EA Inquiry – Week of Decision

Brendan Miller was making reasonable points. Trudeau’s friendly judge had him removed just days before he was set to cross-examine the Prime Minister himself. He must be allowed back in. STORY:

NOTICE TO READERS: This post was first published on November 22, 2022. Since the Emergencies Act Inquiry has entered a pivotal week of testimony I have decided, as I generally do, to provide readers with updates in real time. The original post can be found after the updates below. Comments and submissions for updates on this topic can be made in the comments below:


UPDATE: November 23, 2022 – Finally! the video I’ve been looking for for almost a year. It was just loaded onto Twitter here:

Watch the video above to the end. It ends with the horse trampling incident in front of the Chateau Laurier Hotel in Ottawa on February 18, 2022. At the very end there is a couple of seconds long video of a lifeless body of a man being dragged through the snow by Police. Former Ontario MLA Randy Hillier had loaded this video onto his blog before he was completely taken off the Internet last February/March. Now, looking closer, I can see that the lifeless body is that of the man in the tan-coloured jacket who was trampled by the horses. This is the enchilada folks. Will it come up at the Inquiry? Or will they waste more time interviewing useless MP/Liberal cabinet twits and running down the clock like they did all day today. Stay tuned:


UPDATE: November 23 2022Rex Murphy comes up with yet another eulogy for the former democracy of Canada. I expect Rex to gather all his excellent op-eds in the National Post on the past two years of Trudeauian Tyranny into a hard cover history book someday called something like “Farewell to Canada”.


UPDATE: November 23, 2022 – Alberta calls for RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki to resign

BREAKING; Alberta Justice Minister calls on Ottawa to remove RCMP Commissioner Lucki

“Alberta Justice Minister Tyler Shandro says his province has lost confidence in RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki, and he’s calling on Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino to remove her….

“…Over the past two years, commissioner Lucki has failed to deal with the RCMP’s history of systemic racism in a forthright and public manner and has risked the integrity of an investigation into a mass shooting.”

“Further, as revealed last week, she failed to inform the federal cabinet of all law enforcement options available prior to the decision to invoke the Emergencies Act.”

While testifying at the POEC on Nov. 15, Lucki acknowledged that RCMP officers had the legal power to clear Freedom Convoy protestors without the Emergencies Act. But, she said she didn’t communicate the information in a meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just one day before he invoked the never-before-used Act.

Lucki admitted that, in hindsight, she should have communicated the information to the prime minister.”


UPDATE: November 23, 2022 The Honey Pot Looks from this vantage point – 3000 miles away in British Columbia, that Freedom Convoy Lawyer Brendan Miller may have been lured into a PMO honey pot. A trap laid out to discredit him and, by extension, all of his clients–the freedom convoy organizers. Read the story on MSN this morning. It appears as though Miller’s contention of yesterday, that a Liberal asset dragged around the Nazi/Confederate flags at the Ottawa demonstration might be falling apart like a cheap suit. Haven’t checked Twitter yet to confirm. We should never have put anything past the JFTurvert Lie-beral Globalist Fascist Tyrannical Regime.


Original Post below:

Strange happenstances today at the Emergencies Act Inquiry taking place in Ottawa. Brendan Miller, the counsel for the Freedom Convoy Organizers was removed from the courtroom by Commissioner Judge Rouleau. It seems that Mr. Miller has been hovering ‘Right over the Target’ as my longtime blog contributor FreakedOut likes to say. He wanted to call a ‘surprise witness’ regarding Miller’s allegation made in court yesterday that the masked guy[s] running around in the Freedom Convoy Ottawa demonstration carrying Confederate and Nazi flags last February were actually agents of the Liberal Party…likely acting on instructions from the PMO. Please watch and listen to the video below where Brendan Miller explains why he felt it necessary to speak up so strongly in the Court room. I will continue with my comments thereafter.

Greencrow continues: Of course, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that JFT would send a message to the Judge telling him to provoke the counsel into behaviour suitable for ejection from the courtroom before JFT himself is schedule to give testimony. JFT is going to do something so outrageous to avoid testifying/being cross examined at the Inquiry–that I predict it will blow our minds when it happens. JFT has, no doubt, something on Judge Rouleau of such a nature that he can trust the Liberal donor judge to ‘make it so’.

It appears obvious that Freedom Convoy Lawyer Brendan Miller was setting the stage to expose that Liberal Government planted people carrying around Nazi flags at the protests. If shown to be true, there would likely be protests across this country in numbers never seen before demanding Trudeau’s resignation. Can’t have that happening. Revealing the e-mailed dialogue between Katie ‘Turdblossom’ Telford and her underlings–plotting all sorts of dirty tricks against the Convoy last January/February 2022 must be avoided at all costs.

I’ve been following the sordid career of ‘the Turdblossom’ for years now and have identified her as the “brains” behind JFTurvert. Telford has been his sidekick for his entire career and first stank up the Parliament back in the days of the SNC Lavalin corruption scandal involving then Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould. It was Katie Telford who suggested ‘a couple of well-placed op-eds‘ in the eastern papers could suffice–to allow Wilson-Raybould to give special consideration to SNC Lavalin in the courtroom as the huge mega corporation tried to avoid justice over longstanding corruption. Wilson-Raybould refused to defile her office, had to resign and the rest is history.

Telford basically directs what goes into Canada’s Mainstream Legacy Media [and what does not] and has for years. Also, her husband is somehow sucking off the government tit as well, riding on her coattails…but I’ve forgotten the details of that nepotism.

Convoy lawyer says this flag was brought to Freedom Demonstration by a Liberal asset as a ‘political dirty trick’.

Greencrow continues: As people have been noting in discussions on Twitter, the Commission is showing more and more bias towards the Government of Canada in the investigation into why JFT invoked the Emergencies Measures Act. Here is one such comment:

“What I’ve seen during the #POEC thus far is that it’s fine for gov’t to hold views, believes and opinions on potential, questionable and presumptive safety concerns so as to make hopeful choices as seen fit. But when millions of Canadians hold those values, the EA is evoked on them.”

Here’s another comment from Twitter

“Did ANYONE in Gov ask WHY millions of Cdns have been protesting, more than ever, in our history? Anti-convoy people, did you ever bother to ask? Tell me WHY the convoy became illegal exactly? I’ve been waiting for the answer to that since 13 Oct. still no answer. Not Illegal.”

Tom Marazzo Convoy Organizer

This week has certainly started off as billed—one of the most dramatic weeks of testimony in Canadian History:


Greencrow continues: An important subplot is the involvement of CSIS [Canada Security Intelligence Service]. I have often stated on this blog that CSIS nothing more than a subversive foreign mole in Canada. It was created just 6 months prior to the catastrophic Air India sabotage/crash. I have always believed it was responsible for that crime. There have been non-stop false flags in Canada ever since…very similar to those happening contemporaneously in the United States. Just this past week the CSIS director told the Commission that their report on the demonstration did not indicate that it was a ‘threat to security of Canada’ sufficient to invoke the Emergencies Act. BUT, shortly thereafter, it was revealed that the director told the Cabinet secretly that the Emergencies Act WAS required. See what I’m saying about CSIS being nothing more than a subversive, destructive foreign controlled force in Canada?

CSIS director told Trudeau invoking the Emergencies Act was ‘required’ to quell Freedom Convoy

CSIS has the ethics of an alley cat. I have said over and over throughout the decades that it should be disbanded…preferably before it destroys Canada!

Greencrow concludes: Folks, hang onto your seats as the days of this week progress. Things are tilting out of control. I still believe JFT has some nefarious scheme up his sleeve to get out of testifying altogether. Perhaps all that Canadian taxpayer funded graft he’s sent to Ukraine recently will result in a Ukraine FF against Russia [strike on the Kherson Nuclear Facility?] so extreme that JFT will be ‘called away to more important matters’. At the very least, as it now appears, he will arrange to neutralize any cross-examination of his testimony by banning the Convoy Lawyer from the Courtroom.

Or, as I am leaning towards…the Convoy Organizers and their lawyers will decide to walk away from the Inquiry…accusing it of being hopelessly biased and corrupted by the ‘Government of Canada’ as the JFTurvert Lieberal Regime is being called by the Commission.

I plan to update this post as the days unfold with newer [datelined] reports posted at the top of this thread. Stay tuned.

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