Wakey, Wakey – But Then What?

Natural Medicine making a Big Comeback as possible remedy for VaxxxZine-inflicted Illnesses and Injuries

In the video above, a Japanese doctor lashes out at the purveyors of vaXXine death. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

Good afternoon beloved sentients. We are in the midst of the first snowstorm of the winter season and everything around our Malahat cabin is like a winter wonderland. I posted some photos last year but can’t at the moment because of technical issues with my iphone and my laptop e-mail function. BTW, I advised everyone a couple of weeks ago that my protonmail account is currently down. It is still unavailable but I’m getting notices from Protonmail that people are still writing to me at that address. Guess these people are on automatic pilot–and do not check my blog from time to time. Please, if you want to contact me, leave me a comment in the comments below. I always check those daily!

Before I get into the topic of today’s post, I want to suggest that those readers who are still pondering the sham that was the Canadian Federal Government Emergencies Act Inquiry check my last post which can be accessed HERE. I have added a LOT of new material/links–particularly some more links related to the big lie that JFT told while under oath on the stand. Any reverberations so far from the legal community regarding that crime? Not on your life!

Okay, now I want to talk about what, if anything, can be done by or for those poor suckers [which include my entire immediate and extended family–probably over 100 people] who blindly and gullibly followed the fascist diktats of the Federal/Provincial WEFer occupation governments and took the vaxxZines. These people are, as we used to say in the ’60’s…

…”up shit creek without a paddle”.

Some bloggers, such as my longtime Canadian colleague Northerntruthseeker, think that the vaxxed stink, they shed spike proteins–making the unvaxxed sick, that they’re doomed, and that they will likely never wake up to the truth. All of this may have more than a granule of truth…but little moi, being so close to ground zero, because I spend every day with a twice-vaxxed partner, cannot agree entirely. First of all, I do not think that the vaxxed stink. I had tea at the home and with a couple of sublimely sheeplfied vaxxed neighbours, yesterday and can say I didn’t smell a thing. Perhaps I’ve grown immune to the smell. Regards shedding spike proteins. I do have a bit more evidence re this. Immediately after my partner got vaxxed late last fall, I developed an exema-like rash on my chest. It took many weeks for this go away. It came back briefly when he had his second shot. Here’s a link from FreakedOut on damage caused to the unvaxed by spike proteins:


Unvaxxed under attack!



Greencrow continues: but I have not, thus far, suffered any greater ill effects. Are the vaxxed doomed? My other blogging colleague, Penny for your thoughts published some statistics the other day indicating that the overall morbidity rate has risen dramatically in the past year. My experience is that this is definitely true–but, so far at least, mainly occurring in the elderly and chronically ill. In my circle of aging friends and acquaintances, there has definitely been a dramatic rise in illness and death. Readers will remember my two-years-older brother who died of a completely curable common ailment [inflamed prostate] in March of 2021. He was actually murdered by something I call ‘hospital protocols” [a pathological combination of malpractice, neglect, isolation, toxic medications, and intubation leading to sepsis/death]. Around the same time, my husband’s best golfing buddy, also died similarly.

Just today, I finally heard from my long-lost birth daughter, living in Ontario, who sent me an e-mail in response to the birthday greetings I sent her yesterday–on her 53rd birthday. I rarely hear from her–but have no right to complain, because I gave her up at birth and we only met back in 1992 when she was 22. In any event, in her catch-up e-mail, she told me her husband’s father [also in his mid 70’s] died recently of cancer. She said due to the waiting times in Nova Scotia where he lived, he only got to see an oncologist for the first time 36 days before he died. She said he actually died of starvation.

From the tone of her e-mail, it appears my birth daughter [she and her husband, both doctors, are multiply vaxxxxZed] is finally waking up. She expressed disgust with the ‘medical care’ her father-in-law received in Nova Scotia where he lived. She ventured that the Canadian ‘health system’ is ‘just as bad all over’. My daughter recently retired as an oncologist due to crippling arthritis. She worked in Ontario, and so was not able to pull any strings in Nova Scotia where her father-in-law lived. My daughter’s husband, also a doctor as is his brother and his brother’s wife. As my daughter observed; “Four doctors in the family and we still could not save him!”

Wait till my daughter finds out that the health care system is not only collapsed–but that the collapse is a ‘controlled demolition’ as described by the Japanese doctor in the video above. The situation will escalate and the population…spurred by the spike proteins they’ve all taken into their bodies via the covID-19 vaccines and now all the flu vaccines…will increasingly become ill with chronic/fatal diseases. Wait until she finds out that the entire ‘pandemic’ as she calls it, was a diabolical hoax with a depopulation end game. Oh, and she informed me her husband had CovID last fall…even though he’s multiply vaxxed. She already came down with ‘covID’ almost three years ago now.

All around, I see the beginnings of the final collapse, but still deep denial in the vaxxed. The sentients are all waiting and watching. When will the walls of this fortress of ignorance tumble, under the onslaught of a brewing genocide? What will happen when it does? By then, will the sheeple be so far gone they won’t even complain or get mad? Will they not even have the strength and/or intelligence to seek out natural remedies to try and ameliorate the damage done to their immune system?

The good news, and I do have some good news in all of this doomsday report, folks, is that my friend and regular blog contributor FreakedOut has been doing some deep dive research–and has come up with a wonderful array of links to natural solutions to the health issues caused by the vaxxxZines. Without further ado–here they are just as he sent them to me yesterday. Please browse through them and I will have further comments thereafter.

NOTE: November 30, 2022 – Folks, at this point in writing this post, the power in our Malahat mountain community suddenly went completely out–under the onslaught of a driving snowstorm. It went out at 4:30 pm yesterday and only came back on at 10:20 pm last night. So what follows is the post picked up where I left off yesterday:


Some links sent to me by FreakedOut which address several geopolitical issues, most importantly including natural health remedies to the vax:


Russia rebukes Canada over ‘alien’ gender beliefs


“You see it’s like this Ottawa….You have a mother, father and children, it’s NOT rocket science or alien at all”…. 🤣😂 (my add)

Same here in the States. Henry Makow explains WHO’s behind it all.

One of the prongs of the multi prong attack on society with this one being against the family unit.

Hi Greencrow,

I really love the natural remedies because they’re safe, effective, cheap and easy to learn!

The hard part is overcoming the years of indoctrination of the allopathic medical establishment….THAT…is the hard part!!

A LIST of Natural therapies:

  1. Grounding(earthing)
  2. Oxygen therapies
  3. Multi day intermittent Fasting
  4. Chelation therapies (EDTA, Bentonite clay,herbs, MMS…etc)
  5. Aerobic exercise(especially outdoors)
  6. Sauna sweating
  7. Healthy eating
  8. Chiropractic care
  9. Acupuncture (energy balance)
  10. Energy work/ energy therapy…. (Dr Sherri Tenpenny recommended therapy… https://www.eesystem.com/ ) Dr Tenpenny says she is opening clinics using EESystems in areas of her home state of Ohio after realizing the benefits of EESystem therapy herself.

Something to consider for yourself gc, being a Vancouver, BC resident:

One hour video with solutions for the infected ( vaxxed and unvaxxed)…


Karen Kingston & Dr. Ana Mihalcea – COVID is a Technological & Biological Weapon Hybrid – Gene Editing of All Humans



Thanks, FreakedOut for all these excellent links. The more we get into this phase of the nightmare, the more important your deep dive research into alternative medicine will be for our readers!

FreakedOut is naturally worried about my exposure to my heavily vaxxxxZed family and friends. All I can say in response is this: After my near-death experience [when I lost the will to live] in the period immediately following Christmas 2021, I recovered from my deep depression and regained the motivation to keep on living–particularly following the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy demonstrations in Ottawa, I made a conscious decision to live without fear of the unknown. I decided to put my family first, again, as I have always done all my life.

The PerpZ would like me to go off and isolate myself in terror at getting ill from shedded spike proteins, that would be the cherry on their diabolical cake, as it were. But, all throughout human history we sentients have been battling the Satanists–with their rear-guard action of the programmed Sheeple cutting us off at the knees. I refuse to play along. I will remain human–and that means protecting and defending my family, which includes my birth daughter, for as long as I am able. I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees–stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “Wakey, Wakey – But Then What?

  1. I just want to let you know how much i look forward to reading your blog when it comes up in my emails . I just stumbled upon it last year and i share it with as many people as possible that i think deserve the chance to see it . Ive all but given up on the ignorant normies out there. Thank you so much and have a very Merry Christmas!

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  2. One of the main recommendations I’m seeing from the truthful doctors on the front lines is to ….CHECK THE BLOOD! Using a good microscope should help see things that don’t belong in human blood, like in the picture posted above.
    Naturopathic Doctors would probably be your best bet for help. If I lived in the Vancouver, BC area I would give the doctor a call in the link posted. I’ll bet he is awake to the killer jabs and would be a pleasure to talk to. Naturopaths have a whole bunch of tricks up their sleeves to help people truly heal.
    One thing I think a lot of us need healing from is the PTSD we’ve developed over the last three years of dealing with a SCAMDEMIC and WEF rats GNAWING away at our lives.

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    1. Hi FreakedOut:

      One of the first doctors to speak out about the blood was Dr. Charles Hoffe, the BC doctor who worked with First Nations patients in Lytton [remember the fire in 2021 that destroyed the town?]. He was stunned to find out via the D-Dimer tests done on the blood of his vaxxed patients that almost all of them had microclots. He was testing them and collecting evidence on this anomaly when, coinkydynk of coinkydynk, there was a mysterious fire that burned most of the town and, in particular, Dr. Hoffe’s office and all his evidence. Dr. Hoffe was then villified by the provincial government and stripped of his license to practice medicine.


  3. That would make perfect sense in explaining why JFT is so frenZied in his attempts to get ALL Canadians VaxxxxZinated. The Canadian WEFer assets don’t want to get left behind in the enslavement for fun and profit of all Canadians. They’ve probably been promised performance bonuses. We know that the CCP style Social Credit finance system is based on being able to 24/7/365 digitally and biometrically surveil every single human on earth.


  4. Brenda
    Always enjoy your posts. I am with you on the smell, The only thing I smell is bullshit to the nth degree. Your hubby and all the nhlers got the salt shot. Most if not all, are toads. wish I had convinced my partner to go the opt for adoption route 30 some years ago. I been having regrets , thanks to Noor about an abortion.Peace for the Christmas season.

    Ps. Wish I was closer to drop in to visit.

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