Four Ukraine Regions vote to join Russia

From left, Moscow-appointed head of Kherson region Vladimir Saldo, Moscow-appointed head of Zaporizhzhia region Yevgeny Balitsky, Russian President Vladimir Putin, centre, Denis Pushilin, leader of self-proclaimed of the Donetsk People’s Republic and Leonid Pasechnik, leader of self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic pose for a photo during Friday’s ceremony at the Kremlin in Moscow. (Grigory Sysoyev/Sputnik/Kremlin/The Associated Press)

Good morning readers. Back up on the Malahat today. Got caught up with family matters and repositioning over the past several days and so have not posted about all the emergent news stories capturing the world’s attention. The main news item this morning are events in Russia with Russian Federation president Vladimir Putin giving a major address to the nation last evening where he pledged to protect the four new territories that just voted to separate from Ukraine and join Russia. Please see the news items from RT below that give details of this momentous development and I will continue comments to follow:

Russia will never give up newly annexed territories in Ukraine, Putin insists at ceremony

Four regions vote to join Russia: What’s next?

The accession processes for Donbass and two regions of southern Ukraine to Russia will involve several steps


So far as I can see the referendums were conducted according to the United Nation Charter and the people voted overwhelmingly to leave the embattled and foreign [NATO] occupied Ukraine and rejoin [having all been part of the former Soviet Union] the Russian Federation. My blogging colleague Northerntruthseeker, who pads silently through the boreal forests of Manitoba, has eloquently captured the dynamics of the Ukraine/Russian situation in his post of yesterday, which I have copied below:



Greencrow continues: The longer humanity is being held to ransom by the Globalist bankster perps, the more it becomes evident that it’s all about money. It is all about the perpZ being on the brink of financial collapse–due to not having a resource-rich, militarily vulnerable host to latch onto and parasite off of.

The Russian genius, Vladimir Putin long algo decided to wait out the parasites and allow them to die on the vine for lack of said host…and not to allow Russia to become the host–which they would then simply drain dry and leave the rotting, corrupt political carcass to stink up the planet…the way the United States is now doing. The US was the last host that the usual suspects parasited off. Now they’re even turning on the rotted US carcass and blowing it out to sea as we’ve seen during the past few days in manufactured hurricanes.

I saw a brief video clip on Twitter last night where a Florida resident was standing on the waterfront staring out at miles and miles of seabed where the billions of gallons of seawater had suddenly and mysteriously vanished. All that could be seen into the horizon was seagrass. The elderly man said he’d never seen such a thing in his life. He worried aloud where all the water had gone to, fearing it would return “all of a sudden”. [Readers should keep a look-out for an atmospheric river dumped sometime soon].

I have been warning that the PerpZ would be using geoengineering to destroy civilization and meet their depopulation goals in the near future. I have said many times that unless this “Last Frontier of Forbidden Truth” were brought out into the open and answers to questions were DEMANDED–the perpZ would continue to create catastrophe after catastrophe under the deception of “climate change”[TM]. We here on Vancouver Island have not had rain for three and a half months which is absolutely unheard of in our history. The forests are tinder dry and overripe for a catastrophic event whether it be a raging forest fire [unlikely given the time of year] or, more likely, another “atmospheric river” where billions of gallons of water are sucked up from the ocean into the atmosphere and then dumped on strategic targets–creating massive flooding, soil erosion. and blow-down of entire dead forests.

More and more I see on the Internet ordinary people acknowledging that the current extreme weather can only be manufactured–given the TIMING and the TARGETing of strategic geopolitical areas. But, sadly, malevolent geoengineering of the weather and weaponiZing of the weather has not been given credence by well-known and respected people becoming brave enough to speak out publicly about it. IMO, this is the only happenstance that could possibly call a halt to the weather weaponiZation black ops going on around the world.

Russia has finally taken a stand against the parasites in the West. This is the way it had to happen. I am so pleased that fellow sentients like my blogging colleagues Northerntruthseeker and Penny for your thoughts understand the role that Russia is playing by fighting the Globalist tyrants on behalf of all humanity. Russia did not wantonly attack Ukraine, as the lying MZM keeps defecating out of its asshole lockstep newZ outlets. Russia held off as long as possible, while Ukraine, occupied as it is by NATO, kept bombarding its eastern regions with missiles, killing civilians. NATO also set up biological weapons labs throughout Ukraine with the game plan of attacking Russia with disease and genetically altering toxins.

Most sentients in the West were pleased when Russia finally began to stand up against the NATO Imperial Forces of Plunder and Destruction. Most sentients believe that Vladimir Putin is one of the two or three uncorrupted leaders in the world at this point in history. I can only name Syria and Brazil’s presidents as being two other uncorrupted leaders. Erdogan of Turkey might be another. All the others, including Canada’s infamous humiliation, JFTurvert,are corrupt traitors who belong in jail…or, if found guilty of “Crimes against Humanity”–swinging from the end of a rope.

The bottom line is this:

Russia is the source of most of the fossil fuel that heats and provides other energy to the entire continent of Europe, particularly Germany.

US #1 Suspect for Nord Stream Pipelines
Sabotage; Multiple Pretexts Cited

Remember Greencrows maxim–oft repeated on this blog: “Whenever there’s an explosion or a bomb blast anywhere in the world…There is a 99% chance it is the work of the “usual suspects”.

Either the perpZ will have to grow a few brain cells in their polluted noggins and negotiate a settlement to the conflict…Or, they will have to wrest control of Russian resources from the dead, bloody hands of Putin directly…which would involve by far the biggest war in human history.

Same perpZ beating war drums against Russia…terrified of cold germs…WTF


Greencrow concludes: Given the cowardice of the perpZ, we know they can only win/profit by setting up two other forces to fight each other and then come up the middle…as they did in the first and second World Wars. The globalists will have to do a lot more to convince the populations of the world that Russia is the enemy–in order to martial fighting forces against it.

Right now, it all looks like the tired old screenplay of setting up whites to fight whites. Been there…done that.

H/T FreakedOut

4 thoughts on “Four Ukraine Regions vote to join Russia

  1. GC Says:
    “I have been warning that the PerpZ would be using geoengineering to destroy civilization and meet their depopulation goals in the near future.”

    Just in from Dane Wigington:

    Dane suggests that between the use of cloud seeding technologies(patented) and NexRad radar, hurricanes can be steered.

    Apparently a large FERTILIZER manufacturing company in Florida was in the crosshairs of hurricane Ian.

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  2. Hi FreakedOut. This is indeed a crisis where only the truth can more than make us free–it can save our sorry hides. Governor Ron DeSantis must come out and accuse the Globalists of weather modification warfare against his State. IMO, that is the ONLY thing that will stop the horror…which is heading our way next.

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    1. Totally agree GC!

      I had the feeling they would be gunning for Ron DeSantis.

      More to the point of weather control, we have a very informative video from “Dr Ana” who interviewed a woman from “Bee Heroic”. Well worth the watch, but it’ll make you sick to your stomach:

      Nikki references Dane Wigginton’s work and the late physicist Tom Bearden. You have to see the satellite pictures of 1,000+ mile long straight cloud lines suggesting weather control, especially off the West Coast, near you GC. This is one scary rabbit hole to explore! 😲

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  3. Thanks for the link. Will have a look FreakedOut. Isn’t it interesting and highly coinkydynkal that the extreme weather always affects geographical targets where the population is resistant to the perpZ or where there are highly desirable land/resources?

    Saw on Twitter where the Turvert went to the Canadian Maritimes to fake empathy for those affected by the manufactured hurricane. Even though they had just been through a hellish storm…the folks in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia STILL came out in a sizable crowd and greeted JFT with “Fuck Trudeau!”

    Bravo to them.


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