Greencrow was wrong – JFT testifIes and turns inquiry into sham

Fate of Man in tan-coloured jacket was never discussed at sham of EA Inquiry. Even though he was trampled by police on horseback he was never even identified. Nor was his current condition given. Did he die? We’ll never know. None of our bidness!

Good morning Sentients. I had a long post typed and ready for publication when it was suddenly Zapped from my computer. This happens sometimes, particularly when I am directly over the target as FreakedOut often says.

JFT got on the Commission Stand, swore an oath to tell the truth – and lied his head off – BraZenly like the consummate liar he is!

UPDATE: November 29, 2022Rex Murphy’s summing up of JFT’s ‘performance’ HERE.

My post was a Mea Culpa about my being wrong in predicting that JFT would NOT testify at the EA Commission. On the contrary, he did testify and lied his fucking head off.

I heard his main lie myself as the only testimony I watched was his cross examination by the Freedom Convoy Lawyer. This primary core lie was that he never called the unvaxxxZinated derogatory names such as misogynists and racists.

JFT denied calling them racists and misogynists on French TV [which then went viral] and also calling them many other names such as ‘a fringe minority with unacceptable views’. JFT’s excuse was that he was not labeling the unvaccinated–but ‘extremists who spread misinformation’ with these names.

Oh! That’s a fine, absolute line of distinction, NOT! In actual fact, by this clarification he made his lie worse. He called everyone who disagreed with his view on the mRNA experiment ‘extremists who spread disinformation’. This group includes Drs. Mike Yeadon, former VP of Research at PfiZer, internationally renowned scientist and professor Sucharit Bhakti, immunologist Dolores Cahill, Pathologist Roger Hodgkinson, internationally published researcher Dr Peter McCullough, Internal Medical doctor Carrie Madej and many, many hundreds of others. We’re ALL extremists spreading misinformation?!

It is clear that JFT has never given a second’s thought–to all the research that contradicts his many times convicted and fined [in the billion$] Big Pharma fraudster vaccine producers!

Greencrow continues: Here is a quote from yet another very good op-ed from the National Post‘s Rex Murphy

“…To a normal mind, the parked trucks on Wellington Street was not a replay of the Normandy landings. But the pervasive immaturity of the Trudeau cabinet, and himself, and the taste for show that characterizes both, suggest they had an appetite for a heroic role and the drama associated with โ€œsaving democracy.โ€ And the lure of โ€œWar Measures Act โ€” The Sequelโ€ was too strong to resist…”

Here is another analysis of JFT’s Drama Queen testimony by the National Post. Be sure to check out the link to the op-ed by John Ivison:

John Ivison: A ‘serene’ Justin Trudeau fails to justify using the Emergencies Act

Greencrow continues: Suffice it to say I became very depressed for a few days after watching the few minutes of JFT’s testimony that I could stomach. I am just coming out of this depression now and am trying to prepare for our Family Christmas under the cloud of PTSD invoked by last years’ horrific Christmas. But there is HOPE!

FreakedOut, my fellow marooned unvaxed companion—who lives on the other side of North America–and I regularly share silver lining links–two of which I will leave for the sentients out there. These are some tidbits of good news.

Matthew Tyrmand: The Brazilian Military Stands With Bolsonaro And Is Prepared To Invoke Article 142

Demand For Unvaccinated Blood Soaring Worldwide

So, folks there is always good news and there is always hope in the world. I also find comfort and hope in prayer and my belief in Jesus Christ. He becomes more real to me with every lie that Satanists like JFT tell. Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “Greencrow was wrong – JFT testifIes and turns inquiry into sham

  1. Hi Ron:

    Can you imagine the audacity of the “government of Canada” not answering the most basic of all the questions to do with the EA invocation? A man apparently died–as a direct result of the Emergencies Act Invocation–and he will forever be a mystery to all.

    Same with that lawyer for the government, Gabriel Poliquin, who collapsed unconscious while cross-examining a witness at the Inquiry. The judge said he was “fine and would be back in a few days”. He never returned and the judge did not provide updates. My inclination is that he died immediately–like so many other vaxxxZed–and there’s a cover-up that includes the supposedly ‘impartial’ judge. The lawyer was definitely vaxxxZed, because he bragged about it online.

    The only redeeming feature of the inquiry was when the lawyer for the Freedom Convoy, at the very end of her cross-examination of JFT said: “I have just one more question for you. When did you and your government become so afraid of Canadians?”

    Then she walked away, not waiting for his reply. By far that question summed up the case against JFT. He’s an implacable tyrant, locked in a battle to the death–with those Canadians who wish to remain free in a democratic Canada.


  2. Hi Robert Mihalek

    Before JFT, nobody believed it possible to be repulsed by someone who was physically attractive and well dressed. Well, JFT has managed to make physical attractiveness and sartorial splendor hideous and nauseating,

    Canadians will be looking for ugly and disheveled in our next PM! Eventually everyone with the name Trudeau will need to change it for social reasons…like if you had the last name Hitler.


    1. Robert M. said:

      “… Here in the US two state Attorney Generals deposed Fauci. Under oath Fauci admitted that he sent his Deputy to China to study how to lock down, mask, social distance, and poison inject the western world. The actual focus of the deposition was to discover if Fauci conspired with big tech to censor speech. Fauci admitted he did this….”

      You’re right Abe there’s no link to support this. If Robert doesn’t come up with one soon I will have to delete his post.


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