Putin to declare Ukraine ‘terrorist state’? – Ukraine Conflict Update

UPDATE: October 10, 2022 3:13 pm Ukraine halts electricity exports, calls for conservation after strikes damage grid

UPDATE: October 10, 2022 Here is Penny for your thoughts most recent post on the Ukraine/Russia crisis.

Good morning beloved sentients and a Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadian patriots. Due to my son’s work schedule, we will not be having our Thanksgiving Dinner until next Thursday. So today is just a regular day…except for the interestingly timed ‘severe weather warning’ that popped up on the Malahat weather forecast this morning. ‘High winds, blowing down dead trees’ is expected for the south Vancouver Island. Someone [not me] should really do a study co-relating all the severe weather warnings with STAT holidays over the past three years. IMO, there would be some mind-blowing findings. I do not believe we’ve had a single long weekend without a weather warning of some sort. It’s almost as though ‘Mother Nature’ does not want us to travel or enjoy holidays anymore.

But I digress…

This morning the major headline on Twitter was about a Russian aerial attack on Kiev, Ukraine. Several government buildings were bombed. This was in direct retaliation to the bombing of the Kerch [Crimean] Bridge over the weekend. Please read the RT news report below and I will have more comments to follow:

October 10, 2022. Russian President Vladimir Putin holds an operational meeting with permanent members of the Security Council of the Russian Federation via videoconference. ©  Sputnik/Gavriil Grigorov


Kremlin responds to rumored status change of Ukraine military operation

There has been no decision yet on shifting to a counter-terrorism campaign, according to Dmitry Peskov

“Moscow has denied rumors that the military operation in Ukraine is being redesignated as a counter-terrorism campaign, following Kiev’s attack on the Crimean Bridge. 

When asked about the supposed change, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov replied: “Currently, no decisions have been made in this regard.” Previously, he said that the decision to designate the Russian campaign in Ukraine as a counter-terrorism operation can only be made by President Vladimir Putin.

Peskov also said there have been no decisions on introducing martial law in Russian regions which have been targeted by Ukrainian strikes in recent weeks.

Moscow’s campaign in Kiev is officially designated as a ‘special military operation’. A ‘counter-terrorism operation’ (CTO), however, is a completely different matter in legal terms – it is intended to “uncover and prevent” an act of terrorism, minimize its effectiveness, and ultimately eliminate any threats to the population. A CTO also allows the government to call up more people to take part, including servicemen, the national guard, police, emergency workers, and others.

The spokesperson’s comments come after Putin declared the recent attack on the Crimean Bridge, which connects mainland Russia with the Crimean Peninsula, an act of terrorism carried out by Ukraine’s security services (SBU).

“The Kiev regime has been using terrorist methods for a very long time,” the president said on Monday, citing as examples the assassinations of public figures, and the indiscriminate shelling of Donbass cities and the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant. 

“De facto, the Kiev regime has put itself on par with international terrorist groups, the most odious of them. Leaving such crimes without a response has become impossible,” he stated, before confirming that Russia had attacked Ukrainian infrastructure earlier in the day.

On Monday morning, multiple regions of Ukraine came under heavy missile fire from Russian forces, with at least 11 key infrastructure facilities sustaining damage across the country, according to Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmigal.

Putin has warned that any further Ukrainian “terrorist” attacks on Russian soil will be met with a significant military response.”


Greencrow continues: So, Russia is considering declaring the Kiev regime a terrorist organization and changing the military objectives of the war. I must admit I am surprised that Putin would launch an aerial military attack against Kiev. I thought he’d allow the implications of the terrorist bombing of the bridge to sink in with the people of the West–that we’re backing clear terrorists over there. But when I think about it, Putin is probably concerned that the Kerch Bridge bombing was just the first of several planned terrorist attacks–and he needs to cut off the head[s] of the snake before these subsequent attacks can be carried out.

This just goes to prove the premise laid out in the following article/link that I saved a few days ago. Please read the following article sent to me by Dennis and I will continue thereafter:



Mr. Medvedev: “It is useless and unnecessary to appeal to the prudence of our enemies in the West, the enemies must be forced to ask for mercy in the lost economic battle and end it with their complete and unconditional surrender.”


I do not believe that Dimitry Medvedev was drunk or insane when he said this. I believe he is serious and reflects a view that is widely shared among the Russian leadership. The last seven months has been an eye opener for Medvedev and his colleagues in terms of discovering that the Americans and Europe see Russia as a piece of meat to be carved up and consumed. There is no solution based on compromise or negotiation with the west. Medvedev laid it out starkly and concisely–“complete and unconditional surrender.”


Greencrow concludes: Yes, the Russians are even more pissed off than I had previously thought. They are fighting for their survival–as they have done many times during history. The last time they were in a war like this was WWII when the Germans nearly eradicated Stalingrad and Leningrad. Need I remind readers that it is the exact same foe that the Rooskies are fighting this time? The Bankster elite who need wars in order to fill their parasitic coffers and who instigate one war of whites upon whites after another to achieve this Satanic end.

So, the war is widening exponentially after the Kerch bombing [which history will probably see as the beginning of the real War for Russia]. What does this mean for Canada? I see it as an opportunity for JFTurvert to avoid the bed of nails he is scheduled to lie down on this week. Starting tomorrow, the Emergencies Act Inquiry is set to resume after it was delayed for a month so that the Trudeau donor judge could recover from a very convenient ‘illness’. The media is saying that JFT himself will have to testify at this Inquiry. Greencrow says: Yes, and bats are going to fly out of my butt. Never, folks. Never will the Turvert submit himself to cross examination over any of his dastardly deeds of the past three years! It’s simply not his thang to accept responsibility even to the point of answering questions directly [without his customary diversionary obfuscation that he has honed to a fine point in the HOC].

No. IMO, he will find some excuse not to testify…and in fact to cancel the Inquiry altogether. He could even declare another Emergency under the pretext of the escalation going on in Ukraine. He could reimpose the Emergencies Act again! I would not put it past him. The only question is: How will he avoid testifying? not whether or not he will testify.

Zelenski and Truss discuss a possible no-fly zone over Ukraine after Russia’s latest bombing raids

Finally, should Putin be forced to strike terrorist hubs further afield than Kiev…I just hope he takes out the weather weaponiZation, geoengineering control hubs first!

Stay tuned to this developing news story.

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