Autism is caused by the MMR Childhood vaccine

Good afternoon readers. Discovered an excellent thread on Twitter yesterday which I decided to reproduce in full below. Before you read it, however, for those new to this blog I would like to share how I discovered that my oldest son [now 40 with two young children, one of whom has been diagnosed with autism] became a victim of vaccines.

When I first started being a child protection social worker for the British Columbia government back in 2006 I was stationed out in Surrey where my caseload consisted completely of autistic children and their families. A program was run by the government that provided independent funding to parents whose children were diagnosed with autism. They were supposed to use that funding, roughly $20,000 to find programs and services to ameliorate the symptoms of autism during the developmental years of the child. Programs and services were notoriously hard to find but parents who qualified for the funding were happy to receive it as some degree of government assistance to give their children hope that their lives would be somewhat useful and fulfilling.

While working with the children and families it slowly became clear to me that these children were victims of vaccine injury. I don’t remember the exact moment the light went on, but I do remember having whispered conversations with parents where we shared our suspicions. Other social workers I worked with also suspected and alluded to the cause of the autism that had devestated hundreds of children on our caseloads.

I also don’t remember the exact moment when I connected the dots between the symptoms of autism I was seeing in the children on my caseload and my own son who, by that time, was in middle school. My son was perfectly normal and in fact had an advanced vocabulary until he was three. I do remember taking him for his MMR shot at our pediatrician’s office. He remembers it too because the Pediatrician had a realistic rocking horse that my son rode on while waiting for his shot. He also remembers it because, as he told me years later when he was an adult, the next morning when he woke up, he could not feel his legs when he got out of bed. I do remember his arm was sore and inflamed looking but the doctor had told us that was to be expected.

After my son got his shot his behaviour deteriorated, he lost his ability to focus and he had bowel problems [constipation] until he was in grade seven. When he was in pre-school he was assigned his own teacher because of his behavioral issues. My son began to “stim” shake his hands when he was excited. He had a hard time making and keeping friends right up until grade seven.

Why was grade seven such an important year in my son’s life? That was because I finally put my foot down and insisted [against doctors advice] that he be put on Ritilin. I do remember the first day he was on Ritalin [low dose] because that was the first time he could control a pencil enough to write a sentence. That was also the first time he managed control of his toileting and soon after that he began to make friends at school. My son has been on Ritalin all his life ever since but only uses it on the job and for special events where he needs to focus. He knows he has ADD but he absolutely refuses to accept that his ADD was caused by the MMR vaccine as I have tried to tell him. His generation has been weaponized against anyone who tries to connect vaccines with adverse effects. He has got all his covID shots as has his family.

Now that you know my own story about vaccine injury up close and personal, please read the story of “Jay”. You will see there are many similarities. My journey parallels Jay’s in many respects–even the religious connection. I never believed in God so much as when I saw the evil in the world and began to believe in Satan. I will have a few comments at the end of Jay’s story…

This is Jay’s story……

“In 2009, the MMR injured my son. He exceeded every developmental milestone, but the next day he developed a fever & vertigo. Took to the ER after falling. He then stopped developing, lost all language, chronic health issues and regressed into a shell of himself.

Despite the gaslighting, we told the pediatrician we were done vaccinating (both my injured son and also my newborn son). Then we received a letter that we were being kicked out of the practice. I was confused.

I didn’t know what an “anti-vaxxer” was. I didn’t know it was a controversial subject. And I sure didn’t know that pharmaceutical companies incentivized vaccine compliance. I thought I was simply refusing a medical procedure…like an x-ray

It wasn’t until we found TACA did we start to find some answers. TACA is an organization where local parents of autistic children get together to support each other.

At the time, it stood for Talk About Curing Autism. Wait what?! CURING?? We were told by EVERYONE it was genetic. And just about every parent had the same story. Vaccine Injury -> autism.

Mind blown, eyes opened, all in. Meeting parents and getting some direction was invaluable. Conferences like Autism One were also fantastic. Met more parents (w/ the same story), doctors promoting detox & healthy lifestyles, and even some very awake celebrities.

Now when the mainstream media discovered these doctors and celebrities, they raked them over the freaking coals. That was my first glimpse of the deeply rooted media corruption.

We started seeing DAN doctors (Defeat Autism Now), bio-med doctors, homeopaths, out of network neurologists. The kitchen sink of supplements and treatments. Nothing was covered by insurance. Savings account drained. But totally worth it.

We’ve recovered so much. He was present again. No longer lost in a world of stimming and moaning. We still have a ways to go. We haven’t recovered speech (yet). But his light is back on. I’ve seen full recovery first hand. Autism is medical and treatable.

Then SB 277 happened. Disneyland had a supposed measles outbreak in Jan 2015 and by Feb 2015, there was already legislation in place to strip Californians of vaccine exemptions. Wow that was fast.


States across the country were in lockstep going after exemptions. Our state of Illinois (at the time) passed legislation to make it significantly harder to get an exemption. We fought it. Writing letters, protesting, anything we can do.

SB 277 was my red pill moment for everything beyond medical greed and incompetence. I realized that it is much more diabolical. A corruption involving pharma, politicians, the media. It was about power and control.

We fought tirelessly for medical freedom and raising awareness while continuing to heal our son. I was never very political. I leaned conservative but had plenty of liberal friends and family in Illinois. All that changed in 2016.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton ran for president. I didn’t care much about any of the candidates, but after the Disneyland measles “incident” politicians began exposing themselves. And pharma financed Hillary wasn’t shy about her position.

Now I know that the HRC rabbit hole is deeper than that, but at the time this is what mattered to me. I was a one issue voter. My gut told me she was bad news. And we’d be screwed if she won.

Fast forward to covid. Now living in Arizona. Right from the start of the “pandemic”, many of us in the community saw right through it. And we knew that once the vaccines arrived, it was going to get messy. We saw mandates and passports coming a mile away.

They’ve been trying this same “covid” game plan for years, albeit on a much smaller scale, but the goal was always the same: Terrorize us to voluntarily give up our freedoms in exchange for security.

But we were ready for it. We were already hardened from years of fighting. The community was ready to hold the line before the “pandemic” ever kicked off.

Most of us have already lost friends and family through the years living an alternative lifestyle. Losing more during the “pandemic” was just more of the same. We were already numb to it.

It wasn’t their fault, though. They were weaponized against us. Everything was coordinated. The fear mongering. The threats. The discrimination. Even politicizing the vaccine was intentional.

But our community wasn’t alone holding the line. Other communities of “truthers” joined us in this fight. We didn’t have to agree on everything, but we had a common enemy and common cause that unified us.

We began to share information. Waking people up to our specific cause. Our community was able to share information about all vaccines to those skeptical of the covid vaccines. Finally, it was happening. People willing to listen. Fertile soil for planting seeds.

Sharing outlawed information on social media. They tried to convince us to get off it. They said Social Media was dangerous. Remember the “Social Dilemma” doc on Obama’s Netflix? When that didn’t work, they buried us with an algorithm. And then they just kicked us off.

Then the lockdowns happened. Masks happened. Along with weaponized discrimination. But we held the line. I’ve been thrown out of Sprouts more times than I could count for not masking. I’m sure they hated putting back my full shopping cart. But I never stopped going.

Then the church that I went to shut down. When they finally reopened it, they had a mask mandate. Many churches followed suit. They answered to the government and made excuses for doing so. This infuriated me.


This is when I realized that behind the corruption was a very real evil. Biblical evil. It finally dawned on me that the Bible is not from “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away”. We are living it. I began to see it everywhere.

I started seeing evil in the media (tv, radio, movies), politics, and very much pharmaceuticals (pharmakeia). And it’s not horns and pitchforks as much as it’s godlessness in the guise of love. Satan has been here a long time and has perfected this ruse.

I started to crave scripture. I left my old church and I started reading the Bible with my family every night. I recently found a Bible study group here in Twitter and I think it’s a nice fit. This feels like an actual walk with Christ.

As you may have already realized, I never mentioned God at the beginning of my story. I did grow up Christian. I put in my hour a week. Prayed before bed. But I never had a relationship. I lived a hypocrites life. I know I still do but I see it now and want to do better.

I never put God first. If someone asked how we got so far with my son’s recovery, I’d name some diet or treatment or supplement. But it was only through God’s grace and mercy that we’ve accomplished so much. And when he’s completely healed, it will be to show God’s glory.

I know that we’re being used by God. I try to be thankful for our trials & tribulations. I pray for the faith to trust God’s plan, whatever it may be. I’m thankful for being saved. And I plan to re-baptize my boys myself at the river when they’re ready to live for Christ.

I still blame myself for my son’s injury. It’s hard not to. The guilt broke me for a while, but now I use it as fuel. It’s my motivation. But this is very much a story of triumph and I’m glad that I got to share it with you all.

I originally wrote this because someone DM’d me asking about my story. But I figured I’d just share it with everyone. I can probably go into further detail on every post but I’ll save it for the book.


I know that many of you have the exact same story. But I really appreciate you reading it. And if you’ve made it this far, let me know so I can follow you if I don’t already. To be continued…”

Coming soon to a cell phone near you!


Greencrow concludes: Like Jay and many other parents whose children have been injured by Big Pharma’s moneymaking vaxxxZines, I have become very gun shy. I will not take any vaccines into my body and even shun injections of any kind including acupuncture [which I used to get regularly for my arthritis].

My life has been made a living hell because of the Turvert government’s evil pushing of toxic vaccines on the population. I was taken to the limit of my endurance last December when my husband of 43 years got vaccinated without my knowledge and/or consent. I lost my will to live which was only restored when the Truckers began their journey across Canada to Ottawa to demonstrate against the vaccine mandates.

What pushed me to the very edge was not just the fundamental betrayal of my husband but the knowledge that the governments [Federal and Provincial] were now coming for my two granddaughters. I was told by my son not to discuss the subject of vaccines with him again after I wrote him a detailed e-mail, pleading with him not to allow them to be vaccinated. He said if I brought the subject up again, he would not come to our home for Christmas. Folks, that’s what I mean when I say the government has weaponiZed our children against us.

The saddest thing in my entire 75 years of existence is the reality that my 8-year-old granddaughter has been diagnosed with autism and has qualified for the same program of compensation that I managed when I was a social worker back in 2006. She got her autism from the MMR vaccine [or the doZens of other vaccines they push on our children these days]. Yes, my granddaughter has also been severely injured by vaccines…and just last Spring I suspect she was vaccinated with the toxic/steriliZing and life limiting CovID-19 mRNA shit. I suspect, but I don’t know for sure because I am terrified to bring up the topic. I don’t want to know.

Folks, that’s why the Truckers crossed Canada and demonstrated in Ottawa last January/February. To stop the living nightmare of hell we sentients face every day of our lives…with no end in sight.

10 thoughts on “Autism is caused by the MMR Childhood vaccine

  1. There is no doubt that the MMR vaccine causes autism. Del Bigtree made a documentary on this called VAXXED. Here is a link to it:

    Everyone with small children should watch it. Before the MMR vaccine the autism rate was about 1 in 10,000 and now it is about 1 in 34 for boys and a little less for girls. Even the US CDC is now admitting that the MMR vaccine causes autism but it is still being used. Totally shocking.

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  2. Hi Greencrow,
    A very good and important post! Thanks for sharing your personal info on this topic.
    I started waking up about vaccines many years ago. I also know of a few others who woke up about vaccines and then looked into many other topics the Perps have lied to us about…” what else are they lying about?”….right? Astute parents KNOW their children! It’s gratifying to know you, Jay and many other parents/individuals have broken through the web of lies about vaccines! πŸ‘

    Since we’re on the subject of wellness I thought I would share a short 15 minute video I came across today on “Earthing” (grounding), which is something we talked about before but this adds more info on how one can benefit from “Earthing”. The science backs it!

    “DOWN TO EARTH | The Earthing Movie 15 min Short Film”

    Since many of us live in the colder climates you can easily bring “Earth ground” into your home to achieve Earthing. I guess it’s been known to help with various types of inflammation, like arthritis, for instance. This natural, and cheap, modality seems to make a lot of sense to me.

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  3. Hi FreakedOut

    Thanks for your comment. Readers should also be aware that you helped me through that dark day last December when I hit rock bottom. It still amazes me that someone from the East Coast, who I’ve never met personally, helped me–when none of my friends or family would. It just shows the bond between sentient truthers.

    I will have a look at the video you linked. As I’ve mentioned, my Proton mail is down so I’m using the comments here until I can get it back up. This might be a while, because I have a lot going on other than blogging at the moment. Sitting and deleting copious e-mails and pics will have to wait for a couple of days.


  4. Hi Gord:

    Thank FreakedOut for the video. I watched it this morning and I will also be more aware of this method of natural healing in the future. It’s cold and snowy here at the moment…not a good time to go out barefoot. But I will definitely keep it in mind going forward!


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