Italy has a new leader…and she is US!

Georgia Meloni – Newly Elected Prime Minister of Italy

Good morning readers. Well, the dreaded September 24th came and went with no BIG event occurring…unless you want to include the victory of a far-right party in a general election in Italy. Yes, listen to the leader, Georgia Meloni’s barn burner speech in the Tweet below then read what the fascist MZM has to say about her in the report following. I will have concluding comments thereafter.

‘Italy chose us’: Who is Giorgia Meloni, likely to be nation’s first female leader?

ROME – Her party’s flag features a tricolor flame popularized by Benito Mussolini and she still uses a slogan favored by fascists – “God, Fatherland and family.” She opposes LGBT+ and abortion rights, which she has described as a “tragedy.” She wants to set up naval blockades to block migrants from reaching European shores.

But Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s presumptive first female prime minister and the country’s first far-right leader since World War II, has nevertheless promised that she will govern on behalf of all Italians, no matter their beliefs or whether they voted for her.

“If we are called to govern this nation, we will do it for everyone, we will do it for all Italians and we will do it with the aim of uniting the people,” Meloni said early Monday after claiming victory in a general election that puts the 45-year-old from a working class Rome neighborhood on track to become Italy’s eighth prime minister in 11 years.

“Italy chose us,” she said. “We will not betray it, and we never have.”

Election results: Italy shifts to the right as voters reward Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy party


Greencrow concludes: Like many truthers…I spent most of my adult life thinking I was left of center. Then the left got taken over by the “woke” LGTBQXYZ’s and we all got shoved to the far right. That’s what they’re calling the new Prime Minister of Italy who has taken over the headlines this morning with her winning the election in Italy this morning. Listen carefully to her speech above and you will see yourselves in her words. Finally, a victory for “us”.

The Turvert must be shaking in his boots right now. His days are numbered–as are the days of his sidekick Singh. Even the Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre must feel a little bit too far left this morning.

The days of the family–and of human decency and sovereignty–are returning folks. And we unvaxxxZed came through the tunnel of leftist darkness unjabbed. It is a victory. But, because we lost all our family to the satanic WEFer agenda…it is a Pyrrhic victory.

7 thoughts on “Italy has a new leader…and she is US!

  1. I like what I’ve heard form this new Italian Prime Minister so far. I’m assuming she has NO connection to the rats at the WEF.
    This latest report about Italy is all abuzz on Telegram.
    Hoping for the best with Giorgia Meloni.

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  2. Hi Janny:

    Meloni a WEFer? I am not surprised…the WEF seems to have the Global political class sewn up. We have Pierre Poilievre, a new Conservative Leader who can channel the rage of the masses pretty well too…but he’s also a WEFer. Thanks for letting us know.


  3. I hate to rain on your parade but Meloni ain’t what she appears to be. At the moment there is discussion around an old photo of her wearing the Freemason symbol on a chain around her neck. In some shots the medallion is covered by a cleverly extended jacket but it looks to be real. Some attempt was made to hide it.

    She also is firmly behind Zalensky and quite a supporter of Israel. Not a good image. I think they are trying to pull a Trump on Italy, a saviour who MIGHT have good intentions, but doomed to perdition. Yet in her favour, every cartoonist in Europe is demeaning her as they did Trump in the beginning so she SEEMS to have the same enemies as us.

    Some folks at the chat at Fetch’s this morning were saying she is not at all as she appears. Worth the investigation.


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