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Eva’s Egyptian Cat Piñata 2022

Good afternoon readers. I have been busy with family matters recently, including making the above Piñata from scratch. It was an 8th Birthday gift to my granddaughter, who loves everything ancient Egyptian. I told her I would make her a Piñata and asked what animal it should be. She replied: An Egyptian cat. It is stuffed full of toys and candy. It also has lots of shredded colour paper which will fall like confetti when it is broken open by the stick hits of the children at tomorrow’s party. Looking forward to the pics of that!

The biggest news of the moment about the CovIDian Cult HOAX vaxxxxxZine scam is, as always, buried under a pile of complete offal. IMO, that’s why the perpZ created and rolled out the “Woke” agenda…LGTBQXYZ etc., etc., to distract the Sheeple from the truth inevitably coming out about the diabolically fraudulent mRNA injections. The main heading above should be written in huge headlines on the front pages of every news outlet in the West. Here is the story submitted to me by Dennis at the link below:

H/T Dennis:

Yes, folks, out of ten million in the study over 600,000 suffered adverse reactions severe enough that they had to seek medical advice! This news should be the end of the story! The shots should be immediately halted, and the purveyors of this genocide arrested and jailed! Instead, these grave statistics are hidden under a pile of woke garbage and the murderers and maimers double down with coercion for the sheeple to submit to even more attacks on their bodies and particularly their immune systems.

And that’s not the only devastating news. Bullshit Bonnie here in BC has been pushing the gene manipulation injections on pregnant women and even infants. Now we have a study that shows the toxin is passed through to the child in the mother’s breast milk.

Bullshit Bonnie is still out walking the streets of our province after compromising the health of hundreds of thousands of citizens. It is truly beyond belief. While the bullshitter was repeating over and over that the jabs were “safe and effective” they were harming the mentally feeble, such as this BC woman’s mother…who was deliberately offed in the old folks’ home she was staying in in Ontario. Please read the entire report from the Maple Ridge News copied and pasted below and I will have more comments to follow:



Frustrated by Canada’s Vaccine Injury Support Program

“Franci DuPerron of Maple Ridge lost her mother to a COVID-19 vaccination.

She is one of the first people in Canada to be compensated for a family member’s death under Canada’s Vaccine Injury Support Program. The program’s payments are not yet made public.

DuPerron has lived in B.C. since the 1980s. She got a call from a retirement home in Windsor, Ontario, in January of 2021, informing her that her 79-year-old mother had died.

Her mother had received a Moderna vaccine. Ten minutes later, she was having a hard time breathing. Soon she was unconscious. A nurse administered two EpiPens – one in a leg, and one in an arm, but they couldn’t save her.

“She was gone in 15 minutes.”

It had been a severe anaphylactic shock, despite the fact that she had never had an allergic reaction in the past.

“I was stunned,” said DuPerron. “I couldn’t wrap my head around it.”

DuPerron said she is not an anti-vaxxer, but she would like to see more transparency around the vaccines and their effects. Very little has been reported about her mother’s death, she said.

Her mom had pre-existing conditions – she had suffered with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema and diabetes. So she was nervous about getting the jab. They talked the day before, and DuPerron said with her health issues, her mom could be at high risk if she contacted COVID-19.

After her mother’s death from the vaccine, DuPerrron spoke to a lawyer. She and learned that the vaccine companies could not be held liable, because the vaccines were developed under emergency use conditions.

But the lawyer did tell her about the Vaccine Injury Support Program, and DuPerron wants other people to be aware that it is out there.

The program started in June of 2021. So far it has 774 claims, and most are still being processed. Just eight claims are reported to have been approved by the program’s medical review board.

More statistics area available online.

READ ALSO: Omicron vaccine available to most in B.C. by end of October, say Dix and Bonnie Henry

DuPerron believes her case went through the process comparatively quickly – she was compensated in February of this year – because it was such a clear-cut case. Her mother stopped breathing and died within minutes of being injected with the vaccine. The coroner’s report and autopsy confirmed she had died from an allergic reaction to the vaccine.

“There was no doubt in anyone’s mind it was the vaccine that killed her,” she said.

Still, it was a long and frustrating process. For example, she was asked by officials to present her mother’s vaccine passport, even though she had died months before that program even started. DuPerron is dubious about someone suffering from symptoms after getting a vaccine being able to get compensation.

DuPerron said nobody in Canada will get rich from the Vaccine Injury Support Program. She had been hoping to get just $8,000 to cover funeral expenses. The amount was significantly more than that, although she cannot say how much. She said it’s irrelevant.

“The amount of money I got from my mom… what dollar amount can you put on a life? There is no price.”

She gave most of the payment to family.

What happened to her mother has been reported as being rare. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, out of the first 4 million doses of Moderna vaccine in that country, there were 1,266 adverse events reported, and 108 were identified for severe allergic reactions.

DuPerron is an unflappable person. She was a career cop – just the second woman to serve as an RCMP officer at a busy Williams Lake detachment in the 1980s. But she wasn’t about to take the Moderna vaccine.

She has gotten the first two Pfizer vaccines, and a booster. It wasn’t without incident. She was diabetic, and each time she received the vaccine, her blood sugar spiked. She went to hospital, thinking she was having a heart attack. The first time, it took months for her health to return to normal. With the second jab, it was a matter of weeks.

Still, DuPerron plans to get another booster if it is offered this fall, provided there is an alternative to Moderna.”


Greencrow continues: Yes, the idiots are still going back for more booooooosters, even after they and their loved ones get killed/maimed. “Must have been the wrong brand of mRNA.” they stupidly assure themselves.

Meanwhile, the unvaxed sentients are getting nervous, and rightly so. What if the sheeple DO finally wake up? Will they understand that even getting a blood transfusion and/or organ transplant from another vaxxxxxZed person can [perhaps fatally] compromise their health? Will it then become “open season” by the vaxxxxZed Zombies–on the unvaxxxxZed for our blood, organs and even semen [ovaries]?

A real-life Zombie Apocalypse could be a few years down the road.

At the very least, we unvaxxxxZed are predicting a rage never seen before on this Planet when/if the sheeple ever wake up to what they’ve done to their own bodies. We tried to warn them, but they just called us ‘tin foil hat conspiracy theorists’. Will they soon want to “shoot the messengers?” Will they ever begin to accept responsibility for being so pig-headed and gullible? Especially when it comes down to what they’ve allowed to be done to their vaxxxed children. Some are predicting a very grim winter ahead. Will this be “The Winter of Their Discontent”?


Finally, I have another great documentary for readers. This one out of the UK. Again, it rips away the tissues of lies covering up the fraudulent “vaccines” which are as far from being vaccines–as a bullet is from a kiss.

Please watch this video in its entirety. It is full of the testimonies of vaxxxxZed sheeple who were forced awake by the injuries caused them by the Satanists with their Big Pharma poisons.


Bonus Feature: Some celebrities that were maimed and offed:

Christmas Tree for the Unvaccinated


  1. Hi Greencrow;

    In the poem above there is the line, “All good vaxxies go to heaven.“

    The exact opposite might actually be true.

    Back in the spring I read an article about research being done in Europe by a Thomas Mayer. He was in contact with people who can communicate with the deceased and discovered that of the 48 people they reached out to who had died following their covid vaccination, only one was able to move on to the afterlife. The other 47 were trapped in darkness and being tormented by demons.

    If this is a common occurrence it is indeed horrifying to consider….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi CanadianNotCommunist:

    That is indeed a dark prognosis for the vaxxxed. Throughout this whole three-year nightmare, I have been struck with how allegorical it is to the Biblical story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden–The snake tempting the first humans with the apple “the knowledge of good and evil”–the “snake bite” of the injections which, according to some, are quite literally “snake bites”.

    Then, banishment from the Garden of Eden [our earthly paradise] by God. This would include transhumanism and the weaponization of earthly weather by the Satanists. Perhaps this story has played out hundreds of times on earth as civilizations rose and fell.

    I have now come to envy my family members who passed before this hell hit and who died never knowing what evil lurks.


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