‘Line City’ + Eating Bugs + Whistle Blower weeps

‘Line City’ + Eating Bugs + weeping Whistleblower

Saudi Arabia’s “Line” City

Good afternoon folks. Great weather here on the Malahat so I’ve been doing a lot of outdoor projects. Just want to get another “potpourri post” out before I head off again. This one has links shedding light on various aspects of The Great Reset…including the kind of city where we’ll all “own nothing and be happy”.

First, I have a great link I just got off Twitter from Police On Guard site. It’s an interview with a whistleblower nurse who relates what was happening in her nursing home at the height of the Plandemic. It’s hard to believe such blatant murderous criminality can be so widespread in our society but listen to this nurse’s tale:


The only possible explanation for what the nurse experienced is summed up in my previous post’s title “Mass Formation Psychosis”. Now, on to the rest of the great links I have been saving for days and weeks:


Exposed: Great Reset Prison City! – Saudi Arabia’s Dystopian $500 Billion “Line” Project! [Video]


Josh Sigurdson reports on the new Logan’s Run super city based on social credit being developed by Saudi Arabia for 500 billion dollars. At least, that is what is proposed right now.
The project called “The Line” and “Neom” is a 100-mile-long skyscraper that is “carbon efficient” and will be tied totally into the technocratic grid without escape.

The city is drawing a similar picture to the film Logan’s Run, which takes place in a giant domed city where everyone is “protected” and “environmentally friendly.”

Meanwhile, everyone is under surveillance 24/7. They’re killed if they live too long, they have no independence or concept of nature, and there is a light rail system.

In the Line project, the Saudi Prince has explained there will be facial recognition everywhere, environmental protection, social credit, and no escape. But it’s all to make everyone happy in their prison.


Tell Me, Who’s Killing the Environment Again?


Greencrow continues: Government owned Trans Mountain Pipeline digs through salmon run near Hope, BC to lay gas pipeline. Folks, Pacific salmon only run upstream a few weeks a year…talk about BAD timing!

Just in case anyone wants to try the next terror program they’ve got planned…which I will call: “There’s a famine going on so you need to eat insects”.

Greencrow concludes: I’m going to end this post with some neat graphics I have saved and some which were sent my way by contributors such as FreakedOut.

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