LIVE World Premiere: “Died Suddenly”

Folks, the above link is to the new Stew production movie “Died Suddenly”. I’m in the middle of watching it right now. Lots of new stuff about the US Military being descimated by the vaxxxZine which the movie says is an intended depopulator. Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schwab are named as the usual suspects in this genocide.

By a sad coincidence, my hubby’s best friend [after the best friend who died suddenly at the beginning the of the Plandemic via “Hospital Protocols”] told him this evening that he has been diagnosed with bladder cancer. This best friend has been multiply jabbed and was a big pusher of the vax on my husband last year…so they could drink beer together at the local pub.

11 thoughts on “LIVE World Premiere: “Died Suddenly”

    1. Hi Noor and Radar:

      This documentary really sticks with you. The images came back to me time and again as I tried to sleep last night. It being premiered the very night when my husband told me his heavily vaxxed friend has cancer is eerie. I almost called this friend to tell him to stop badgering my husband to get vaxxed last year at this very time. It wouldn’t have stopped hubby anyway. But I always resented him afterwards.

      So now we have the long, sad death watch as, one after another, our gullible sheep-like friends and family “Died Suddenly”.

      The tiny glimmer of good news is that over the past two years those of us with two brain cells in our heads have managed to forge friendships and alliances with other sentients. I don’t have anyone in my real world who is unvaxxxxed. Not one. But I do have many online friends and even kindred spirits that I don’t know personally but can follow online–like Stew Peters for one. God Bless him for putting out this movie.


  1. Hi Greencrow

    “I don’t have anyone in my real world who is unvaxed”

    You are not alone.

    Ostracized almost three years and now we have this…

    College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario “Suggests”: Unvaccinated Patients Are Mentally Ill and Should be Put on Psychiatric Medication

    I have to be careful what I say and do or they will be calling again…

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  2. GC,

    I just finished watching “Died Suddenly”. Thanks for posting the link to it. I can’t help but wonder what our society is going to look like in 5 years. There are people that do critical very specialized jobs like running oil refineries, power plants, water treatment plants, etc. What will happen if most of them die or are unable to work? Who will run the plants? They must be fully staffed and can’t run with a skeleton crew . Will we have a Mad Max society where it is every man for himself? I wonder.

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  3. Hi Ron:

    The longer this goes on the more I’m leaning towards it being a “selective cull”. A smattering of deaths across the board–just to test the product, but most genocide occurring in the elderly, infirm, and children/unborn. Perhaps the highly skilled/essential workers will be spared–at least until they get their AI in place.


  4. Hi Greencrow
    Having watched the film ‘Died Suddenly’, which was informative, I am trying to fit it in with what I see daily.
    I know plenty of jabbed people and they’re all perfectly fine. Most of them are elderly and have received all the jabs and boosters going.
    If you visited here it’s almost like normal times except masks have to be worn in pharmacies and other medical places like dentists and the like.
    I am an unjabbed recovered woman and I am just trying to make sense of it all because there’s such a huge disconnect between what I see online and what I see irl.
    I have seen in other comments that other people live in places where the jab has made no difference.
    I live in a popular holiday destination and everybody seems well, whether they’re visitors or locals. Also women have had perfectly normal babies, the jabbed recover from illness normally.
    Just thought you’d like to know that some places are seemingly unaffected by this.

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  5. Hi Claire:
    i agree with you that there’s a real disconnect between what we see in real life vs what some of the medical and other experts are testifying to in the movie “Died Suddenly”. Everyone I know personally has been jabbed–as I’ve said many times on this blog. Almost everyone is in perfect health so far.

    There are a few disturbing indications which the jabbed brush off as being irrelevant and/or unrelated to the jab…but which sentients like myself [and of course the scientists, medical personnel and frontline workers] recognize as possible outcomes of the jabs/booooosters.

    My husband’s friend who suddenly developed bladder cancer was a heavy smoker right up till a couple of years ago. He’s also a heavy drinker and takes drugs for COPD…so that is, of course, what the cancer is now being attributed to. Some are thinking that all the uptick in disease, sterility and “sudden death” will be brushed off, as autism was for years…as just a genetic frailty…or due to mom drinking during pregnancy.

    Claire, when you think about it, we wouldn’t even know about the alternative view of covID were it not for the Internet. That is the real variable in all of this. The perps have probably been doing this kind of culling/livestock management for hundreds of thousands of years. Humanity never knew, because there was nothing other than the official version of events. Watching what happened during 9/11, where 3,000 innocent citizens were murdered in broad daylight in the middle of NYC and the perpetrators not only got away with it but began two foreign wars, got huge insurance payouts and made a ‘killing’ on the stock market–gave me an inkling of the control they have over what we perceive as ‘reality’.

    The truest thing about the movie “Died Suddenly” is when several of the witnesses remarked on the true evil in the world–that they had never realized prior to the Plandemic.


  6. Sorry to hear about your hubby’s friend. Sadly my husband’s friend, who has also been triple injected, has been diagnosed with bladder cancer too. The next few years are going to be interesting.


  7. We need to keep witnessing to this carnage Joanne. I now believe that’s why I’m still alive at almost 76, when many of my younger friends and siblings are not. I’m here to witness…and to speak up for the truth and for the victims. I can do it because at this stage in my life I am not afraid of losing a job. I have lost everything else of value in my life and “When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.” This has become my reality.


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