#TrudeauMustGo Trends on Twitter with 1.81 Million Interactions

Including Trudeau’s Brother as Canadians Express Disapproval Over Draconian Covid-19 Mandates

Good morning readers. Another warm, dry sunny day on the Malahat. Two months without rain in a rainforest cannot be good. No rain in sight either. In my previous post I promised to put up some of the many links I’ve received from my regular and loyal sources. But, as you are aware, I’ve become overwhelmed by the Twitter Tsunami of Truth that I’ve been following for over a week now. The headline above tells the story and the report at the link below fleshes out the details. Please read and I will continue comments thereafter:

Greencrow continues: Canadians are indeed in a crisis. Even I did not know the extent of the frustration and anger of what appears to be a MAJORITY of our population. The Satanic politicians and their criminal cohorts in the MSM have been so successful at isolating us one from the other and making us think that we were…as JFT called us…”a fringe minority with unacceptable views”.

Now that we’ve awakened to the truth that we are a legitimate democratic force that must be acknowledged and listened to…we are rising up in force and, as Henry Makow says in his recent post below…demanding that the police agencies enforce the law:


Canadians still do not know what happened to the “Man in Tan Coloured Jacket” being Trampled by Turvert’s Thug Horse – He was never seen nor heard from again
Mounted Police on Feb 18, 2022–after which–Emergencies Act Was declared Against the Demonstrators!?

Canadians Beg Mounties to Enforce the Law


Note to Northerntruthseeker who e-mailed this link: “Great post by Makow.  Will post [soon] and mention you were in the Winnipeg, Manitoba crowd.  This gathering at police stations and demanding action is something I’ve been suggesting on my blog and on Twitter for at least a year.  Surely, after about 20 or so such assemblies, the RCMP will get off their collective asses.”

Greencrow continues: Below is a great link directing Canadians in becoming proactive on the Internet:


Greencrow continues: Below are some more links that I’ve saved over the past weeks and that all indicate how terminally corrupt our governments and media are. Brouse through them and I will have concluding comments to follow:



All the lies, big and small are interwoven into a dense pattern of corruption. It makes you wonder about everything you learned in history classes in school. Is EVERYTHING we’ve been taught to believe about our past a lie?


Greencrow concludes: Folks, I promise again to do a post with links on the latest revelations in the CovIDian Cult vaxxxxxxZination HOAX. I just need to find the time to sort through all the e-mails. In the meantime, here’s a bedtime story to read to your friends and family. As I type, the Turvert has gone to the UN in New York from his debacle in London. He is now going to embarrass Canadians by prostrating himself before his foreign handlers and declaring Canada open to 50 million immigrants in the next few decades. Yep, that’s what the bastard is up to. So read how all this hell began…in the words of the bastard Turd himself:

How the creators of this video managed to make it look so seamless I do not know…but I applaud their creative juices!

2 thoughts on “#TrudeauMustGo Trends on Twitter with 1.81 Million Interactions

  1. Love the hashtag “Trudeaumustgo”! 👍👍 You Canucks come up with some great ideas on pushing back against the Perps!! The Freedom Convoy last winter was legendary!👍💪 The one in the US wasn’t even close. I’ll never forget the abused/trampled Canadian Patriots and what they went through, and are STILL going through, like Tamara Lich. Remember the letters from the Canadian children to the truckers, they had everyone crying tears of joy.
    When you folks bring down Trudope then the whole world will celebrate!
    Make it happen!


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