Twitter BUGS + Covid doesn’t exist – yet 10,OOO VAX DEATHS WORLDWIDE Daily

I am prouder of earning the above Certificate of Achievement than I am of earning my two university degrees– BA [English and History from UBC] and Social Work Degree from University of Victoria (with Honours)

Good afternoon beloved sentients. Today I write from the metropolis of Coquitlam. It is overcast and cooler than recent days. Rain was promised last evening but did not materialized in the parched mountain forests on the horizon to the north. 30 degree celsius is forecast for next week. No forest fires have been happening and that’s weird because of the 6 week and counting dry/heat spell. That suggests to me that most of the forest fires…like everything else in our society…are manufactured for political purposes.

I have not been posting as frequently these days and one of the reasons is that I’ve been spending an exorbitant amount of time on Twitter. Yes, folks. I have become addicted to Twitter. The news comes faster there and the ability to reach more people more quickly is a real temptation. Oh, I know that it is at least 30% bots but they’re pretty easy to spot and ignore.

Twitter is where the geopolitical heart of Canada beats loudest. Here is a headline I read just this morning:

Chrystia Freeland is called a Bitch and a Traitor in Alberta this morning

So the above Tweet quickly went viral. Then there was blowback from the political assets/Lieberal MP’s clutching their pearls over the foul language. I Tweeted that Canadians were so fed up by the corruption and dictatorship that we have unofficially decided not to allow the Globalist assets to travel in Canada without being yelled at. I said this decision was not made formally but arose simply because we’re human beings. Human beings have an inalienable right to freedom from Tyranny.

Below are some more links I have received from my regular contributors. I do thank all those who send me links. Some times it takes me so long to post them I forget who sent them to me…like the one below which is a great discussion between two imminent doctors about how the “CovID virus” does not even exist. But then, sentients have known this for over two years.

By Greg Hunter’s

In May, Dr. Elizabeth Eads revealed the CV19 vax was causing extreme disease.  Few doctors were sounding the alarm on the death and carnage from the bioweapon injections, and it’s going to get much worse before it’s over.  Dr. Eads says, “Worldwide there are 10,000 deaths from these Covid vaccines daily.  That’s a culmination of data . . . collected from Israel, UK, Canada, the U.S. and Brazil.  So,10,000 a day and they are estimating we are already up to 12 million deaths worldwide.”   Dr. Eads thinks the death and injuries from the CV19 bioweapon will be orders of magnitude higher in the next five years.

H/T Dennis

Thinking the Unthinkable

The Last Battle for the Continuation of the Human Species

I believe I posted about Neil Oliver’s RANT before but it’s worth a repeat. Oliver is the first quasi mainstream journalist who dared cross the Rubicon between the MZM propaganda machines and the Truth. I first watched the RANT on Twitter.

Below, is another Tweet I caught this morning. Max Igan on Chitin [pronounced Ch-eye-tin] that substance in insects that the Globalists are poised to ram down the Sheeple’s throats [hidden in junk food].

There is no end to how they’re trying to depopulate us and steal our stuff. Next they’ll be trying to feed us human feces and even other humans! Yes, cannibalism is not far away. Soylent Green here we come!

But. wait. Before that happens I do believe we will rise up and turf these bastards off of our planet…at least for the next millennia. I sense their desperation. I feel the vibrations of anger coming from the masses…radiating out like the heat of the sun…burning off the microbes of bacteria. I’m going to end this post with a doggerel from yesterday.

Crazy Lady Gets a Colonoscopy

So, I went to Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster for a routine colonoscopy yesterday afternoon. I am supposed to get this test every five years since I survived colon cancer back when I was 50. I haven’t had the test for about seven years due to the CovIDian HOAX of the past 2 1/2 years. In fact, I haven’t been near a hospital for about three years at least.

I arrived at the Information desk and the black man seated beside the white woman demanded rudely that I don a mask…not the one I was pulling out of my purse…but the blue plastic ones with nanoparticles that the hospital supplies. I started to shake in anger. When he asked where I was going I simply walked away towards the Out Patient registration office. When I was a social worker my office was across the street from RCH and I used to attend there many times a week to visit clients. I know the place very well but have not seen it since “THE HOAX” started.

I registered for the test and went to sit outside the outpatient clinic where all the seats are separated by plastic glass. I started to cough because the face mask was restricting my breathing. I pulled the mask down below my chin. A middle aged nurse came up and told me to “Put the mask back on and stop coughing”. I told her the mask made me cough–I had not coughed before putting it on. She went and got me another mask that she told me was one “we nurses wear”. We chatted briefly.

I told her that, additionaly, I was feeling very anxious because I was experiencing PTSD due to my brother having been killed by “hospital protocols” in Ontario in March of 2021. I said my brother went into Emergency late one night with a routine prostate complaint and never emerged healthy again–but died due to “hospital protocols”. She said kindly: “Don’t worry, they’ll take care of you in there.” I replied: “That’s what I’m afraid of.

The student nurse called me into the clinic, showed me my bed and pulled the curtains while I put on my hospital gown. She started filling in a form and asking me routine questions. When she got to the question: “What was the result of your last CovID Test?”, I hissed…like a snake. It came out involuntarily. She said: “What? Have you ever had covID?” I said: “I have not had covID–nor a CovID Test–Nor a CovID VaxxxxxxZine” I’m the worst anti-vaxxxxxxZer you’ve ever met. If you try to vax me I will walk out of here!”

To the student nurse’s credit…she remained absolutely calm. She said: “I see. OKay we’ll just leave it there and won’t bring up the subject again.” I said: “Great!”

But there was another nurse, hovering in the background who was giving me the evil eye all the time. Although the place was very busy…she did not seem to have an assignment other than pacing back and forth at the foot of my bed, giving me a glower every once in a while as I lay there…waiting for my appointment with my Dr. in the operating room.

I had taken off my mask and was lying there, the only one in the room full of hospital staff and patients not wearing a mask. While the nurse was glowering at me…I reached for my mask lying on the tray and put it over my EYES, hooking it around my ears, leaving my nose and mouth completely uncovered. LOLOLOLOL.

Finally, after about half an hour of this…my stretcher bed was wheeled into the procedure room where my longtime gastroenterologist, Dr. Yik [yes, that is his real name] kindly did the procedure under sedation. Upon awakening, he told me I was completely clear of any concerns. Good for another Five Years!

That’s it for now…stay tuned folks!

5 thoughts on “Twitter BUGS + Covid doesn’t exist – yet 10,OOO VAX DEATHS WORLDWIDE Daily

  1. Hi GC:

    “We” are on a road trip…drove through BC to Revelstoke on Friday…passed through a lot of farmland…..all looks good re: BC crops sign of drought.

    Next we overnighted in Calgary….then drove to Drumheller….all looks good….all the traditional crops like hay and wheat looks good…..maybe even in bumper crop mode. One farm is already harvesting their wheat. Other crops look to be doing well.

    We actually passed through a lot of rain on our way to Drumheller.

    Keep you posted on “food” security issue as our goal is to get to Winnipeg as we traverse/portage Canadas bread basket.

    Barring some “disaster”…..our food supply seems to …at minimum…. look stable.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi GC:


    “We” are now in Saskatoon…..Saskatchewan

    Weather is beautiful….grain crops look in great shape…harvest is underway.

    Only saw one Chemtrail in 300+ miles of driving from Drumheller ,Alberta……almost 100% blue sky with few if any clouds.

    Over and out…



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