BREAKING NEWS – Truth Logjam bursts on Twitter!

Children being murdered quietly while crowd mourns 94 year old
Pharmacist since 1982 in Safeway on Cortes [possibly an island in the in Georgia Strait?] walks off job–saying she will no longer give the injections as she has personally witnessed that they are killing people.

Greencrow comments: IMO, it’s happened folks. Finally the truth logjam has burst. Watch the above video. FreakedOut, Dennis and SimonHicks have been sending me all sorts of important links to articles revealing how deadly the vax is. I just have not had the time to put them up. I will be adding them to this breaking news post throughout the day. IMO, Turvert will resign but they’ll say it was over his inappropriate London Kareoke stint…and not the Twitter Tsunami I wrote about in my last post.

This ordinary woman, a pharmacist, has finally blown up the logjam of truth!

16 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS – Truth Logjam bursts on Twitter!

  1. Hi Dennis:

    IMO, the Queen’s funeral is being used to bury the failed CovID-19 black-op. It’s a rite of passage. They’re hoping they can minimize their losses and move on–to the climate agenda. From what I’m seeing over the past week, however, they may have hit a brick wall.


    1. The MSM was just reporting on hurricane Fiona hitting Puerto Rico and they suggested that “clime change” was to blame for it’s destruction/intensity(mostly rain).

      Looks like the Perps are firing up their earthquake machines, Mexico got hit with a 7.5 . Dutchsinse is going crazy tracking all the recent activity and his predictions were SPOT on!

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      1. Remember what people were saying about something BIg happening at the end of September? As I said to Dennis above, I do believe they are gonna go for broke over the climate HOAX which is just as manufactured as the Plandemic.

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  2. The pharmacy manager walking off the job gave me a sense of hope.👍👍

    Any facility giving the kill shots to people need to post the weekly “openvaers” “Red Box” reports on death/injury for the shots in large placards for everyone to see…. consider it informed consent.
    Probably won’t change the vaxx cult zealots minds(“fake news!”) but may stop some from walking off the cliff.

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    1. Hi FreakedOut

      I do believe it will be like this. Low level functionaries walking off the job. That will bring the BS to a halt. I do remember clearly what ended the Viet Nam war of my youth. It was the fragging of the platoon commanders by the rank and file…that finally caused the perpZ to bring the boys home.

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      1. I remember that too after witnessing all the body bags rolling out of a plane at SEATAC, while parents of a departing soldier were crying their eyes out standing right next to me.


  3. When MP Christine Anderson speaks I listen closely. 😲

    From Laura Wells on Telegram:

    “Shmita / Elul 29 / Market Watch / Other Watch

    Starting in 2016 I was posting about September 2022 and the Fall time of 2022 Market / Economy crash kick off ….

    High Watch Days – September 23rd and 26th and the weeks surrounding those two days (September 19th – 23rd and September 26th – 30th)
    High Watch Day for possible other reasons – September 24th

    Shmita Collapses/impacts can last for months/years – September kick off month”

    – Laura Wells

    What Is Shmita: The Sabbatical Year?

    Apparently the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana starts this coming weekend.


  4. I think Christine Anderson knows what is coming but does not want to say because it will cause panic. I wonder if it has to do with 5G activating something in the covid shots? We have all been expecting that to happen at some point.


  5. Hi Ron:

    What could it be? It could be some nuclear event re Russia. Some kind of provocation that Russia cannot slough off like an assassination?

    Looking at the Rosh Hashana angle there are two signature style ops: Bombs and Assassinations…or both.

    But the 5/6G activation would cover a lot of bases and we don’t want to ‘waste’ all those stockpiles of mRNA vaccines do we?


    1. Heads up….dtd 20Sep22

      ***BULLETIN*** Russian Federation Council (Senate) to Vote on “MOBILIZATION” Tomorrow; Defense Minister Shoigu to Address the Russian Nation Tonight

      ***BULLETIN*** Russian Federation Council (Senate) to Vote on “MOBILIZATION” Tomorrow; Defense Minister Shoigu to Address the Russian Nation Tonight
      Terrible developments are taking place in Russia with horrifying implications for the world. Tomorrow, the Russian Federation Council, their version of a Senate, will vote on, among other things, MOBILIZATION and Martial Law. President Putin and Defense Minister Shoigu is to make a televised address to the Russian nation tonight.

      The rest here….



    OK, something very strange is taking place in Moscow, Russia. All air flights at all Moscow area airports are ordered CANCELED. Reason given: Weather. Yet, it is 47 degrees Fahrenheit, wind at 4 miles per hour and light rain. No reason to do this . . . .

    More info if I get it.

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