MAID for Children +


MAID going to be the frontline in the War on Children in Canada

Good morning beloved sentients. I haven’t posted on this blog for a week, and nobody seems to miss it, lol. Not really an inspiration to carry on carrying out the garbage and cleaning the outhouses of geopolitics on this planet.

We repositioned to the mainland almost a week ago and I’ve been very busy around our new/old basement suite which we’ve reconfigured as a self-contained space with our son and his bride living upstairs. Yes, as I posted about in November, my 37-year-old younger son finally married his girlfriend of 7 years [they eloped to Tofino] and now they’ve taken up residence upstairs with their big husky/German-shepherd dog “Bella”. Bella, a beautiful 6-month old, white-furred canine, is a bundle of puppy energy. She runs around upstairs banging into things and tossing her toys around. It’s like a circus is going on upstairs–or a gym. But no matter, she’s our granddog!

Even though we’re spending Christmas on Vancouver island with our human grandchildren we put up a small Christmas tree here. A place doesn’t seem like a home without at least one dedicated Christmas tree. We’ll take it down and carefully store it when we come back in the New Year.

The main topic of this post is very sad. It has to do with the war being waged against our most precious possessions, our children. The WEFer Satanic government of JFT is coming after our children with a demonic vengeance. All the governments federal and provincial are pushing the experimental messenger RNA injections to babies as young as 6 months and up. They obviously want our children DEAD!

In combination with the lethal toxins in the so-called “vaccines”, the government is also offering the MAID [Medically Assistace in Death] program to younger and younger children. This “service” is offered on very loose criteria…such as ‘mental health’ issues, including depression. Depression, as we all know, is now epidemic–brought on by a heartless anti-humane, tyrannical government–who’s agenda includes making our lives not worth living anymore.

So we have the usual tripod–PROBLEM [Children getting very sick], REACTION [how to “make their deaths less painful”], SOLUTION [murder them with lethal drugs] going on to murder our children. Please check out the link below and I will continue thereafter.

Greencrow continues: Yes, the government is out after our children/grandchildren and the sheeple are still blindly and numbly oblivious to the war going on all around them–and even in their own homes. How do I know about this terrible war? My own grandchildren are being threatened! I have noticed signs and symptoms too terrible to even relate here. Currently, they are only dark suspicions so I will not say any more. But, dear readers, suffice it to say I am kept up at night. And my hatred of the perpetrators and their assets here in Canada, including JFT and his underlings, grows daily by leaps and bounds.

Since I started composing this post several weeks ago now, I have assembled quite a few links below which relate directly and indirectly to the Satanic regime of JFT, who I hold primarily responsible for the apocalyptic nightmare going on in Canada these dayZ. Please review and I will have concluding comments to follow:


Trudeau absolutely embarrassed in front of the world by Xi.

XI laughing at JFT

Good news to share with all your vaxed Friends and Family:

Pfizer and Moderna launch trials to track whether health issues arise YEARS after getting their Covid vaccines

  • Moderna and Pfizer will investigate whether their shots cause long term issues
  • The firms will track people who suffered adverse affects from the shots 
  • They will attempt to determine the long term negative effects they have had
  • Heart inflammation has been the most reported severe side effect of the vaccine

Greencrow concludes: Folks, it is always darkest before the dawn. In my next post, I will present the yearly Christmas message of one of the resistances’ most stalwart and courageous leaders–Robert F. Kennedy Jr. In his yearly message, he describes the silver lining that can always be found around even the darkest cloud. My own silver lining is this: After I grasped and then faced up to the enormity of the vaxxxxZination depop agenda–and understood exactly what was in the vaccines–thanks to real doctors and scientists like Dr. Michael Yeadon, Dr. Sucharit Bhakti, Dr. Roger Hodgkinson, Dr. Charles Hoffe, Dr. Carrie Madej and Dr, Dolores Cahill, amongst many others, I went into a deep depression–as I considered the ramifications for all my relatives and friends–who, one-by-one were sucked into the vortex. I even saw my grandchildren being swept up by the toxic tsunami.

So, I passed through all the stages of grieving over a year ago now. Now, I have reached the final stage of acceptance. Knowing I lived a full and enjoyable life right up until age 74 has made me grateful and resigned to whatever happens in the future. This calm understanding and acceptance means that I have the capacity to be supportive to my family–as they eventually face all the stages I have already passed through.

After all, life is a journey. It doesn’t matter how long or short the strands/highways of that journey are. We all enter and leave the same way. My job, for as long as I am able, is to enrich the highways and byways of my grandchildren’s’ journey–to my fullest capacity. This I will do. Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “MAID for Children +

  1. Please don’t give up on your blog! You have been an inspiration to so many. Many people, myself included, do not comment, but do read it. It has been busy and hectic for a lot of people, so a missing email among many emails, is not readily noticed; but it IS noticed when it appears.

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  2. I can’t even “like” the last post; the WordPress page is blank. I doubt whether WordPress will let me comment. But in hopes this goes through, thank you for all the posts and I hope to see more of them soon. I have been watching, through my RSS feed, for your posts. Hope you’re all right.

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