Mother nature is being trans-gendered into a ‘Weather Weapon’ Monster

Good morning beloved sentients. It’s a cool, grey overcast day in the Vancouver lower mainland. We’ve had some rain intermittently over the past three or four days…the first real rain in nearly four months–since the end of June, 2022. Out here, in what was formerly called the North Pacific Temporate Rain Forest, the huge cedars, spruce and Douglas fir require about 100 gallons of water EACH a day to thrive. So, with the four-month drought, almost all the trees on our coast are now extremely stressed–if not already dead or dying.

IMO, this has all been done by design. Watch and listen to the video about Agenda 2030 below. You will see that the Perverted PerpZ Plan is to move all the coastal dwellers inland to purpose-built ‘smart’ [24/7 surveillance] highrise ghettos in inner cities–located in the North American continental interior.

This was also the plan in China, which met with a huge passive resistance, leading to entire cities of hundreds of thousands of vacant highrises in China–that I saw with my own eyes–when we visited China in 2018. But, failure to force humans to do their bidding has never stopped the perpZ. The Satanists have ‘all the time in the world‘[TM].


Greencrow continues: The Satanic plan is to destroy the ecosystem on the all coasts on the planet, including the North American West Coast and make it unviable for humans, animals or plant life. This is proof positive that the PerpZ don’t give a shit about the environment. They put Planetary ‘control’ as a priority over every other outcome. Their methodology is so secretive, sinister and insidious that the Sheeple are totally unaware that there is a malevolent ‘human’ hand behind the weather. Below, Amazing Polly St. George, one of the handful of aware humans willing to document and speak out about this ongoing atrocity, presents a YouTube video where the perps openly speak about their weather weaponizing technology. Watch her video below:

Amazing Polly St. George’s Bitchute video on man made climate change aka modification


Greencrow continues: Yes, folks, the only good news for little moi in all of this is that I won’t be around to see the destruction of our beautiful west coast ‘Garden of Eden’. No doubt the perpZ were planning to off most of the boomers and other vulnerable folk with their genetic DNA-destroying vaccines–but many of us surprisingly resisted and have become a ‘control-group’, exposing their diabolical scheme. More about weather weaponization in the video below:


Greencrow continues: Folks, does it ever cross your mind to imagine what kind of entities are involved in the rolling out of the weather weaponization Hoax? We already know it was corrupt ‘HELLth care’ borgs like “Dr. Fauci” and “Dr. Tam” who betrayed their species by rolling out the Plandemic Hoax. IMO, it is similar corrupt “scientists” who are rolling out the WeaponiZed Weather ‘Climate Change’ Hoax. What are their identities/names, and where do they do their rotten bidness? That we still don’t know. I have said many times on Twitter that if there is a hot war with Russia over Ukraine, I do hope that Putin will aim his ballistic/stealth missiles at the weather weaponization control centers first. Wouldn’t it be great if Putin took out [incinerated] each and every one of them all over the world in a matter of moments?

BUT, I do harbour a grave fear that these hubs are not even on this planet anymore. I suspect the weather weaponization has been completely algorithm-ed and now operates autonomously from outer space, no longer under the control of humans. Perhaps the weather on earth has been programmed for the next couple of centuries–and nobody can change it–except by blasting the satellites out in space! Talk about the Satanists believing they are now God!

Below, is a link supplied to me by blog contributor Renate that talks about the betrayal of humanity by scientists:


H/T Renate:



Greencrow continues: Yes. folks, the demons have come a long way–since they first set up their now primitive HAARP weather weaponizing technology in Alaska. But apparently even that’s still going functioning…as can be seen in the link from Twitter below:


HAARP to begin largest set of experiments at its new observatory

DCIM\100MEDIA\DJI_0053.JPG Photo courtesy of HAARP
The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program near Gakona, Alaska, includes a phased array of 180 high-frequency crossed-dipole antennas spread across 33 acres and capable of radiating 3.6 megawatts into the upper atmosphere and ionosphere.

HAARP at it again. They re-started and now sending light beams to the moon and Jupiter


This will of course set off a chain reaction on our planet – earthquakes and volcanoes plus the added bonus of severe weather that they can blame climate change on



Greencrow concludes: Sentients, I have come to believe that much, if not all, of what takes place in geopolitics on this earth is merely a distraction from what the scientists are doing behind the stratospheric curtain–and in outer space. Of course, what they’ve told us they’ve been doing is a complete lie and HOAX. Like the Apollo missions to the moon in the 60’s and 70’s for example. Complete hoaxes and lies:



IMO, when the perpZ finally admit that the entire Apollo mission[s] to the moon was a complete hoax–they’ll have completed their algorhymic capture of our planet. Earth will then be controlled by autonoumous satellites from outer space. Our earthly weather will then be used as a system of control/reward/punishment/enslavement.

They will, at last, reveal to humanity that they’ve hoaxed us for decades and generations–while at the same time telling us there’s not a fucking thing we can do about it–or anything else they’ve done for that matter. We’ll be like butterflies in a Bell Jar by that time.

The only possible hope for humanity, IMO, is if Putin takes them and their weather weaponiZing lairs out. After all…

…they’re also causing massive ‘climate change’–manufactured droughts and extreme weather’ across Siberia.


GREENCROW NOTICE TO READERS: I’ll be again away from my computer for a few days repositioning. Also, I got rid of my gmail account–which caused an unexpected domino effect on my blog Protonmail account–which is now also out of service. I do not have the time to reinstate my Protonmail account–and set up a new gmail account. So, to all my contributors, if you’ve had trouble accessing my Protonmail account, that’s the reason why. Hopefully, all will be corrected by the end of the week. In the meantime, if you want to communicate with me, please put a comment at the bottom of this post. Just a reminder, however, I no longer accept anonymous [no name] comments. See you soon and stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Mother nature is being trans-gendered into a ‘Weather Weapon’ Monster

  1. Hi GC
    Thank you for the links and video(s). It’s funny just before visiting your blog I ‘paused’ Dana Wigington’s ‘The Dimming’ …watching it for the 2d/3d time as I refer back to it often. Here where I live we have had a drought since about the beginning/middle of August. I knew when it started it was so ALL THE SELL OUT FARMER’S could get ALL THE GMO GRAIN in harvest. We haven’t seen a drop since and our native flora and fauna is in terrible decline. Here is what I do know and for whatever it’s worth…
    After observing their methods…it confirmed to me to be true. These chemtrail planes fly between cell towers…make a grid and on and on they go…besides the cloud (what clouds lol) seeding. To make it a drought they do the gridding to disperse clouds. ALSO…make note that to activate a cell tower’s 5G or EMF…it takes the use of cell phones and wifi to be activated. When these are NOT activated the cell tower’s beam is moot. This is something I recently learned as I thought the EMF was consistently beaming. So with this WE ALL COLLECTIVELY can stall some of this process by limiting our use of cell phones etc…however, the big stuff the Gov is doing will continue.

    Only The Almighty can stop this insanity…yes, I too wish Putin would or could but I don’t believe he will. The madness of these scientists will never stop their control as they operate as if they are God….which is the Anti Christ. God is allowing this up to a point…then as in the days of Noah the Judgement will be final. The harder these scientists work against God’s Creation the stronger the Judgement will be…and is. Just as Dana pointed out…when there is a drought in one place it is because they were able to change the course of the rain/moisture and dump it on another place…so YES our rain is not only dispersed…it is stolen. As Katherine Austin Fits pointed out in The Dimming…they even use this tech as a [com·mod·i·ty – a raw material or primary agricultural product that can be bought and sold, such as copper or coffee.]…how evil is that? That is happening where you live and now where I am. It gets worse every year. If you haven’t seen this article yet here’s the link:
    Dutchsinse has found earthquakes at the gigantic power lines how much more through the HAARP abomination in Alaska, DEW madness. We must make our hearts right with God.

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  2. Hi Jody:

    Thanks for the link. More and more sentients are getting up to speed on the “climate change’ hoax which will, as I often predict, make the Plandemic Hoax look like a Sunday School Picnic.


    1. Hi Radar…passing this on to everyone and please share. It may be rhetorical but this spyware is taking our liberty away more and more.
      Israel used Pegasus spyware to track down leaders of Lion’s Den: Report

      [Pegasus and its parent company – Israel’s NSO Group – have been on the news over the past year after it was revealed the spyware has been used by many governments to spy on activists, journalists, and political leaders.

      The spyware is capable of reading text messages, tracking calls, collecting passwords, tracking location, accessing the target device’s microphone and camera, and harvesting information from apps.]


  3. Hi Sparrow and Radar: thanks for your comments. I’ve been in transit and was unable to access the blog. I did not know about 5G either. Now I know why the US/NATO allowed Russia to win the arms race. They long ago decided to put all their energies/taxpayer money into Weather WeaponiZation and EMP DEW. That way the globalists could not only control foreigners, but they could/can control their own populations. They long ago considered all free peoples their enemies.


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