Canada To face WWIII with loose cannon at helm?

Good evening sentients. I keep promising to put up more links to burgeoning research that the CovID vaccines are both useless AND dangerous. But other breaking news keeps getting in the way.

Regular reader Sparrow sent me a couple of comments today warning of a possible WWIII between the West and Russia. Sparrow cited the upcoming speeches to be given to Russian citizens by both President Vladimir Putin and Defence Minister General Shoigu. While these speeches do indicate a rise in the tensions already very high due to the war for Russian resources…being waged on it by the West via Proxy Ukraine, Sparrow also links Hal Turner as a source. Long time readers will remember i do not put much stock in the prognostications of Hal Turner and a few other American geopolitical bloggers.

So, I immediately went to Russia Today and read the headlines. Here is one of the main links that I will copy in full. I will give my assessment of the situation in comments to follow:


Serbian leader warns of imminent global war

Serbian President Alexandar Vucic

Aleksandar Vucic sees only escalation ahead for the West’s relations with Russia and China

The world is approaching a major conflict unseen since 1945, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic warned on Tuesday, after the first day of the UN General Assembly session in New York. Small countries can’t expect any good news going forward, Vucic added.

“You see a crisis in every part of the world,” Vucic told the Serbian state broadcaster RTS, noting that the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres made gloomy predictions in his keynote speech at the UNGA.

“I think realistic predictions ought to be even darker,” Vucic said. “Our position is even worse, since the UN has been weakened and the great powers have taken over and practically destroyed the UN order over the past several decades.”

Asked about the upcoming speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Vucic said it’s not difficult to predict its general outline.

I assume that we’re leaving the phase of the special military operation and approaching a major armed conflict, and now the question becomes where is the line, and whether after a certain time – maybe a month or two, even – we will enter a great world conflict not seen since the Second World War.

For all of us small [countries] who only want to be secure and provide safety to our citizens, there is no good or easy news. I expect everything going forward to involve more complicated relations between the West and Russia, but also between the West and China,” the Serbian president added.

Vucic himself intends to address the nation next week, to inform Serbians of “important decisions” his government intends to make.

Serbia has been under tremendous pressure from the EU and NATO to impose sanctions against Russia and side with the West, but Vucic has persisted in maintaining neutrality while insisting that Belgrade aims to join the EU at some point in the future. Brussels has already told Belgrade that a prerequisite for that would be recognizing the breakaway province of Kosovo, however, which Vucic has vowed never to do.

Russia and China are among half the world’s governments that have not recognized Kosovo, occupied by NATO in 1999 and proclaimed a state in 2008 with US backing.

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Greencrow concludes: Folks, now we know what EU MP Christine Anderson was alluding to when she said something BIG was going to happen. And why wouldn’t the Western political puppets of the WEF/WHO/UN choose this time in history to bring about a global conflagration? Their evil stars are all aligned: All the western nations are led by Treasonous, massively corrupt and evil WEF puppets. Biden, Trudeau, that WEFer woman in the UK…the prime ministers of Australia and New Zealand…and of course Macron of France, some nonentity in Germany and the hideously unpopular PM Mark Rutte of The Netherlands. Never has there been such an infamous cabal…all so intensely hated by their people…yet none of them can be dislodged from office for some strange reason. Except, of course Boris Johnson, who jumped the proverbial shark when he was discovered to have partied many times–all while locking the entire nation in their homes due to “covID”. So Boris went…but his replacement is just another WEFer…so bidness as usual in the UK.

Here in Canada we have the most unpopular “leader” in our nation’s history, yet the criminal CTV released a poll just this afternoon putting JFT a few points AHEAD of CPC party leader, Pierre Poilievre.

Yes, readers. Of course the NATO and it’s allies are going to attack Russia and China. Of course they are…they will never again have the member nations so utterly leaderless and so corrupt from top to bottom. All nations on the verge of a financial collapse that can only be avoided by…wait for it…another world war with all the “prosperity” that brings to the corporatocracy.

If they wait any longer, fuckers like the Turvert will be ousted. They HAVE to go to war and soon. Of course very few citizens have been suckered in by all the media propaganda and hype about the Ukraine war. Russia is still immensely popular in the West despite all the 24/7 vilification in the MSM. Putin is double digits more popular than the Turvert is in Canada. Everybody knows that Putin is not a WEFer Satan like all the others. He actually gives a shit about humanity.

So that’s another reason why they MUST call a war–before someone comes to power in any of the Western countries who actually has a moral backbone.

Declaring a war on Russia and China means that Turvert and his ilk can again declare martial law and lock down the countries again and round up and jail all the opponents they have identified during the last years of the CovIDian Cult Caper. Yes, folks, the Plandemic/Climate WEF, Globalist perps frankly MUST declare a war! There is no alternative–to save their sorry asses. There is only one problem

Who will they get to fight it????

8 thoughts on “Canada To face WWIII with loose cannon at helm?

  1. The turd has given all the equipment that our army had to Ukraine. All our army has left is small arms and ammunition which will be useless against Russian artillery. Our soldiers will not want to get into a war when they have nothing to fight with. Europe is only slightly better off having sent not quite all their arms to Ukraine. It won’t be much of a contest if a full blown war breaks out with Russia (and China!) against the West.

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  2. Hi Ron:
    IMO, WWIII will be fought with long range ballistic missiles, biological and weather warfare. The first thing Russia should do is take out all the biological and weather warfare labs throughout the world. That would be a great thing all on its own.

    The most horrific thing about the possibility of a WWIII against Russia is that the West will use it as a pretext–to declare and wage a war of extermination against its own populations!


  3. Hi FreakedOut

    Thanks for leaving the comment. We repositioned to mainland yesterday and I forgot the charger to my laptop. Went and bought another one at Staples. Now I will have one for each venue so no more probs.


  4. HI FreakedOut

    So many factors in the need to go back and forth. Firstly, there’s medical. My partner and i have all our medical contacts here on the mainland. He’s a kidney transplant recipient and needs to do follow-up at the clinic. I am also seeing a specialist about getting my gallbladder removed.

    Then there’s my handicapped brother living in a staffed residence in Burnaby. As I posted about during the past two years, the lockdown had a devastating affect not only on his programs and his access to family, but his care in general. Staffing problems resulting from the mandatory vaxxxZes are the least of the problems. I need to meet with my brother and his staff.

    Yes, I am absolutely torn between trying to meet the needs of my granddaughters on the island [the elder having been diagnosed with autism] and my brother with Down Syndome on the mainland who I just got off the phone with. He was crying, saying he wanted me go come over an “pack his bags”. I will be dealing with those issues tomorrow.

    The good news is that our home living conditions both on the Island and here on the mainland are fantastic. Thanks to a lot of hard work by my partner and myself.


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