Storms Brewing?

A pilot spotted this storm-manufacturing operation going on in the north Pacific just before we had the last Atmospheric River in the Fall of 2021

Folks this week could be the ‘calm before the storm’. As I have mentioned several times on this blog, we have not had rain for over three months. Our ‘rain forests’ are likely past saving…but nary a word about this ecological disaster in the mainstream news. Strangely, not as many forest fires this past summer as in years past. I have come to believe that most fires were/are perp-set as a terror/slash and burn depopulation operation.

No rain is predicted for the next 10 days

Perhaps I’m suffering from PTSD due to last year’s “Atmospheric River” that came through lower BC at this time. That event caused major flooding to roads and farmlands which have still not been entirely rebuilt. Our own property here on the Malahat was flooded as we did not yet know that the sediment stream in the back has to be kept free of debris. Prudently, we have now cleaned it out entirely–so it would have to be a very catastrophic flood to overflow the banks again.

Northerntruthseeker has been in touch with fellow blogging colleague John Kaminski, who recently survived Hurricane Ian that destroyed his part of Florida and left the citizens still without water and electricity for almost a week. This kind of manufactured weather weaponized attack will IMO become common place as the perpZ are desperate to kill off the elderly and vulnerable and steal their property and pensions. The reason I mention Florida is because, coinkadynkally, Florida attracts millions of retirees/pensioners who buy water front property. The same goes for here in British Columbia. This is where Canadians go to retire and spend their life savings buying attractive properties on the coast. This real estate is prime for the taking by the perpZ when they’re “cleaning up” after one of their storms.

So, regardless of what the weather forecast says, I suspect that a serious, dangerous storm will hit the BC coastline–probably over the Thanksgiving Long Weekend which is next weekend. It has become transparent that they time these events for maximum damage…when people are travelling on the highways and/or moving around visiting friends and families. There is a psychological terror aspect to it. Witness how I am having PTSD just thinking about what was pulled this time last year.

Political Storms Also Brewing

The other reason I think there will be a big storm is because there are also some political storms brewing back in that stink-hole/septic field–Ottawa, Ontario. After the Labour Day weekend the mandatory House of Commons inquiry into the Turvert’s calling of the Emergencies Act last February 2022 will re-convene. Turvert himself is supposed to be one of the witnesses called to testify. You think that will happen? Not on your life:

I’m an old lady and yet [sadly] I remember everything. I remember the last time a leader was called to testify at a hearing into a national crisis. The leader was US President George W. Bush and the event was 9/11. Bush was called to testify before the cherry-picked 9/11 Committee. Still, folks, he could not come and tell the Committee what happened that day when he was reading “My Pet Goat” to some kindergarten children in Florida and then spent the rest of the day circling around the airspace over mainland USA in Airforce 1. To this day, we don’t know why or what he was doing, if anything, while 3000 innocents perished in the twin towers.

At the inquiry into the “foreign attack” which he called belatedly and reluctantly, Bush was only allowed to testify in private, not before cameras. His handler, Vice President Dick Chaney, was sitting at his side correcting any “errors” in Bush’s testimony. In short, it was a farce–and an insult to the nation and to the people who died that day.

Folks, I am telling you this story because it illustrates that these political puppets NEVER testify to a hearing like common folk. That would give a legitimacy to the democratic institutions that the perpZ do not care to bestow on them. The Globalist perpZ go out of their way to insult the people and crap all over the democratic processes. So… while I don’t know how Turvert will get out of having to go before the Emergencies Act hearing, I seriously believe he will find a way.

Then there’s also the other political looming storm coming up. The re-convening of the Nova Scotia Mass Murder inquiry…which was also recessed while the HOC took its summer break. This mass murder inquiry is another scandal for Turvert–as he is accused of interfering with the RCMP investigation into the 22 murders that was being conducted by the Nova Scotia RCMP. Turvert’s office told the Commissioner of the RCMP, Brenda Lucki, to release to the press the caliber of the weapons used by killer Gabriel Wortman. The Halifax, Nova Scotia sergeant in charge of the investigation has testified he refused this order and was castigated by Lucki–who advised him–incredibly, that the PMO needed the public to know in order to further some gun legislation the Liberals were planning to introduce to the Commons–blatant political interference in a police investigation!

So, dear sentients, the Turvert is caught between a rock and a hard place–as these two scandals loom on the horiZon. How will JFT inveigle himself out of these tight spots? Will he create a weather catastrophe–that calls his attention away from testifying? Will there be a massive electrical/communication outage–like there is currently in Florida?

All we know is that, while Canadians were having problems putting food on their family tables–the Turvert was filmed this weekend–off bungee jumping. Yes, this Monday morning, while the Official opposition in the House of Commons was drilling the Liberals over their invocation of a new “triple carbon tax”, the Turvert was nowhere to be seen. Instead, on the MSM, we had this video of him solitarily bungee jumping. What a clown! Two weeks ago–JFT was singing Kareoke inappropriately while attending a funeral, last week–he was blubbering away crying inappropriately at an Indigenous ceremony. This week–he’s bungee jumping, while Canadians are sinking in an economic collapse! Can we all say “bi-polar disorder”? [Just like mama].

When are the “men in white coats” going to come and take him away? Perhaps that’s it! His handlers will finally declare that Turvert’s had a nervous breakdown, become hospitalized and thus unable to testify at the two hearings--either of which, or both, could certainly bring about his downfall.

Or will a real [albeit, geoengineered] storm save his sorry ass. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Storms Brewing?

  1. This weekend I toured our island. Up to Jordan River, Port Renfrew then over to Cowichan to Duncan ~ over the Malahat to home. Not done that drive for a few years but I NEEDED a good drive where I could go fast as my car would let me… need for speed. Since the beast is 25 years old it is not that fast.

    What I saw was a lot of dry forest and tired greenery. Cascadia doesn’t go all orange and fiery like the rest of North America but there were more sad trees than usual. A tourist would not have noticed a thing, but we know coniferous forests are not supposed to start going beige and rust… We are not scheduled for rain until the 14th according to the Rothschild controlled weather network. Hmmmm…

    Remember, all that mess in Fla is aimed to defeat Mr. DeSantis and most likely DJT. These problems almost cost DeSantis last time; this time they are out to more seriously destroy the strength of his base.

    As for the Turd. well, what can we say other than everything we already have? You more than I have nailed him so well. How many scandals can he survive? Every time we think this one will do it, every time he slithers through it. Pay offs and threats are the usual way these things are done. I take great heart at the provinces opposing the gun laws … unless it is all to save face with their own bases. We never know these days.

    Neighbour told me she was tiring of the Turd and considering a switch to “That lovely Mr. Singh”. So excited! Saving that conversation for another time…

    Blessings, Barbara

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  2. Hi Noor/Barbara:

    Thanks for fleshing out the catastrophic destruction being caused to our BC forests by the manufactured drought. I’ve been saying to my family that young people looking to get into a lucrative career should consider the logging of dead timber and reforestation of drought -resistant trees [olive trees?] Someone importing olive tree seedlings would be making a higly profitable investment…but I’m sure the perpZ have already cornered the markets.

    The PerpZ want to move all populations away from the coastlines and into high rise ghettos in the continental interior where they’ll live in “gated” [walled in] communities with exit and entrance via digital and social credit ID.


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