Canada’s Family Album

Good morning sentients. Just a short post today because we’re again repositioning. I have included a couple of short videos that describe the current state of Canada. As I type, the Ontario provincial government is again threatening mask mandates for public spaces. As we all remember, that is how last year’s tiptoe to tyranny began in the fall…with mask mandates. It ended up by having vax passports and lockdowns. So, we’re again on the cusp. By now, anyone with two brain cells to rub together will have figured out that they are going to go through this cycle every fall–until they get their depopulation quotas met. What was it they want? Oh yes, I remember. They want a 90% reduction in population–with the survivors digitally and biometrically enslaved.

Greencrow continues: Meanwhile, the Satanic jackass JFT has gone on another multimillion dollar jaunt to a far-flung place [southeast Asia] with his palace stooges in tow. He’s gone to some WEFer Circle Jerk for the Great Reset economy. Wonder who will get the $6,000 per night suite this time. He’s taken his paramour–Ministress of Foreign Affairs, Melanie Jolie. The problem with JFTurvert’s non-stop travel at taxpayer expense is that so far at least, he has always returned. As the time comes closer for him to testify at the Emergencies Act Inquiry going on in Ottawa, I have a sneaking suspicion that he’ll abdicate and flee to some remote corner of the world. I don’t know if Epstein’s Island is up for sale yet…but somewhere like that. Let me restate my prediction so there’s no confusion: JFT will NOT testify before the Commission. He will come up with some virtue-signaling excuse not to testify. He’s a fundamental coward and physiologically unable to face his accusers in an open forum to account for his behaviour…never mind accept responsibility for it!

I see where Ontario Premier Doug Ford has already declined to testify–so the precedent is being set. Apparently, the Commission has had to go to court to try and force Ford to testify.

Greencrow concludes: Yes, the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy to Ottawa last February 2022 almost literally saved my life. As I said in my previous post, I had lost the will to live after last Christmas, when I became the only member of my immediate and extended family to remain unvaxed. The Satanists were then poised to come after my granddaughters. I hit such a low point–that I have never reached before or since. Ultimately, it was the hope that sprung from the Trucker’s Convoy that gave me the will to live and continue fighting the demons. This is what I have continued to do in the subsequent months of 2022. But now I see the perpZ rolling out their same old, same old, depopulation tactics.

Why the sheeple can’t connect the dotZ between the python-like strangulation of public freedom–and the loosening up of the MAIDs criteria I’ll never know.

I saw this past week where the Federal government is shortly going to allow people to get euthaniZed for mental health issues–along with the current criteria of physical disabilities and chronic/terminal diseases. This announcement was made in the MSM at the same time as all the fear-porn related to reimposition of mask mandates. HELLOOOO, FUCKING HELLLOOOOOOO!

If they bring back the same depop lockdowns and mandates as they had last year at the time the Truckers mobilized…I am prepared to go to jail.

Yes, come and arrest this grandma you satanic bastards!

Stay tuned folks.

12 thoughts on “Canada’s Family Album

  1. It will be really interesting if Ford brings back the mask and covid shot mandates while Alberta does not. By comparing the outcomes from the two provinces, we will all see how useless the masks and shots are. Will Ford or JFTurvert risk this embarrassing comparison?

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  2. Oh, Greencrow, you feisty grandma! I so admire you. Private plane, not many people on board….. same mind set. You are not far from wrong thinking that JFT will run when it’s his turn. I hope Ford gets ‘towed’ in to testify. Quivering gelatinous coward. The fat emperor was spot on. This is the time for people to not comply. Enough! In the new year, MAID will go into effect for ‘mature’ children. WTF does that mean? A 12 year old that knows his parents middle names and can cook his own KD? People, arise and stand your ground. Keep the faith, Greencrow. We’re in this together.

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    1. Hi OkanaganGoddess. The perpZ are already preying on “mature children”. Did you see the video this week about the 18-year-old who is suing some doctors in the US for the sex change procedures she underwent when she was 12? She has multiple chronic disabilities now. She’s full of regret/vengeance. There’s always been a good reason for the ‘age of consent’ to be 18 for somethings and 21 for others.


      1. My kids wanted the quackzines when they were in school. I refused. They wanted to be like the others. Sorry, you’re unique and when you become an adult you can do as you please. Rebellion? Hadn’t heard of this young person going through hell, that will continue for the rest of her life. Grateful I don’t and won’t have grandchildren in this horrific time. It’s criminal that this started 6 years ago.

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      2. You’re lucky to be able to choose for your children. My two sons are adults and thumbed their noses at my advice…laughed at me and ridiculed my beliefs. Now there’s this:

        The 12 year old female had a double mastectomy and puberty-blocking drugs when she was 12. Now she’s a mess. With long term disabilities from the procedures.


  3. To quote Dr Vernon Coleman

    “Please remember that you are not alone. More and more people are waking up. And once they are awake they don’t go back to sleep. Which means that our numbers are growing daily.”

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  4. If the bring back the mask mandate in schools we will pull our boys out. We’re not doing this. Some others will do the same as well, although here in Ottawa we are among some of the most brainwashed in the country.

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    1. Hi Hornet. You being in Ottawa, ‘ground Zero for perniciousness’. We’d appreciate updates from you from time to time. We were treated to the ‘Ottawa Whiners’ Society’ at the Emergency Act Inquiry a few weeks ago. Is there another side to that mewling story???


      1. Hi GC,
        Unfortunately I don’t have much to update you on wrt the inquiry. Many I work with, most actually, are pathetically typical of the pro-narrative type, which as you can imagine makes for an “interesting” work environment. I try to introduce cracks in their programming from time to time but the spell is strong. Nevertheless there are many in Ottawa who did support the convoy – some in my family were there everyday – and they are trying to make their voices heard but I won’t lie, sometimes it feels like the massive wave of ignorance and stupidity here is overwhelming. Just look at who Ottawa almost voted in as Mayor (McKenney)! That thing is a walking disaster and a significant portion of the population voted for her.

        Walls will come crashing down all over Canada and folks in Ottawa will read the paper and then go to Starbucks thinking “what’s the world coming to, now better get a latte capucino chocolate thingamajig” as though it doesn’t touch them at all. Many of them are truly believers, they just can’t conceive that the “experts” are clueless at best, they have too much invested in this system to see that the system they depend on is hopelessly broken and will be hitting rock bottom. To be honest, I think they are talking about masks now due to the growing crisis in the healthcare system and our clueless “experts” simply don’t have a clue as to what to do, but of course they have to do something… That this is their go-to solution speaks volumes about their inability to bring any sort of effective (and safe!) solution.

        I can see a growing divergence between city dwellers who tend to toe the line and those that live in smaller towns and rural areas, and also between some provinces and the Feds, to an extent that in my opinion (for what it’s worth) the integrity of our country could be at risk in the next few years. If the US were to break up eventually (seemingly a growing probability of this), what would hold Canada together? I could see Alberta and Saskatchewan walking away if push came to shove, especially if folks here continue to be delusional and to push their ideology in the face of a serious crises. And in the meantime most of our social systems are crumbling (schools and health care come to mind), at this pace what will things look like in just a few years?

        Sorry for the unrelated thoughts/rant – this is pretty much what I am seeing from my vantage point. For all this, I do have hope and optimism in that for us to rebuild, the existing system must first hit rock bottom. I think we are headed there.

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  5. Astute observations Hornet. Very relevant and much appreciated! I speak from here on Vancouver Island so there’s a lot of Canada between us. God bless the Ottawans who supported the Convoy and were there every day. Someday, as I have said many times on Twitter, they will come to realize they witnessed firsthand the greatest event in Canadian History!


    1. I am with you on the convoy! My wife and I and our two kids were about to flee the country, then for the first time we saw that yes, there are MANY of us, we are not alone. It gave me hope for the country for the first time TBH.

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