Fed. Min of Env. Caught Poisoning Fish in New Brunswick

UPDATE: Speaking of weaponiZed weather. It seems that a Typhoon might be heading the way of the Pacific North West. Nothing on the local weather yet. But remember in my last post I spoke about a rumour of something BIG being planned by the perpZ for the end of September. Here’s the MSM report. See what you think:

Vigilant New Brunswick Citizens catches Federal Dept. of Env. Agents in Act of releasing poison in lake Mirimichi to Kill all the fish – This is the tip of the Depop iceberg, folks

Good morning, folks. Many times, on this blog I have speculated about the Globalist effort to kill off life on this planet via technology. Well, in the YouTube video below an activist films himself catching them red-handed, in the act of killing the fish in a lake in New Brunswick.

Let me set the stage. All my adult life I have heard and read about the high ratio of cancers and other chronic diseases in the Province of New Brunswick, Canada. Apparently, it has one of the highest rates of such diseases in North America. Decades ago, it came to light–when incidents of several people coming down with deadly cancers at the same time were found to be living on the same streets…and nearby certain rivers and lakes.

Some speculated that military bases in New Brunswick were storing weaponry inappropriately and some such. But, here in the video below, we have firsthand evidence of the government deliberately poisoning a lake without informing the people first. Citizens could have come to that lake and caught and eaten fish without knowing the deadly poison that had been released. Or, they could have swum in that lake. The fucking government did not give a shit, obviously. Please watch the video below and I will have concluding comments to follow:

who wants to bet they did this to blame it on climate change?

H/T for the above video to Chicken Gate on Twitter:

Greencrow continues: So, folks, above you saw prima facie evidence that the governments are routinely poisoning rivers and streams to kill fish. The big question is: Why? Why didn’t the guy who filmed himself catching them red-handed ask the multi-million-dollar question: Why were they killing the fish?

How many lakes and streams are being poisoned in this fashion and, again, why?

Does seeing such evidence of malevolency make you more likely to believe that this kind of pervasive environmental destruction is not limited to lakes in New Brunswick but is global in scope and is being done to the planet every day and all the time? Witness the report below about engineered drought in Western North America:


Dane Wigington – Longtime Geoengineering Investigator

Greencrow concludes: Just to bring this looming environmental catastrophe back home…we have not had any rain in this BC rainforest for two and a half months now. The huge cedars and spruces that were stressed to the max in 2021 are now probably past the point of no return. The only saving grace for me is–at 75 I’m nearing the end of my time on this mortal coil. I likely won’t see the forests of BC when they are reduced to barren hills like I saw outside of Athens when I visited Greece. Greece, back at the height of the ancient civilization, was also a verdant rain forest, with trees big and strong enough to render into the huge naval force of triremes that the Greeks used to conquer the known world.

No, I won’t likely live to see the day when the trees, the forests and the wildlife of British Columbia are gone. But we all saw a microcosm of why this is going to happen in the video above. Sheeplefied government workers–pacified with comfortable salaries/pensions–are going about destroying the lands and waters so that humanity has nothing to eat and nowhere to go. Again…the silence was deafening when the question was not asked of them…


After all, as the old saying goes: “Even a cat doesn’t shit in its own yard.”

2 thoughts on “Fed. Min of Env. Caught Poisoning Fish in New Brunswick

  1. … that is Environmental TERROISM!
    Which wo/man gave the “order” to poison the water and ecosystem?
    Those “men” (used loosely only to express a biological nature) ~ Those civil servants/corporate agents are to be found, exposed and prosecuted.


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