UPDATED: Truth Bombs dropping re: the vaxscam all over the world

UPDATE: October 11, 2022 – Folks I’ve been following twitter throughout the day while truth bomb after bomb is exploding. The shit has truly hit the fan. Witness this amazing statement by Danielle Smith, the newly chosen Premier of Alberta;

To hear a politician actually admit the horrific discrimination I have experienced over the past two+ years is incredible. I’m in shock. But the hurt will only begin to heal when my family acknowledges what I’ve been through. And that hasn’t happened yet.


Good afternoon sentients. Wasn’t going to post today because I’m behind on some regular chores/projects. But just saw the following bombshell on Twitter below and had to share. The French politician below says he knows Macron and the other French political bigwigs were not vaxxed–while he suffered near fatal heart disease from his jab. He feels duped and betrayed…just like all of the vaxxed sheeple will feel shortly as these truth bombs explode regardless of MSM efforts to defuse them.

So, watch the video below and then look at the other graphics and links that I’ve posted thereafter and I will have a final brief comment at the end.

PfiZer drops bomb that vaccine was never tested to see whether or not it prevented TRANSMISSION—HELLOWWWW Sentients have known this for almost three years and shouted it out until we were hoarse – nobody listened.


The above sign was seen in front of a vaccine clinic in Ireland. Can you believe the idiots that would read it and still go in for an injection?!

Canadian Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Amandha Vollmer
– One of our Great Canadian Health Heros

Greencrow concludes: Folks, do you really think that JFTurvert was vaxxxed, now that you know his BFF Macron was not?

[Watch the video at the link below where JFT braZenly lies about the vax preventing transmission–which PfiZer has now admitted it does not].


No! None of the Satanic political puppets were vaxxxxed. But, then again, we sentients knew and said that right from the beginning. Only a complete and utter idiot would be suckered into believing the WEFer political assets would take what they knew was a fraudulent piece of shit concocted for depopulation, branding [as in, cattle branding] and enslavement purposes. Stay tuned.

Dr. Roger Hodgkinson, Top pathologist in Canada, reveals shocking global statistics for what he calls the “clot shot”.

I include my dear brother in the above carnage. Were it not for the fraudulent lockdown and hospital protocols imposed by government, my brother would have been properly cared for in hospital and would not have died from a routine complaint in March 2021. My brother died of sepsis due to malpractice. Sepsis never killed anyone in hospital since WWI!

Dr. David Martin has been a long-time CovID-19 whistleblower from
the perspective of his knowledge of medical/scientific patents and who owns them

5 thoughts on “UPDATED: Truth Bombs dropping re: the vaxscam all over the world

    1. The airlines may have a cause of action against the governments that imposed the mandates. If this snowball continues to gather steam as it careens downhill…we’re in for some bumpy times in the next few days, IMO.


  1. Hi Francis:
    We’ve had to put up with a lot of crap over the past three years. Governments getting away with near medieval treatment of citizens; a kindergarten approach to knowledge, i.e., what is the most entertaining…not what’s the most logical.

    I have a feeling, however that the worm is about to turn.


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