At a loss for words +Dirty Secrets +Sprinklng vaxxxZines from the skies

Eli Palfreyman – Captain of Jr. Hockey Team Collapses in Dressing Room – Read Story at Links Below – Another Victim of the Depop Agenda in Canada?
The Reason Why Canada is now Such a Hellhole

Good morning readers. More and more frequently these days, when I sit down at my laptop to post on my blog, I find myself “at a loss for words“. The burden of the truth has grown exponentially during the past two years–to the point where it appears we truthers have been driven into a small foxhole in a planetary war. We’re surrounded and being fired on from all sides. Lies upon lies upon lies. Here is how The Architect put it on Twitter this morning:

“Are you ready to step outside of the world they have planned for you.. To give up all your favorite things and fend for yourself? Or will you get your digital ID and step right into the comforting illusion that you are still free. The choice is here people.”

A case in point of the volume and density of the lies and “comforting illusions” that are now assaulting us–is this link I received last night from Renate. I cannot copy or paste the government announcement contained in the link so please paste the link below into your browser to view:

H/T Renate

Shockingly, the above link reveals that millions of our tax dollars have been spent in government grants to universities to study ways to manipulate and deceive us about their evil ploys…in particular the vaxxxxxxZines. They want students to devise tricks to cure our “vaxxxxxxxZine hesitancy”…as they so gently put it. Can we ever defeat such Satanic strategies with our pitiful weapons consisting solely “reporting on and revealing the truth”? Can we ever save our children attending universities from being “educated to deceive” their fellow citizens into harming themselves?

VaxxxxxxZines – Which One Is Right For You?

Greencrow continues: Not a single day goes by now without reading a headline like this.

Junior Hockey Player Collapses and Dies – Big Harma murdered another one!

20-Year-Old Hockey Captain Drops Dead During Game

Ontario junior B hockey player dies during tournament

According to a member of the Ayr Centennials organization, Palfreyman collapsed in the dressing room during the second intermission.

Township of North Dumfries Mayor Sue Foxton was watching the game at the North Dumfries Community Complex.

She said multiple people jumped to action when the call for medical assistance came, including a doctor who was the father of one of the Boston Jr. Bruins.

“Thank God he was there, he went right down to assist,” she said.

“You couldn’t breathe waiting to see if the boy would be alright. When the word came through, it was just devastating.”

Readers are left to wonder…yet another young person felled by a series of injections he or she took so they could continue to participate in sports?

UPDATE: Yes, folks…same old story…young healthy athlete collapses while participating in sports and cannot be revived:


FreakedOut Sent me another link a few days ago on this same topic:

Another link sent to me by FreakedOut:

Scamdemic (continued)

​In depth on the swabs for testing….WOW! We already know but it’s more in depth.😲😲

So this, folks, is how they’re escalating the war between truth and lies…by creating an entire generation of university-educated liars. Can you blame me for being “at a loss for words”?

Last week, we had the media brouhaha caused when a redneck Albertan accosted the NaZi Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland in a hotel lobby and called her several uncouth names. Immediately, the political Perp Assets jumped on the “unique opportunity“[TM] to circle the wagons and join together in a powerful rank and file of elected politicians…already bellied up to and swilling out of the taxpayer trough…became formally allied against…ordinary Canadians. The Turvert even launched an RCMP investigation…as if that discredited police force doesn’t have enough investigating to do with all the Turvertian scandals!

Now a pretext has been created for the Politicians to do what they did years ago anyway…all parties joining together to divest Canada of a democracy and hand our nation over to foreign communists. JFT gave his obligatory virtue-signaling harangue…chock-a-block full of lies.

With our Constitution and our Charter of Rights and Freedoms now having been stripped of all power in the toothless courts…the only weapons we resisters have left are our voices…and the PerpZ are going to soon silence those with more opprobrious legislation–resulting from the Albertan redneck outburst against Freeland.

Here in the video below is the Agenda the Turvert wishes to impose on Canadians…here is the “Dirty Little Secret” he has been so successful in diverting the sheeplified Canadians’ eyes away from:

The Dirty Secret Behind Agenda 21

More about the despicable Freeland exploiting the passionate “cri de coeur” of the redneck Albertan–for her own evil ends.

SLOBODIAN: Freeland just playing victim card

Although the Truther network throughout the Western world has been fully alerted and is allied against the Lie-beral Government of JFTurvert witness Stew Peters above and Fox;s Tucker Carlson who also regularly rails against him. But it doesn’t matter. The sheeple have not only been inoculated against health and human bodily sovereignty…they’ve been permanently inoculated against the truth. I know, because I’m related to a bunch of them–and consequently get their cluelessness thrown in my face on a daily basis. I have learned to Shut the Fuck Up. There’s no alternative–unless I want to be put out on an ice flow and set off into the Arctic ocean…like the Innu used to do to the old people [according to white legend].

Meanwhile, the agenda marches on…Just yesterday JFTurvert blamed unhappy Canadians on “climate change”. Yes, he actually said in one of his headline grabbing press conferences that the reason Canadians have become so prone to angry outbursts is “climate change”…the next bete noir on his Agenda 2030 timetable of depopulation. Speaking of which:

Chemtrails – Partly Cloudy

Ever wonder what’s in the Chemtrails?

Above is a link with one clue. Chemtrail chemicals coming down as rain are how they distribute the contents of the vaccines to those organisms refusing to be injected…or wild animals that for one reason or another…are beyond rounding up and lining up for the jabs.

Neil Oliver with yet another fabulous RANT summing up the Crisis Humanity is in – Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Greencrow concludes: Folks, I very much appreciate comments to my posts. Please keep them relevant to the material. There’s nothing more depressing and insulting than to spend hours researching and posting material and have someone post something irrelevant–without even a nod to the blogger’s work. Thanks for your co-operation.

The Flag of Fractionalization – dividing people into sexual preferences

The Flag Of FractionaliZation and it’s Flag Bearer in Canada

9 thoughts on “At a loss for words +Dirty Secrets +Sprinklng vaxxxZines from the skies

  1. Loved that brief video of G. Edward Griffin. He nailed it, as he has been doing since his revelations about Jekyll Island (probably even before that). He is of course labelled a “Conspiracy Theorist” but, in my book, that’s a compliment.

    LOL. When I read JT’s explanation of recent Canadian anger I couldn’t believe it … except that this sort of bizarro speaking has become his trademark. Laura-Lynn would have said to him, “Have you lost your ever-loving mind?”

    Despite you claiming to be “lost for words” you continue to bless us all with your words of wisdom. So, thanks for all you do and sorry for all you have endured, Greencrow.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi M.R.
      Thanks for your comment relevant to the post. Sadly, I had to trash another comment which, again, did not even nod to the post material. My patience has worn thin.

      Yes, JFT’s latest bizarro excuse for Canadians’ fury was indeed one of his most outlandish pronouncements yet. In order to understand JFT’s mental state…here’s an interview with his mother Margaret from the 1970’s that is highly illuminating. I have always believed he inherited her grasp of reality.


      1. Hi GC:
        Re trashing posts….
        ………..are you referring to my last one? which was basically me reporting on our trip through the prairies and how the weather was , chemtrails are near zero, and the state of the crops ?

        I reported on this previously and you encouraged updates.
        Please advise.


    1. Hi RAH
      If you had taken the time to read my post, you would have seen that I specifically requested all commenters to at least nod to the substance of my posts–before using my platform as their own blog. Thank you for your future consideration.


  2. My goodness, Maggie was/is even flakier than I thought. I mean, I knew she was pretty bad all along but … like her son… she surpasses everything. Vain. Immoral. Entitled. Drunk as a skunk. Where to begin? Between her and his daddy, JT really never had a chance. It also explains why he so pathetically has aped every publicity stunt his daddy ever pulled.

    BTW, re chemtrails. Looking across the straight to Port Angeles, the US is entirely blanketed in a thick impenetrable very dark cloud. Linear. Cannot even see the tops of the mtns. Over here Otherwise everything here is clear, but they were out last night laying something into our air.

    Our beautiful nation is in so much trouble. I have several Canadian European type sites I check every day … the globalist grab is strong everywhere and all we can do is what we have always done… talk about it.

    But I understand, say much to family and it is friggin OVAH. It was my bittersweet proudest moment that I managed to keep my reaction in check when I was told the grandbabies had been jabbed.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Noor:

    Thanks for commenting on the topics of my posts. I feel I have to acknowledge this now that some continue to think they can skip my posts entirely and simply use the comments as their own blog platform! Don’t know why but suddenly I find this very annoying. Must be age : 0

    Yes, you had to have lived through the “Maggie” era to understand why JFT is so fucked up. As I said previously…she had passive aggressiveness down to a fine art. At least PET got to punch her in the face once. JFT has done such ruination to our country and now we’re going to be put in jail just for calling him a traitor.

    Something I thought about this morning. Since all the young athletes are starting to drop dead there’s going to be a lot of shock, anguish and grief going on. You and I went through those phases of loss over a year ago now so we’ll be strong enough for others to lean on. If that’s any consolation.


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