap selection. This would be to cancel the formal investigation slated for the Fall on his invocation of the Emergencies Act last February. Turvert headed off an investigation into the Winnipeg Lab CovID corruption when he called his last selection. The Conservatives will have a new leader by the End of September and the Turvert would not want that leader to have time to gain any traction with the electorate.

The only light on the horiZon is that Canadians are thoroughly fed up. We will not tolerate being victims of yet another mental breakdown of the compulsively gaslighting Turvert. Be prepared to see some really influential Canadians demand that he pack his shit and get out of our house!

11 thoughts on “Mass Formation Psychosis

  1. Hi,
    It Was Adolf Hitler who said: Tell a lie often enough and It Will Be Accepted As Truth.
    Catch A Cold (The phrase is a lie to guide the masses of people to the doctor, the same doctors who have to be in lockStep with Big Pharma or loose their medical Dr. License.)
    The Real truth is your body gets rid of colds more precisely toxins.
    Here’s a link the 45 minutes Video explains Germ Theory and How It Really Works.
    Ready to Really learn and Open up your mind to information that big pharma keeps buried ?!

    And here’s a link by Dr. Lanka exposing the Fraud of All kinds of viruses.

    Me when I get a cold or flu , I do chicken soup, vitamin C , D and Vitamin Zinc, and I eat Onions when not sick , tea , green tea is especially good also, I add fresh ginger sometimes, and 1 or 2 peppermints with natural peppermint oil which is great for sore throat,
    The public and Even Medical Professionals that are taught in the university have been lied to for over 140 years about Germ Theory,
    Me I got fed up with catching a cold each spring or autumn and asked God and Jesus why in 2017 ,
    I prayed in February of 2017 to never be sick again and haven’t had a cold or flu , nothing since February of 2017


  2. Hi Jimmy:

    Thanks for your comment. I am aware of the theory that colds and flues are just the body ridding itself of toxins. In Canada naturopath Dr. Amandha Vollmer went public with this theory during the Plandemic. To some extent I believe this theory but am wondering why my husband and I both went into “detox” at the same time.

    There are so many toxins in our environment now. Do you have any info on what is in the chemtrails they disperse daily?

    We have been treating our symptoms with chicken soup, Tylenol, teas [herbal and otherwise]. We both take vitamin’s C, D and have Zinc lozenges. The worse part is the fatigue. We have been getting a lot of rest in the hope that will restore our health in a few days.


    1. Hi Grencrow,
      I lean towards you didn’t watch the video of Germ Theory,
      Cause it explains How people end up sick together in same household , it’s really a great video.
      A simple explanation is :
      It’s the same exact way when a group of women either work together or live together , Their menstrual cycles sinc up together and they all cycle very close or on same cycles.
      Watch the video.
      Throat lozenges have very little amount of the actual vitamin,
      Just go to Walgreens, CVS , whatever your local Drug store is and buy Real Vitamins.
      You should subscribe to Dane Wigington Webster I think it’s called Geo-Enginerring dot com ,
      Or probably find it by name only,
      It was Dane ir another website that just recently had an article about the Biden administration admits They Started A Forest on Fire (was title)
      Turns out 542 homes were destroyed and stuff , I can dig up the article if you’re interested.
      I have an article that I posted here before about Chemtrails and Vaccines by educate yourself website , this website is Only accessable by duck duck go search engine Not Google , Google censors it.
      Aluminum causes dementia and Alzheimer’s which Has Been Proven To Be In Chemtrails and Vaccines.
      My dad was a PipeFitter in local 1 downtown Chicago 1954 to 1982 and he ended up with Alzheimer’s , I suspect cause he was outdoors most of his life.
      Your body may or may not rid itself of toxins , meaning majority of time your body does rid your toxins when you see a sick person,
      It causes your Natural Immune System to Kick On.
      Onions have a natural chemical or something in them that builds up the body’s immune system.
      Always wash fruit and veggies and hands before eating , germs and cold studies have been done that prove cold weather and cold drinks can’t make ya sick.
      Back when I was in high school many years ago.
      My history teacher told us about a study involving prisoners,
      They volunteered to a 3 day study,
      To see if cold can make ya sick.
      Honestly this was a real study,
      They were allowed to eat as much food as they wanted off the never ending food buffet tables,
      But each hour or every 3 hours I forget they had to sit on blocks of ice for 15 minutes and get sprayed with cold water,
      Plus the volunteers Had to be naked the entire 3 days,
      At end of study Not 1 Prisoner got sick.
      Speaking of sickness this is another reason why it’s important for a mother to breastfeed her young, cause of All the natural germ fighting elements from the mother ,
      I’m 56 years old and I can recall 2 shortages of baby formula in my lifetime,
      1 was when poison was suspected in it and they other was a processing slow down ,
      I was glancing over a Pdf Format link interview this morning if The Canadian Dr. ,
      Dr. Moulden , PROVED THAT ALL Vaccines Cause Ischemia, Which lowers oxygen blood levels.
      Which Can cause all sorts of medical problems.
      The interview Pdf Format link is about 14 pages , good article worth looking up.
      Big Pharma took his medical license cause he wouldn’t back down,
      But if ya read about Dr. Moulden ya will see He was Very very qualified and knew what he was talking about.
      Oh yeah fatigue :
      I take vitamin B Complex , it has B3 B6 b9 basically all the B’s are in B-complex ,
      B is for energy,
      Eggs are a great source of B vitamins.
      1 tip though is : IF you haven’t had vitamin B in a long time , take at night the vitamin fira few days , cause until your body gets use to the extra energy it will drain your body the first few days and causes tiredness.
      Even celery is good for your immune system,
      That’s why I realized the importance of tuna fish sandwiches in my diet years ago,
      Zinc naturally in tuna, onions in their are a immune system booster, celery is an added bonus.
      IF I get sick I treat all colds and flu’s with vitamins and foods that bulid up body’s immune system,
      It’s amazing you can actually Google what foods build up the body’s immune system.
      I’m still in Chicago, my state Illinois governor and California governor declared a moneypox I mean monkey pox emergency ,
      Read article my governor Pritzer made every county a declared disaster,
      It’s totally unnecessary, but he’s a Democrat.
      Northern truth seeker said: recently farmers almanac calls for a cold winter possible for Canada,
      Definitely go watch The Video Germ Theory Covid-19 and Pandemics Debunked.
      Clearly Explains how and Why we get sick.


    2. Hi Grencrow ,
      My mistake it’s a 57 minutes long video,
      But very very worthwhile !!!!
      I’m going to go watch it again , It’s That Good.
      I seen it a few times already.


  3. How Gov’t works:

    Excellent video…a bit long…..but the gist is many in Gov’t and other authorities(Police and other civil servants) are not only compromised aka blackmail bait…but the system is designed in a major fashion to protect the PerpZ ….thus we are governed from a toxic bubble.

    This is just the paedophile issue…I’m sure its gotten worse with other blackmail – able issues.

    It duly notes MI5 does ” background checks ” on BBC staff….

    Victims and whistleblowers etc. are “taken care of” and they show various methods how.
    As the saying goes…”shite floats”


    1. Hi Rah,
      I read somewhere a good while back many years ago ,
      That Every public official even
      representives have to swear an Oath To Be Against The Public.
      I’m in united States and I only mentioned this cause their a website called:
      stop the pirates dot com google or duck duck go search engine,
      Anyway it basically covers lots of information how the cards are in favor of government.
      1 one the articles is called The ZIP Code Scam ,
      Which is really eye Opening to read.
      Here’s a link if you’re interested.

      It’s a messed up world and
      The earth is the devil’s playground.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Jimmy…

        FYI: The American Revolution was a staged event involving FreeMasons on both sides.

        Charles Giuliani did a recent show on this..and James Perloff did a while back as well.

        No disrespect but I laugh at all those yokels that think George Washington and crew were patriots that kicked British ass…

        The USA was a Frankenstein that was cobbled together by usual suspects to wreak havoc globally…the USA has never really won any war, but it has ultimately contributed to the global mess we are on by being the banksters goon .

        The world would have been better off if the current USA never existed but instead was 50 autonomous states as was originally planned.


  4. Is BC Ferries terminating unjabbed workers who have questions about their job security?

    Despite being riddled with short staffing set backs and ‘COVID related challenges’ BC Ferries is allegedly terminating unjabbed staff who were finally allowed to return, after they questioned how they will be treated if COVID-19 mandates return.


    I wondered about this….UNvaxxed staff welcomed back yet still sailings cancelled…I’d be leery about returning and not be guaranteed that vaxx mandate won’t be re-imposed.

    I suspect widespread vaxx/mask mandates will return in Fall.

    Who’d want to be screwed a second time ? … to move on


  5. Suspected serial killer doc’s alleged murders originally deemed COVID-related deaths

    Previously charged with murder on March 29, 2021, for the death of an elderly patient, Ontario physician Brian Nadler is now facing three additional murder charges in connection with an investigation into deaths at Hawkesbury and District General Hospital.


    Since Day One……this has been on my radar screen of concerns re: how COVID scam can be used to cover up murders and assassinations.


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