Spike Proteins and other Vaccine Mysteries

Agenda 2030

Good evening folks. It’s been three days since I’ve posted so thought I’d throw this one up the flagpole and see who [if anyone] salutes. I have been busy here on the Malahat. A woman about a decade younger than me just moved into the cabin down the lane and I have been aclimatizing her. Kind of interesting. She followed her young adult son out to the West coast from Ontario…driving all the way alone, having her belongings sent separately in one of those containers. She’d only been out here once before…skiing at Whistler…lol. As it that would prepare you for living in an isolated area on a mountain where it gets socked in big time in the winter…for months! as I found out last year.

She only saw the cabin she bought via Zoom from Ontario. Her son should have checked it out for her–but you know how young guys are. In any case, while the place looked good on Zoom…she was not prepared for how absolutely filthy it was inside…and for all the construction issues it has. She says if she had known she would not have bought it. She has buyer’s remorse BIG time. She says she has spent entire days crying. Not a good start. But her being from Ontario–and me being from Sudbury, Ontario…I felt we were kindred spirits and so I have been supporting her emotionally–plus trying to tell her what a great deal she has because of the location and because of ME...she has Me close by lololol. No. I’ve been telling her she can borrow our tools to fix her place up and she at least has a friend here…which I did not until she arrived. She’s kind of spunky to have driven all across this huge land by herself…with her 13 year old black cat…to a place high on a mountain at the far end of Canada.

We’ll see how it goes. I’ve told her to think of herself as a squirrel…storing nuts for the winter. She’s already bought a cord of firewood–which is a great start. Hubby and I only have half a cord at the moment. This should be interesting.

In any case, back to this post. I have assembled below a series of Twitter links with the latest info on the jab. Please review and I’ll have final comments to follow:

I stopped vaccinating my pets years ago after my 14 year old cat got a fatal melanoma–in exactly the spot on the back of her neck where they vaccinated her many times

Will the PerpZ activate the Graphene Oxide in the Injections via an Electro-Magnetic Pulse???!!!

Greencrow concludes: There’s been a lot of chatter on Twitter that “something BIG” is about to happen towards the end of September. Perhaps on September 24th. I’m wondering whether the something BIG is them setting off an EMP which activates all the graphene oxide in the terminally sheeplified vaxxxxxZed. This, IMO, would certainly set off a mass casualty event…the more injections, presumably the more graphene oxide…the more lethal when activated by an Electro-Magnetic Pulse.

Of course, the PerpZ will say it’s a ‘variant” and terroriZe everyone into getting even MORE booooooooZters. Or, like many times in the past when there have been these rumours that something BIG is coming…the days come and go and nothing untoward occurs. That’s what I hope will happen. However, considering how desperate JFT and his handlers are at this stage…when so many people are awakening. Who knows?

Another take on the rumour is that there will be a huge financial collapse. That is more likely. The Turvert is now spending our tax dollars like a drunken sailor. Trying to buy votes in some upcoming selection. The banks are warning him not to trigger unbridled inflation [which we are now in the midst of anyway].

Finally, I will end this post with a selection of graphics/cartoons which I’ve been saving for the past couple of days. Enjoy and, as I frequently suggest, stay tuned.


Describes JFTurvert to a “T”

Conservative MP Raquel Dancho issues press release disclosing that a Lie-beral worker for one of the politicians deliberately destroyed evidence surrounding the allegations of political pressure on RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki. This is yet another crime folks, do you think anyone will be arrested?

Folks, this is what the bastardZ are doing to you at night while you’re sleeping:

Chemtrails at Night.

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