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Why doesn’t this old fart just curl up and die??? SEE his disgusting WEF 2020-2030 Agenda below


Good morning readers. Just came back from visiting my husband’s relatives in the BC Interior, who I hadn’t seen since the covidian HOAX started. They’re all now vaxed and boostered. It was sad to discover they’re acting differently than before. They’re covID zombies. They talk less, talk about their vax status obsessively…they’re ‘gone’.

The occasion was my brother-in-law’s ’80th birthday party. On his birthday, October 20th, 2022, he had gone to the pharmacy and received both the flu shot and the covID shot, one in each arm as he proudly told us. I was floored and immediately became depressed by that notion–which I kept concealed and presented as just a guest at the party. My brother-in-law has had some recent health issues to do with a blocked artery in his neck. I was expecting him to be a bit slower than previous. But he was near catatonic. He hardly spoke and when he did, he mixed up dates/decades and seemed to have lost a sense of reality and focus.

It was sad to see. I don’t think he’s long for this world. The rest of the family seemed oblivious to the anti-vaxer movement–which I admitted I was part of. They did not know we purebloods were banned from pubs, restaurants for a year! The MSM has done a terrific job sheltering the main portion of the population from the reality of vaccine adverse events–what to look for. Also, they all take it as absolutely normal that almost all of them have come down with ‘covID’ after being vaxed.

My sister-in-law spent her entire working career as a nurse in a hospital, but she was as clueless as the rest…although she did admit it was a bit much when the federal government started saying we all had to be vaxxxed every 90 days! She agreed with me that, at some point, we had to “just say NO more”! They told us my adult nephew, a primary school teacher and his wife, a nurse, are both vaxxed for their jobs– but have decided not to vax their two children. A small dent in the covIDian Cult armour, but still, encouraging. I said goodbye with the admonition “No more vaxxcines!” I warned them: “The government is NOT your friend, and the Health Authority is also NOT your friend.” I left them looking back at me with that “deer caught in the headlights” stare.

Well, on to some newZ events that happened while I was away. First, the court action of Peoples Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier and former Premier of Newfoundland Brian Peckford to overturn the Travel Restrictions Mandates on the bases of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms–was thrown out of court this past week for being ‘moot’. Being ‘moot” means it’s no longer an issue–due to the matter being resolved out of court. Well, the reason Travel mandates are no longer an issue is because the Federal Government slyly dropped them for the express purposes of nullifying any court challenge. See how the Lie-beral, Turvert government is playing the justice/court system of Canada like a violin folks? Now, if they want to reinstate the Travel mandates at some future point [like in a couple of months], there’s no legal decision preventing them. Plus, there’s the legal precedent set of ‘successfully’ having already activated the mandates. Please see the link below for more details and I’ll continue this post thereafter:


Travel Mandate Lawsuits: Ruled Moot


Then we had more developments on the Turvertian scandal related to the Nova Scotia Mass Casualty Event Commission. Turvert is up to his eyeballs in ‘conflict of interest’ and ‘obstruction of justice’ allegations as the link below details;


Tories call for resignations after release of audio by Nova Scotia shooting inquiry

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his government didn’t interfere with a police investigation into the Nova Scotia mass shooting, following a Conservative party call for the resignation of former public safety minister Bill Blair and the RCMP’s commissioner.

The Opposition push for a resignation comes one day after Thursday’s release of recordings of a heated conference call between RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki and senior staff in Nova Scotia.

During that April 28, 2020, meeting, Lucki said she understood the police force couldn’t release certain details about the investigation into how a gunman killed 22 people during a 13-hour rampage earlier that month.

However, she told officers in Halifax that she felt frustrated when she learned the speaking notes used for an RCMP news conference earlier that day did not include basic information about the killer’s weapons in the April 18-19, 2020, rampage.

She can be heard saying her desire to publicly share these basic facts was in response to a request she received from a minister’s office, though she did not specify which minister or the exact nature of the request.

The Conservatives have seized on these comments to suggest the Liberal government was interfering in the police investigation to further its pending gun control legislation.

However, Trudeau told reporters on Friday the families of the victims and Canadians generally wanted answers about what guns were used, “and we wanted to make sure those families got as many answers as they could, as quickly as possible.”

Trudeau added the RCMP didn’t release more than the general information that the guns were semi-automatic pistols and rifles.

“Every step of the way we recognized and supported the fact the RCMP and the police of jurisdiction are the ones who decide what is released and when. They make decisions about how to balance the need of the public to get answers and the need to protect the integrity of investigations,” he said.

“As we saw in this case, it was the police who months later made that decision to release more information.”

Raquel Dancho, Conservative public safety critic, read a statement to reporters Friday calling for Blair and Lucki to resign immediately.

Dancho said the recordings released by the public inquiry into the shootings show Blair and Lucki misled Canadians and “lied” to a parliamentary committee looking into the matter.

She said the audio confirmed that the minister’s office requested the RCMP release sensitive information about the ongoing investigation, and that confirmation was given to the minister this would occur.

“We have a situation here where the minister is directing the RCMP to interfere in an investigation and that they were advised doing so would jeopardize that investigation,” said Dancho. “So very clearly, that is political pressure that they were putting on the commissioner to interfere in the investigation.”

Lucki has said during hearings of the public inquiry that she did not consider answering questions from the minister’s office to be equivalent to taking direction from the minister.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Oct. 21, 2022.

The Canadian Press


Finally, there’s the other scandal Turvert is up to his eyeballs in: Invoking the Emergencies Act [Martial law] based on a legal, peaceful demonstration where he refused to meet the leaders due to cowardice and pride and, instead, trampled [literally with police horses] the fundamental rights of all citizens of Canada.

Below is a Tweet that includes a brief video where CPC MP Raquel Dancho succinctly summarizes why the Trucker Freedom Convoy came to Ottawa in the first place. Please watch the video below and I will have concluding links to follow:

Links: H/T Dennis

Reminder: A “Peaceful Culling” is Underway

The Club of Rome was founded in 1968 to deliberately push the global climate terrorism agenda in order to usher in the eventual planetary Great Reset.

Today, the WEF and UN and their various assets are the public faces of this PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE scam.

One of the founders and thought leaders of the Club of Rome was sociopathic enough to agree to an interview where he admits their eugenics agenda in plain sight:

“We can have 1 Billion people with freedom, or 9 Billion slaves. We’re at over 7 Billion right now, so we need to bring that down to 1 Billion.
I hope that culling can be peaceful and slow and equal between rich and poor.” -Dennis Meadows (author of Limits to Growth) Club of Rome


U.N. says ‘Food Shortages are essential to creating cheap slave labour’


In 2008, an article touting the benefits of world hunger for creating a cheap, motivated workforce was published on the United Nations’ website. The article resurfaced recently on Twitter and went viral; it was promptly taken down by the U.N. within 24 hours.

The crux of the article is that the elite class has a distinct motivation to not end world hunger, because if everyone is well-nourished, there may be no one willing to provide cheap labour and slave away at some of the most physically demanding and unpleasant jobs on the planet.

While the U.N. claimed the article was satire, its author denied that it was a satirical piece and said it was intended to raise awareness that some people benefit from the existence of hunger in the world.


Greencrow concludes: While many are waking up…the degree of somnolence in the general population is astonishing and disturbing. We sentients keep doing what we can. I find my own vaxxed partner is not quite as resistance to the truth–when I force-feed it down his gullet–like the old ‘stuffing the Christmas goose’ process of several generations ago. [BREAKING NEWS: Alberta Premier Danielle Smith publicly apologizes to all unvaccinated for the discrimination we have experienced in the past several years]

Here is a good graphic depicting what I do and what I did with my husband’s relatives this past week: Thanks to FreakedOut

5 thoughts on “Greencrow back online -with lotsa links for readers

  1. Thanks Greencrow. This was a confirming article. Grateful you made it to your rellies and back safely, as in no severe weather events. Looking forward to more truth coming to light, as seems to be happening every day. I appreciate your take on the going’s on in this country and worldwide. A million thank yous for all you do.

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  2. Hi Okanagangoddess:

    I was up in Penticton, your neck of the woods. Lots of homeless in Penticton. Thanks for your support. I really do appreciate the words of encouragement, especially as the stories I have to tell get more and more apocalyptic.


  3. I try to tell myself not to engage with the brainwashed but also cannot help myself when the opportunity arises. Some of these people don’t even realise that we could not work or travel for more than half a year all the while having our supposed leaders spew misinformation and hate towards 6M of us! Like you say, more “truth” is becoming mainstream now, it is ever more difficult for the parasites to hide their misguided policies.

    Hopefully your interactions will help your family to start questioning one day when they see something that doesn’t add up to them. So good on you for trying and not giving up on them!


  4. Reading your reports down here in Redding, Ca. Thank you for your efforts to keep the info coming.
    I must ask, do you have any anticipation that any SERIOUS action will ever be taken to end the government oppression?


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